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Best ASMR Microphones with Amazing Performance and Affordable Price

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Oct 15, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Looking for the best ASMR microphone to use?

Creating a professional ASMR video with stunning results can be quite challenging when you do not have the right equipment at your fingertips. As we all know microphone plays a crucial role in every content creation industry, and the ASMR space isn't left out.

To help you create incredible ASMR video content, our team decided to curate a list of the best 7 ASMR microphones. Without further ado, let's delve into the list.

In this article
    1. Blue Yeti USB Mic
    2. HyperX Quadcast
    3. Lauten Audio LA-220
    4. Audio-Technica AT2020 USB
    5. Rode NT1-A
    6. Blue Snowball iCE Plus ‘n Play USB Microphone
    7. Sennheiser MKH416
  1. Part 2. What Else Do You Need to Make Good ASMR Videos?
  2. FAQs

Part 1. Top 7 Best ASMR Microphones

Here are the best 7 ASMR microphones available on the market today:

1. Blue Yeti USB Mic

blue yeti usb mic

Popular amongst live streamers and ASMR content creators, Blue Yeti USB mic is a top-quality condenser microphone suitable for creating unparalleled recordings. With the microphone, you can create the best vocal sound to entertain your ASMR audience.

Blue Yeti USB mic is well-designed with comprehensive features. Besides ASMR, the microphone finds application in the music, gaming, and video recording industry. So whether you wish to create YouTube videos, Twitch clips, or podcasts, the Blue Yeti mic is a great vocal recording aid to use.

Blue Yeti mic provides end-users with several polar patterns. From stereo mode to cardio to omnidirectional and bidirectional. Thus, you need not worry about positioning the microphone. Blue is equipped with a headphone jack. With this feature, you can monitor your streams and recordings conveniently. Connecting Blue's microphone is straightforward. Thanks to the USB connectivity feature.

2. HyperX Quadcast

hyperx quadcast

Here is another powerful condenser microphone with a USB connectivity feature. HyperX Quadcast is a popular gaming mic suitable for capturing high-quality ASMR audio recordings right from your comfort zones. The mic comes with rich features that you need to make astonishing ASMR recordings. From built-in anti-vibration shock mount to a built-in pop filter to convenient gain control and more.

HyperX Quadcast provides end-users with a sensitity tap-to-mute sensor that allows you to mute and unmute conveniently. Just like the aforementioned microphone, the HyperX Quadrcast mic does support multiple polar patterns. The mic comes with a standing adapter where you can mount the mic for easy recordings.

3. Lauten Audio LA-220

lauten audio la 220

Lauten Audio LA-220 is another excellent microphone that you can use to capture your voice when recording ASMR content. This microphone is well designed with an all-around diaphragm condenser that makes it easy to record your voice conveniently. LA-220 is packaged with a 1'' pressure gradient capsule, and stand thread adaptor. It comes with a dust cover which protects it from dust particles.

Unlike the aforementioned microphones, Lauten Audio LA-220 comes with a single polar pattern, cardioid to be precise. LA-220 is simple to use and budget-friendly. The mic supports a spider shock mount- a feature designed to protect the microphone from vibrations. Besides ASMR, you can also use it for other vocal recording services.

4. Audio-Technica AT2020 USB

audio technica at2020 usb

Readily available for as low as $150, Audio-Technica AT2020 USB is another industry-leading microphone to look out for if you want to create lovely ASMR vocals that will entice your listeners. This cardioid condenser mic is built with a USB connection so you don't stress with connectivity.

Audio-Technica AT2020 USB mic comes with a low mass diaphragm which brings an extended frequency response coupled with a superior transient response. Additionally, the microphone supports features like high SPL handling, XLRM type output connector, and many others.

5. Rode NT1-A

rode nt1 a

Rode NT1-A is a popular microphone suitable for beginners in the ASMR space to capture voice recordings without hassles. You can also use it for other recording situations like YouTube, etc. This audio aid is built with great features that you need to create an engaging ASMR vocal.

It supports features like an internal capsule shocking mount, dust cover, pop filter, high SPL capability, XLR cable, and many more. Rode NT1-A captures sound using the cardioid polar pattern. It produces a maximum of 5dB self-noise. Hence you don't have to worry about background or surrounding noise.

