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20+ Popular Twitch Sub Badges [Twitch Loyalty Badges]

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

"What do Twitch sub badges mean?"

Let's continue our discussion on Twitch live streaming platform with regards to the Twitch loyalty badges. Ultimately, these badges are a thanksgiving to the subscribers who either go for affiliate or normal commissions. So, there's no bad if we can call them Subscriber Badges as the official website says. Without further ado, let's know more about Twitch Subscriber Badges' definition in the following sections.

What are the Twitch Sub Badges?

"How do you get sub badges on Twitch?"

The Twitch sub badges are little icons that will appear next to your name if you have subscribed to the specific Twitch channel. The default badge is usually a star icon made within the square box. And, the good news is that these badges are fully customizable for increased engagement of the viewers. The more attractive your presentation skills, the better your conversion rate will be, especially when these are affiliate badges.

Twitch has expressly stated the guidelines on how to upload Twitch sub badges. Each Subscriber Badge must comply with the conditions firstly, which prohibits the content as follows.

  • Drug paraphernalia or Drugs content
  • Nudity or sexual content
  • Explicit or Vulgar words and gestures
  • Racism, Hate Speech, Derogatory and Harassing Statements, and Injury
  • Any Twitch Brand Assets Violation
  • Violations of any intellectual property or third-parties

Twitch Sub Badge Size Requirements

  • Upload the images in PNG format only
  • The Twitch Sub Badge size can be 18px * 18px, 36px * 36px, 72px *72px.
  • Upload image with transparent background
  • Image file size must not exceed 25kb
  • The uploaded image should comply with DMCA Guidelines' requirements, Terms of Service, and Twitch Community Guidelines.

Why are Twitch Sub Badges Important?

Promotes Viewers' Engagement

The viewers' engagement is the primary reason to use Twitch sub badges. The more creative and customized your badges are, the more engaged your audience will feel. This manner will entice them to participate actively in subscribing to your Twitch streams.

Encourages professionalism

It shows your professionalism. The way you are presenting your badges will ultimately tell how much you care for your audience. You must focus on maintaining individual badges for different scenarios that we will discuss in the next section.

Better for your promotion

The badges on the Twitch platform are super entertaining as well as better for your promotion. If you want to level up from an affiliate to partner, the use of Twitch sub badges is crucial. It is also equivalent to more perks on Twitch if you are serious about handsome earnings.

Affiliate Sub Badges vs. Partner Sub Badges

While managing the Subscriber badges on Twitch, you have to choose among Affiliate Badges or Partner Badges. However, it won't be that easy to get permissions for Twitch badges unless you have a good subscriber base or are fulfilling certain conditions to earn from these badges.

As the years come by, the difference between Twitch affiliates and Twitch's Partner Program. Take the Twitch Sub Badges as you won't find any difference on parts of affiliate and partner. Both the Affiliate as well as Partner gets the feature of Twitch sub badges.

So, there isn't much difference in terms of sub badges. Yet, you can find variations based on other factors such as Cheer Bits, Standard Support Queue, and Access to Transcoding, etc.

20+ Popular Twitch Sub Badges offers a massive list of Twitch sub badges to consider. Let's look at various such badges as follows!

1.Giant Stars

Twitch Sub Badges Giant Star

It's better to start with a star badge that beautifully progresses to a giant star from a typical small star. It would look great if you are already a fan of star items.

2.Cherry Blossom

Twitch Sub Badges Cherry

Do you have those girly-girl subscribers? Then, the Cherry Blossom design of the sub badge would be perfect to go with for you. The flower properly blooms upon reaching 12 months.


Twitch Sub Badges Beer

It is the go-to design if your audience loves beer. These beer mugs look so attractive while changing colors over the intervals of three months.


Twitch Sub Badges Skull

Skulls are another famous Twitch sub badge with significant modification on the completion of 12 months. It's suitable for horror-loving subscribers.

5.Number Emblem

Twitch Sub Badges Number

Use this simple number emblem design with tags numbered as per the intervals of three months. It is an ideal choice for intellectual subscribers.

6.Knight Helmet

Twitch Sub Badges Knight

These are some great helmets of Knights to consider. You can go for these kinds of badges if your subs are a little mysterious and adventurous.

7.Hexagon Emblem

Twitch Sub Badges Hexagon

Use the Hexagon emblem sub badges again to promote the message of simplicity among the subscribers.


Twitch Sub Badges Shuriken

The Twitch channel with combat games must use this badge to resemble strong concerns. It is a Japanese weapon generally known as a throwing star.


Twitch Sub Badges Insignia

Your subscribers would love this achievement Insignia badges if your channel used to host military combat games. It's a good sign of distinguishing ranks.


Twitch Sub Badges Unicorn

These unicorn favorites are ideal for streamers of fantasy games. It comes with an attractive transition with a horse in the first month and a beautiful unicorn in the 12th month.


Twitch Sub Badges Gameboy

The development of the Gameboy a few years back took the world. It is a sub badge particularly famous among older audiences.


Twitch Sub Badges Pikachu

Pokemon fans and subs of Pokemon-like games must consider this sub badge to see its development from genuine egg to impressive Pokemon hatchling.


Twitch Sub Badges Overwatch

Overwatch is a famous release of Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows. So, the use of these badges is a great throwback to the multiplayer gamers.

14.Super Mario

Twitch Sub Badges Mario

Mario is another famous gaming character that usually represents only-face Mario to king-head Mario.


Twitch Sub Badges Trophy

Trophies are ideal symbols of success like the badges of Insignia and Medals. It's also a great method to reward your subscriber.

16.Mario Mushroom

Twitch Sub Badges Mushroom

Mushrooms resemble power, especially in this Mario Mushroom Bros. They are a perfect throwback to all the fun your subscribers are having.


Twitch Sub Badges Poopy

It is one of the funny Twitch loyalty badges where they will get a facelift upon the completion of 12 months.

18.PUBG Level 3 Helmet

Twitch Sub Badges Helmet

PUBG Helmets make the best sub badge to recognize the multiplayer royal battle players easily.


Twitch Sub Badges Sushi

Sushi holds an essential place among food lovers. Thus, you must use this Twitch badge if you also host foody games.

20.Roman Numerals

Twitch Sub Badges Roman

Tell your subscribers the time they have spent on your channel via Roman Numerals, a way to modify the visual presentation of numbers.

21.GOT Stark

Twitch Sub Badges Stark

The Stark of Game of Thrones made it to the top of the charts in 2019. Even many shows made it to the list of the most famous games.


Thus, after discussing the 20+ best popular Twitch sub badges, it's time to state our concluding words. So, do not ignore using the badge on Twitch as a way to appreciate your subscribers and promote yourself on the platform. As discussed earlier, you must follow certain conditions and promotion strategies to get those affiliate or partner sub badges.

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