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Guide on How to Edit Advertisement Video Using Wondershare Filmora

Advertisement is the most important form of communication between a brand and its customers. Below is how you can edit and advertise videos in Wondershare Filmora.

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

Guide to using Filmora AI Tools

00:38 Add Title and Adjust the Basic Settings

To start the process, select the “Titles” section from the top bar, and you will have to drag the "Default Title" to the timeline. Now double-click the default title to open its settings and navigate to the “Text” section to change the “Font Style” and “Size” of the text in the title. Enter your word in the provided space, and look for the "Text Spacing” option in the “Settings” section.

add title and adjust settings
00:48 Adjust the Advanced Settings of the Title

Select the “Advanced” option on the same window to open the “Advanced Panel.” As a new window opens, lead into the "Customize" section and turn off the "Fill" option from the left panel. Now look for the "Outline" button and turn it "On," and change its "Color."

You can also customize its appearance by changing the “Opacity,” “Blur," and “Thickness” values. Scroll down to find the “Shadow” effect to enable it. Once done, click “OK” to save all the settings for the title track.

perform advanced editing on title
01:01 Adjust the Position of Titles in the Preview Window

It will take you back to the “Titles” section. Copy the setting of “Track 1” and paste it to the “Track 2” and “Track 3”. Double-click the “Track 2” text on the preview window and drag it below the “Track 1” text and drag “Track 3” text above the “Track 1” text in the same window. Now click “OK” to save all the settings. Take the “Snapshot” of it and delete all the files.

copy title track and adjust
01:15 Customize the Video With Effects and Colorized Customization

Go to the “Effects” tab and search for any desired effect on the search bar. Select it and drag it on the first track of your timeline. From the "My Media" tab, go to the “Sample Color” section from the left panel and select the desired gradient and drag it to the second track. Now double-click “Track 2," and it will take you to the new window. From the "Video" tab, you can adjust its “Blending Mode” as desired.

add color and change blending mode

Now drag the “Snapshot” and drop it on the third track. As you double-click on the track, a new window opens from where you can go to the “Animation” section and customize its “Position,” “Scale,” “Opacity," and “Rotation.” You can also adjust its “Blending Mode” from the “Video” section.

add snapshot and change settings
01:51 Apply Transitions and Audio Visualizer Effect to the Video

On selecting the desired effects for the video successfully, you can now add “Transitions” to the start and end of the gradient that you’ve added in the timeline.

add transitions to gradient

Select the “Effects” tab and look for the “Audio Visualizer” from the provided list. Select any of the options available and add it to a new track. Double-click the track to open the specific settings of the effect and adjust its colors by adding or deleting the colors to the color bar.

include audio visualizer effect
02:16 Add a New Title and Customize

Copy and paste the Filmora audio visualizer adjusted above to a new track and change the color gradient. Add a new title on a track while forwarding a few frames and double-click to open its settings. You can change its “Font Style” and “Size” as required from the “Text” section.

Enter half of your word and adjust the “Text Spacing” accordingly. Open the “Advanced” panel and change its “Outline” settings as desired. Go to the “Shadow” section and adjust its values according to the requirements.

create new title and adjust
02:43 Create One-Half of the Title And Animate Its Position

Copy the adjustments made in the last title track, paste it on the new one, and "Hide" it. Go back to the same track and double-click the “Title” to open its settings. Lead into the "Animation" section and adjust the "Position" of the title by changing the values of the X and Y-axis.

Using keyframes on the title track, adjust the position of the text and change the coordinates accordingly to create a fade-out effect. This will be covered by carrying out the into and out of the screen through keyframe positioning.

take one half and apply keyframes
03:18 Complete The Other Half Of the Word and Apply Similar Effects

Unhide the track with the copied text from the timeline and type the remaining word. Adjust its “Color” and perform keyframing exactly like the previous track.

perform similar acts on other half

Add the "Transition" shifts to both "Audio Visualizer" lines for this text at "Desired frame" at the start and end of the clip.

add transitions and effects
03:30 Import The Advertising Product Image

Go to the “Media” section and import the image of the product to the timeline on a new track. To adjust the colors of the image, double-click and change the color of the product as desired.

add product image
03:39 Position the Image and Add Effects

Keep the playhead of the clip at the starting position and redirect to the “Animation” section by selecting the image. Continuing with its settings, adjust its “Position” by changing the values. You can change these values after equal timeframe intervals to add the moving effect to the image.

Perform similar actions till the end of the clip. Here you can also add a shadow effect using the right transition if you want to give a depth effect to the clip. You need to add transitions to the start and end of the video in equal timeframes for uniformity.

manage image positioning
04:06 Apply the Glitch Effect on the Video For Enhancement

To apply the “Glitch” effect to the video, look for the perfect option from the “Effects” section and split the video into different parts.

apply glitch effect on product image
04:11 Insert Audio and Render the Final Video

To add a sound of your choice, tap on the “Audio” tab and look for the best option to apply to your video. You can still add effects to the audio-visual lines to make your video more attractive. Change the X and Y values on the “Scale” and “Position” after accessing the respective settings. Once completed, you can click the “Render Preview” button to finalize the video before exporting it to your device.

make other edits and render

In this video tutorialm, you will learn about the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) editing features available Filmora. The tutorial aims to showcase the powerful capabilities of Filmora's AI tools and how they can enhance your video editing workflow.

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