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15 Funny Snapchat Stickers That Deserve 99+ Million Views

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Snapchat sticker is an illustrative material to decorate your snaps or stories in a more fun way. The wide selection of Snapchat sticker offers more than just the mainstream emojis. You can even add your personalized Bitmoji icons or the star GIF that says more than the words do. The best part, you can also create custom snap stickers if you want.

Funny Snapchat stickers have been a game-changer in the texting experience of Snapchat users. Teens love the stickers that help them express more than words can. Whether you want a perfect quote for your aesthetic snap or perhaps you want to show your reaction to a lousy joke, Snapchat stickers will come to your rescue.

For the significant part, this article will talk about the 15 most funny Snapchat stickers you'll surely love and even show how to add one such snap sticker to your Snapchat. While for a bonus tip, you will also learn to add a sticker to your videos using Wondershare Filmora.

Part 1: 15 Funny Snapchat Stickers You Should Know

Fun and creative features are the highlights of Snapchat. Talk about drawing over your snaps or personalizing the stories with funny stickers, Snapchat has got it all covered. Speaking of funny stickers, nothing can beat Snapchat stickers. Although it was challenging to select the funniest Snapchat stickers, we managed to pick out some of the best Snapchat stickers that will get you rolling on the floor laughing.

1.Smells fishy

This snap sticker is hilarious in its own way. It best suits a situation that sounds shady on your Snapchat. Maybe a stranger asked you to start a Snapchat streak with them? Or your buddies acting weird in their stories? Make use of this freaky funny Snapchat sticker when you smell something fishy.

Smell Fishy Snapchat Sticker

2.Whaaa eeh??

The perfect snap sticker that relates to our blank situation on a whole new level is this one. People find this sticker quite laughable when used in awkwardly witty cases. Don't get someone's waggish accent but also not wanna feel silly; use this sticker to your benefit.

Question Snapchat Sticker

3.Spill the dirt

Hands down, one of the best Snapchat stickers of all time is this one. See that smile; that smile will tell you all. This quirky Snapchat sticker represents a gossip session you know will be lit before it is even spilled. Through this sticker in your buddy's Snapchat inbox to let them know you're all set to spill the dirt.

Spill Dirt Snapchat Sticker

4.To meme or not to meme!

Mamma-Mia I love this sticker personally. This funny Snapchat sticker was made to represent a poor Shakespeare pun. You can use this sticker in your snaps to cover up after making a joke so terrible; your friends might throw you out of the window.

William Shakespeare Sticker

5.You ma QUEEN

A funny yet adorable Snapchat sticker that represents most love situations perfectly is this one. A single text from your queen and your mind hops on to create romantic scenarios (that are probably never happening). But what can happen is that you can make your honeybunch feel special by sending them this cute snap sticker.

Smile Snapchat Sticker

6.It's all good

This ironic Snapchat sticker best represents a situation when you're trying to keep your head above water. Use this sticker on your snap to describe your condition when a social media friend inquires about you.

All Good Sticker

7.What the behavior dude

Get your Snapchat fam crack up your snap with this super funny Snapchat sticker. For me, it represents a ludicrous situation; most of us end up in daily. Like when you ask for a new shampoo bottle while showering, only to get back the same bottle filled with water.

Behavior Snapchat Sticker

8.Your smug smile

The jerry in this Snapchat sticker portrays that one friend in every squad who considers himself the "smart soul." If you're that friend among your team, you will love to use this sticker to show your smug smile every time you put forward your smartness.

Smug Smile Sticker

9.No offense, but that was pathetic

That face you make when someone cracks a joke so LAME, you just can't take it. It looks like this Snapchat sticker was created to match our Yikes face. Take advantage of this funny Snapchat sticker and tell someone their joke was pretty pathetic without making them angry.

Pathetic Snapchat Sticker

10. I'm not crying; you're crying

One of the best Snapchat stickers, I believe. It comes from those adorable situations when you're overwhelmed and just can't control your tears (certainly the tears of joy). Imagine your friend sent you a "100 reasons why I love you" text, and it got you awestruck. You won't find a sticker better than this to shower your friend with.

Crying Snapchat Sticker

Pro-tip: Dive into your Snapchat, snap a photo, add one of these hilarious snap stickers, draw over or customize the snap. And Voila, you just created a SNAPSTERPIECE.

Part 2: How to Add Sticker to Snapchat

Are you new to Snapchat, or maybe you're just confused about how these funny Snapchat stickers will hinge up to your snaps? In any case, here's a quick step by step tutorial (with pictures) that you can follow to add some shine to your "too mainstream" snap stories.


Launch your Snapchat app and log in if you haven't already. This will bring you to a front camera view.

Open Snapchat App


The large circular button in the middle bottom of the screen is the shutter used for snapping. Take a picture with your back camera, or you can toggle the camera button to take a cute selfie.

Snap A Picture


As soon as you snap a picture, a toolbar with six tools will appear on the right corner of your screen. Tap the third icon that looks like a page with a turned-up corner to open the sticker page.


Browse through the variety of stickers by swiping up or right till you choose one. Tap on the sticker to add it to your snap.

Choose Snapchat Sticker


Touch and drag the sticker to your desired position. You can also resize it by using your thumb and finger in a pinching motion.

Postion Snapchat Sticker


Once your sticker's in place, post your snap by hitting the blue button on the screen's left bottom.

Bonus Tip—Add Sticker to Your Video with Wondershare Filmora

Download Filmora  Win Version Download Filmora   Mac Version

Wondershare Filmora is a versatile yet powerful video editing software with intuitive tools. It comes packed with pretty filters, animated elements, and graphic overlays perfect for producing eye-catching videos. Filmora's pleasing interface can get the job done for you even if you're a beginner level video editor. Not to mention, it also lets you combine multiple videos and images seamlessly to create unique visual stories.

Quite sure you've seen a video somewhere with a sticker in it and wondered how did they add it? Well, you can stop wondering because I will show you just "how" using the Wondershare Filmora video editor.

1.Launch Wondershare Filmora and start a "New Project." Next, go to the File menu, to Import Media, and choose Import Media Files to import your video and the sticker.

Import Files Snapchat

2.Drag and drop both the media files on the timeline. Make sure you place the video on track one and the sticker on track two like this.

Add Snapchat Sticker To Timeline

3.Hit the Image option and go to the Transform Adjust the given aspects to fit your sticker perfectly in place.

Adjust Snapchat Sticker

4.Once the sticker is adjusted, press the Export button to convert the video. You can export the video to your local drive, smartphone, or YouTube directly.

If you're running the latest Filmora version (at the time of writing, V10.5), you can add the face-tracking AR stickers to people in the video. 

Below is a brief tutorial about how to add AR stickers in Filmora. 

Go to the Effects tab, and then scroll down to the AR Stickers directly. 

Filmora AR stickers

Preview and drag the AR stickers to the video accordingly, and you can preview the result in the preview window. 

Filmora AR stickers


Well, that's pretty much it. So, are you ready to create a SNAPSTERPIECE with these crazy funny Snapchat stickers?

There's no denying the fact that Snapchat just made messaging even more fun with the best Snapchat stickers. It may not be the only social media app with cute filters and lenses, but it sure does have a rich variety when it comes to quirky stickers. Play with the stickers to enhance your pictures or add weird GIFs to your messages and stand out from your Snapchat fam.

Once you get started with these snap stickers, believe me when I say there's no coming back because the resistance is indeed futile.

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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