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Top Best Background Erase Software

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Looking to cut out the background from an image, but not quite sure how to do it? Well, no matter if you have Photoshop or not, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’ll cover two different methods that will get the job done: one that uses desktop software, and one that relies on a browser-based Web app.

For Windows

1. fotophire

The fotophire software has pack of powerful photo editing tools that allow the user to mask selected objects and background of an image with both sharp and softer edges. You can also use this program to erase unwanted objects or apply 200+ effects.

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2. Inpixio photo clip ($49.99 Only for Win)

This software package is more than a mere background eraser. This comprehensive photo correction tool allows you to remove shadows and other distracting objects in your snapshots. The eraser tool works even on close-ups to clear wrinkles and spots on faces. If you want to revive old photos to get rid of the crinks and folds, this is the most preferable tool to derive high quality results from scanned images. If you want multiple impressions of an object in your photo, use the clone tool to create the magic.

For Mac

1. Effectmartix

If you to create professional looking photos for your collection, the EffectMatrix Super PhotoCut is the best background changer of photo for Mac. You can choose the free version for basic work but the full version has even more set of essential tools to edit still images. You can download the full version for 10 days free trial period. You can auto cut unwanted objects in the photos, change backgrounds, and even share them on social media with easy access.

2. PicsArt

If you love playing with colors effects on the photos, this is the best software program to help you introducing over 3000 editing tools to produce the desired results every time. You can achieve tons of varieties and special effects on a single photo. So keep clicking and creating unbelievable color effects. You can make these photos shareable across social media to attract more views and likes.

We recommend Wondershare Filmora if you want to remove background from video foot.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Online Background Eraser

If you do not like using desktop software to edit still photos, give a try to the below mentioned online editing solutions.

1. Clipping Magic Paid (Subscriber $3.99/Month)

If you are looking for great professional looking photos while editing them online, Clipping Magic is the best destination for you. This is an extremely affordable solution for eCommerce businesses to accord a refine look to the dull photos. Create light backgrounds to all your products while brightening the photos to give high definition impression. You can either drag images or even upload them on the editing platform to proceed. You can also do great graphic design work on the site. All of these features are available at an affordable package of just $3.99 per month.

2. editphotosforfree

This photo editing website has excellent resources to accomplish different tasks including background removal or changing. Apart from the background changer of photo, the site has other editing tools for making collage, typographies, employing filters and special effects, GIFs etc. You can choose from a range of exiting collage templates to complete your family photo collection.

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