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Want to Buy Twitch Followers and Views? Don't Get Scammed

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Twitch is one of the famous live streaming video services and is also one of the most extensive Internet traffic origins in the United States of America. Videos are accessed here either by live-streaming or videos on demand. It is primarily famous due to the presentation of the most authentic gaming previews. To get noticed, around 15 million daily active users, creators used to buy Twitch followers. Is their approach to purchasing fake followers? Maybe yes or maybe no unless you know a complete fact discussed below.

Buy Twitch Followers

Why do People Want to Buy Twitch Followers & Views?

The reasons why people are interested in buying followers and views on Twitch are quite simple.

  • To increase entire engagement over live streaming videos.
  • Most importantly, they are looking for real-time followers based upon their specific niche.
  • Last but not least, the apparent reason is to make more money on the Twitch platform.

These are some of the positive aspects of buying the so-called fake yet considered real-time followers on Twitch.

Is it illegal to buy Twitch followers?

We know that getting your stream noticed on Twitch among millions of creators is not that easy task. It's all about the concept of a dark world of view botting when it comes to illegality in buying Twitch followers. View botting is a fancy term used mostly in the case of an online streaming website called

And, it generally means any fraudulent activity done over these streaming websites. For sure, it can't go without any association of risks, as discussed earlier. So, let's study the four common risks associated with buying followers on Twitch.

buy twitch followers illegally

False Impressions

There is a fundamental difference between getting loyal subscribers and fake subscribers. Buying counterfeit followers also means putting in fewer efforts and more money to get at the top position. Overall, it affects the quality of streaming videos on Twitch, which are just for making money.

Legal action by Twitch

Twitch is actively taking part to consider view botting over its platform. If you buy Twitch followers or indulge in any other kind of fraudulent activity that violates their terms of services, your account is likely to get banned or sued by Twitch into legal action.

Leads to ad frauds

What you get after you buy Twitch followers are robots, not real humans. When advertisers pay Twitch's money for ads, they want real humans to watch it and not the typical robots. It is known as ad fraud and not going to be tolerated by Twitch.

Zero Engagement

Buying fake Twitch followers also means zero engagement. The only things you can expect from them are some 'nice post' comments and nothing more than that. It won’t work in the long run if you want to earn severe engagement and money on Twitch online streaming platform.

How to grow your Twitch followers and viewers legally?

Twitch is not rocket science if you follow some pro strategies to get the tasks done. Don't be complicated to stand out from the crowd; don't ignore the following process every time you get there.

Consider other streamers

Considering other streamers usually means gaining real friendships and exposure from them. You are required to engage in their streamers to get the attention of their viewers as well.

Play popular games

Don’t just choose a game and start playing! Be very strategic and play only famous games with high competition to grab the attention of viewers. Look for the game with an increased number of streamers streaming to get your ranks high as well.

Use social media

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Use it wisely here too! It is an excellent way to keep your fans up to date and connect with them on a more personal basis. With the correct social media marketing strategies, you can gain several followers and views on your Twitch streaming.

Long streaming

Streaming for just a few minutes can't help you out to get noticed. Go for long hours of streaming if you want to buy Twitch viewers. It leads to high exposure and ranks you up as well.

Good Twitch layout

Good graphical layouts for your streams are great attention grabbers. A good Twitch layout consists of an ideal webcam position, chatbox, and list of your social media usernames. You can also add unique widgets to display the latest followers.

Go to Events & Meetups

Apart from gaining online fans and followers, you must take steps to meet people in person. Check if any meetup and event are there in your city or location, and try not to ignore getting the exposure.

Streaming on other sites

Despite the use of social media, you can re-stream your videos on other sites. This way has great potential to reach a broader audience in significantly less time. You can use YouTube or Mixer for the purpose without any requirement of extra efforts.

So, before you buy Twitch followers, make sure you have considered the above-mentioned legit ways to gain more followers and views.

Still want to buy Twitch followers from Third-Party Services?

If you are firmly into buying Twitch followers, consider some factors and reminders before investing in any website offering such services.

Check their history of performance.

The websites offering services to buy followers on Twitch must have an excellent performance history without any negative reviews. You must check out their thoughts on other websites such as Trustpilot etc. It will help you better know the performance of their followers and associated engagement.

Check Twitch Followers on Trustpilot

Genuine pricing

Are they too expensive? If yes, ignore the offer straightly! Buying fake followers and views should not be too costly to be out of the range. You can look out for other genuine websites and compare prices for better understanding.

Consider buying real followers

Don't go to buy robots! It will lead to view botting if you buy bots. So, it's better if the site is offering real followers and views based upon the niche. It means the site must sell followers based upon their specific interests.

Customer support

There must be 24/7 customer support to raise any issues. If you invest in real-time and active followers, you must have the right to contact them anytime via WhatsApp, email address, or any other embedded chat system.


Therefore, this is all about buy Twitch followers! It's not that zero risks are associated with purchasing such followers and views. Thus, we always suggest using legitimate ways to buy Twitch viewers, consider the reminders above, and don't settle for cheap ways.

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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