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Top 10 Funny Hamster Videos on YouTube

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Oct 19, 22, updated May 20, 24
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YouTube is a huge entertaining platform comprising of amazing videos to enlighten the viewers. Here, you can find funny content that excites your day. In this article, you will get to know about the hamster videos that entertain you a lot flawlessly. These hilarious videos attract viewers in no time in this YouTube space.

Hamsters are hilarious on their way and the manner it moves around will burst out of laughter. You can capture the desired content and edit it without fail before loading it on an entertaining environment like YouTube. Before uploading the videos to the social platform, make some valuable edits using a sophisticated video editor application. The perfect edits will bring the best in the videos and entertain you to the core.

funny hamster video

Top 10 Funny Hamster Videos on YouTube

In this section, you will learn about unique funny hamster videos that refreshes your mind by making you laugh limitlessly. Every content is awesome and you can have a fun day after watching the below-listed content from the YouTube platform.

1. Funny Hamsters Videos Compilation #6 | Cute and Funny moments of the animals - Cute TV

Number of views: 11,535,306 views

In this video content, you can find a wide range of compilations on the different hamster moves. Here, you can view hamsters with many shades performing mischiefs that are admirable.

This video is popular because of its non-stop video that runs nearly 30 minutes filled with funny movements of hamsters.

2. AWW! Cute And Funny Hamster Video Compilation

Number of views: 5,702,309

Mind-blowing hamster video content that drives you crazy in no time. The hamsters ride on a vehicle, and the way it takes its food is overwhelming. You can enjoy this video without any regrets.

This video became popular because of its background sound effects. It sounds funny and admirable that goes well with the video content.

3. Funniest Hamsters Of All Time - Funny Hamster Videos Compilation 2017

Number of views: 2,626,254

The video content starts with the caged hamster that reacts by staring at the camera. The funny captures of the hamsters when it takes the food is stunning. The closer views of the hamsters look cute.

This video became popular because the whole content focuses on the hamsters closely, and their funny mouth movements seem to be beyond admirable.

4. Hilarious and Cute Hamster Compilation | Cutest Hamster In The World | Cute VN

Number of views: 10,485,944

The hamster hats inspire the viewers and the food is organized attractively in this video. The hamster’s young ones in clusters give you a wow feel. The combing hamster staring at the camera triggers laughter in you.

The background music adds popularity to this video content.

5. Funny and Cute Hamster Compilation - Funniest Hamsters Of All Time 2020

Number of Views: 1,025,589

Almost most of the video content captures the cuteness of the hamster having its food in a lovely way. The hilarious sound of the hamster attracts the viewers a lot. The hamster running on the piano keys is mind-blowing.

The display size of this video and the quality content makes it popular entertaining the viewers to the core without any regrets.

6. Cutest & Funniest Hamster Videos of All Time Compilation Try Not to Laugh 2020

Number of views: 51,289

The slow-motion and funny movements of hamsters were mesmerizing. The cuteness is overloaded in this video content. The costumes of the hamsters reveal endless creativity. All the hamsters in this video are adorable and give you relax while watching their innocent actions.

The compilation of this content makes it unique and popular. The clarity of the captures are appreciable and the perfect edits make it stand out from the crowd of videos at this space.

7. Aww Funny and Cute Hamster Videos Compilation - Baby hamster #7

Number of Views: 32,856

Another hilarious hamster video with many close shots displays the cute faces of the hamsters adorably. Here the baby hamsters are showcased for the viewers to enjoy. The hamster with the glass cheering will bring out laughter in you unknowingly.

The concepts in this video seem to be unique, and it makes the content become popular and trending in a short span.

8. Squid Game vs Hamsterious: All Amazing Challenges

Number of views: 35,803,630

The recent Squid game is the core idea of this hamster video. Animations were included to make the content attractive. The video speaks out how the hamster enjoys this game and handles the challenges to win the game.

Excellent animations and video clarity make the content unique from all other hamster videos on the YouTube platform.

9. EGA HAMSTER RACE maze with Traps hamster Minecraft Maze

Number of Views: 28,761,797

The hamster enjoys the water ride in this video and walks through many mind-blowing water challenges skillfully to reach the endpoint of this game. The video content looks colorful and this might be a reason to become popular in this video streaming environment.

10. Hamster Escapes from the Prison Maze for Pets in real life in Hamster stories Part 4

Number of Views: 9,769,467

Here the hamster is set to trap in an artificial room exclusively designed for this pet. The thoughtful moves of this creature give you a wow feel. It is thrilling to watch the hamster trying so hard to set free itself from this trapped room.

The artificial trap room with mini things around makes the content interesting, and it could be the reason behind its popularity to win many views globally.

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