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Top 8 Metaverse Headsets and Glasses to Dive into Metaverse

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Feb 29, 24
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Aren't you all curious what Mark Zuckerberg or Satya Nadella are into now? They use the term metaverse. Oh, let's see what is in their brain in this article.

Metaverse, now termed as future of the technology, "Meta" means something "beyond" or "after," whereas "verse" means "a rhythmic pattern."

With metaverse, the way we interact with people will change, becoming more realistic and more dynamic. When we heard the word metaverse headset for the first time, everyone had their imagination of what this is, how it works, and many things in the mind. People even thought it was a paid subscription program that was funny.

Metaverse generally means a 3D illusion that we like walking into a mall, selecting dresses, watching movies, and visiting places. We can't wait to see many more things this metaverse yet with our meta-VR glasses.

When you think about metaverse, our next thought goes to what type is the "metaverse VR headset." Let's explore.

Part 1: Is Metaverse Possible?

Metaverse generally means to be "beyond the universe." But, is it possible? Well, yes.

Internet is making a big step on Marketing, communications, and branding professionals. The metaverse era is about unlocking fantastic creativity. The companies are trying to show great demos on giving the artistic impression of how metaverse will look and how it will work with Microsoft mesh headset and meta-VR glasses.

So, let's begin without any further delay into the headsets!

Part 2: Top 5 Metaverse Headsets in 2022

Metaverse headset brings about virtual reality in your mind that has made Virtual Reality possible. So, if you are going to experience metaverse, you need to make sure you choose an excellent metaverse VR headset.

1. Project Cambria (Meta Quest Pro?)

metaverse headset project cambria

Formerly this project was called Oculus Quest Pro, still under development and expected to launch in 2022—the metaverse Oculus headset is highly famous for facial recognition and accurate color pass-through. The advantage of this headset is it is suitable for both AR and VR applications. But till now, the company didn't share any further updates.

The cost of the device can be $300, as quoted by Cambria.

2. HP Reverb G2

metaverse headset hp reverb

When looking for the best image quality, we can choose this HP Reverb G2. The main advantage of this metaverse headset is good high-resolution display (2,160x2,160-per-eye resolution), clear audio, and comfortable design (114-degree field of view). The disadvantage is mediocre controllers.

The cost price is $499 and is available on all marketing websites.

3. Valve Index

metaverse headset valve index

This metaverse VR headset is most exciting and preferred for its comfortability which gives a glove structure to handle. The main feature of this headset is "knuckle" controllers, which are highly sensitive for five fingers. The advantage of this headset is comfortable controllers, a high-quality headset, works with Vive hardware. The disadvantage of this headset is expensive, requires room setup and tethering cable.

The cost of this headset is high $999 at Steam.

4. Sony PlayStation VR

sony playstation vr

This headset is the only head-mounted headset mainly for the gaming experience. Although, Sony is working on a next-generation PSRV headset with a new set of controllers expected in 2022. The advantage of the Sony metaverse headset is its low price and many gaming options, whereas the disadvantages are resolution are not on cutting-edge. Sony hasn't made great VR controllers that equally match the competition, but we can expect new versions in 2022.

The cost of a Sony metaverse VR headset is $350, available on Amazon.

5. Oculus Quest 2

Oculus quest 2 metaverse works well with virtual reality games and gives more VR experience wherever we go. The model is 128 GB which has silicon for the face touching areas. However, after receiving complaints about irritation, the company rectified it. The advantage of Metaverse oculus is wireless, great touch controllers, designed for gaming, doubles as a PC VR headset. The disadvantage is that it requires a Facebook account to log in.

The cost is affordable at $299, available on Amazon.

Part 3: Best VR Glasses to Dive into Metaverse.

1. HoloLens 2

metaverse glasses hololens

The HoloLens is light with crisp image quality and a Microsoft mesh headset product. It is easy to switch between real-world and VR images- a significant advantage. The disadvantages are its price, and it is not manufactured yet for everyday consumers. It is used for business aids and other medical purposes only.

The cost of HoloLens 2 is $3,500, manufactured by Microsoft.

2. Lenovo Think Reality A3

lenovo thick reality a3

These metaverse VR glasses provide customized personal workspace everywhere through a virtual monitor at home. The advantage is that it connects with windows laptops and swaps fewer lenses. The disadvantage is it requires a PC with multiple threats and massive CPUs to perform well.

The price of Thick Reality A3 is $1499.

3. Magic Leap 1

The above heads-up display comes with sophisticated sensors and goes along with the contour of the environment. The advantage is that it is lightweight as headphones that bring up high-quality images and long shifts. The disadvantage is that the metaverse VR headset display covers a limited area and doesn't cover the entire environment required.

The price is $2295.

Part 4: What is the Future of Metaverse?

Individuals would want to associate with one another without going through long drives, taking in contaminated air, or even spruce up for various events. Besides, kids will like to concentrate on different subjects and modules at their speed and extend their points of view past what is presently conceivable with conventional schedules.

Thus, the working of the metaverse VR glasses or metaverse headset will rely upon how simple it is for individuals to execute. Here, the cryptographic forms of money will fit in and set the ball moving with different activities to work with the natural world and computerized exchanges.

The metaverse will conceivably modify these areas significantly further by presenting computer-generated reality (VR) based wearables that will acquaint its clients with another virtual world from the bounds of their homes.


Thus, as we saw, the metaverse is a speculated emphasis of the Internet, supporting stable web-based 3D virtual environments through traditional individualized computing, just as virtual and expanded reality.

All this is possible with the new leap of technology metaverse. So, guys, get ready with your metaverse headsets and meta-VR glasses to take over the world.

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