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Take Your Video To The Next Level

In this Master Class, we will bring you a series of advanced AI video editing techniques, and through the blessing of AI functions, so that your video can present the best visual effects

Uplevel Your Videos

  • Improve performance with AI
  • Video noise reduction

Video Basics Skills

  • text to speech
  • AI copywriting
  • AI music generation

Enhance Influence

  • advanced editing ability
  • improve video transmission

Radostin Radev's Filmora Master Class


About the Instructor


Radostin Radev is a UK-trained actor and producer, with acting experience on the London stage. He played the lead in the play ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ on its run at The Bridge House Theatre.

Most Proud Of

Radostin Radev has delivered award-winning short films year after year including 'False Start’ (Best Short, Best Comedy).

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