6. Blue Snowball iCE Plus ‘n Play USB Microphone

blue snowball ice plus

For as low as $39, Blue Snowball iCE is a cheap microphone perfect for ASMR vocal recordings. With this mic, you can capture your voice without experiencing any difficulty. No technical knowledge is required to configure this microphone to an audio recording source.

Similar to Rode NT1-A, Blue Snowball iCE Plug ‘n Play USB microphone uses the cardioid polar pattern to capture your voice recordings. The mic supports pressure gradient, LED, etc. Blue Snowball iCE records audio without digital signal processing- one reason why it stands out amongst its competitors in similar industries.

7. Sennheiser MKH416

sennheiser mkh416

Sennheiser is another professional microphone committed to capturing quality ASMR recordings. Although very costly, this microphone holds several incredible features that make it worth your investment. Sennheiser MKH416 has a built-in laser beam focus- a feature that lets the mic capture only your voice and rejects every other ambient sound. Connecting Sennheiser to an audio recording source requires an XLR cable and a phantom power source. This voice aid offers great services.

Part 2. What Else Do You Need to Make Good ASMR Videos?

Besides the aforementioned factor, here are other things you need to put in place for you to create good ASMR video content:

  • All kind of triggers or unique triggers for your target audience [listeners]

As we all know, ASMR content is designed to provide listeners with that relaxing sensation. Achieving that isn't quite easy as you need to trigger the sensation. However, to help you out, here are some infamous tingling sensations you could employ:

  1. Blowing sounds
  2. Gentle whispering
  3. Scratching
  4. Tapping
  5. Crinkling
  6. Humming
  7. Typing
  8. Buzzing
  9. Chewing
  10. Water drops
  • An absolute quiet recording environment

When creating an ASMR clip, you need perfect decorum for you to achieve your aim. If your environment doesn't support such, then you need top-quality sound editing software that detects and deletes background noise without data loss. Which software supports such services? Find out below.

  • A Good Sound Editing Software

Filmora is an all-in-one video solution that supports audio editing on both Windows and Mac computer systems. With this software, you can detect, and erase background noise from an ASMR video without compromising the quality. You can also use it to delete the silent parts of your recordings without hassles.

Besides audio editing, Filmora does offer quality video editing services. It allows you to adjust your video clips so they appear stunning. Both novices and professionals in the video editing space find this software handy. Thanks to the comprehensive user interface. The software supports the necessary editing features that you need to make your clips appear astonishing.

From the addition of effects to the removal of opaque backgrounds, etc. Additionally, you can use this software to create lovely slideshows, thumbnails, intro & outro, etc. It can also be used to create screen recordings, capture webcams, and voiceover.

Free Download
Free Download

Stepwise Guide to Remove Background Noise from ASMR Video Recording with Filmora

Go to the official website for Wondershare Filmora and download the latest version of the video editor on your computer. Run the software after the complete installation, and then follow the instructions below to delete background noise and silent parts from your ASMR videos:

Step1When Fiilmora opens, click on the New Project icon.

new project

An interface as below will come up on your screen:


Locate, and click on the Import Media button. You will be directed to your local drive where you have to select the ASMR video. Once you've selected your preferred ASMR clip, click on Open to import the video.

import media

Step2Next, drag the newly imported video into the video timeline on Filmora interface. Depending on your default settings, you may get the prompt below:

video timeline

Kindly select the appropriate dimension that suits you.

Step3Now right-click on the video in the timeline. An interface with several options will immediately pop up.


Kindly select Detach Audio. The audio track will immediately detach from the video. Here is an image for better understanding:

detach audio

Step4Next right-click on the detached audio. A page showing several editing features will pop up at the top left corner of your screen just as shown below:

editing features

Scroll down to where you have the Denoise option, and check the Remove background noise option. Click on OK, and Filmora will immediately delete the background noise from the audio. Now you can export the video to your local drive. To do that click on the Export icon.


Q1. What's the best polar pattern for ASMR microphones?

Having an ASMR microphone with multiple polar patterns is great but if you have the one with just a cardioid polar pattern that's cool. With a cardioid polar pattern mic, you can capture your voice without any background noise. We listed some microphones with only cardioid polar patterns in the article above. Check them out.

Q2. How to choose the best ASMR Microphone?

Selecting the best ASMR microphone isn't easy, but here are some important factors to look out for to make the best decision:

  • Affordability
  • Polar Pattern
  • Sensitivity
  • Power source
  • Condenser/Dynamic (Condenser is a better option)
Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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