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Best 35 Funny Photo Editors and Apps 2018

Wanna have fun with your photos? It can be simple and creative. No need to download top full feature photo software like Photoshop, fotophire or Corel Paintshop. With some online tools, or mobile apps for your iPhone or Andorid phone, you can change faces, personalize dollars, change someone's body shape, create your meme, or fake magazine covers. Check it out!

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  • Top Funny Photo Editing Websites
  • Top Funny Photo Apps for iPhone and iPad
  • Top Funny Photo Apps for Android
    • Top Funny Photo Editing Websites:

      1. My Heritage


      This interesting photo editing application works with face recognition technology and helps to resemble your face with celebrities. It can also create a stunning animated video showing how your face turns into a celebrity face. Results can be easily posted on social media sites.

      2. HairMIxer


      HairMixer shows wide range of popular hairstyles for users within few seconds so that they can choose a suitable one for them. It can help for hair-do and hair cut like routine activities.


      3. AnyMaking


      This is a free photo editing software that allows users to enjoy editing with impressive artwork. Users can easily select their desired effects from library and update them on uploaded images to get interesting results.

      4. Montagraph


      This online image editor make immediately develop collage type fun photos for you but with unique effects like sketchs, oil paintings and comic styles.

      5. MoronFace


      If you are ready to make fun of your own photos then go to MoronFace platform and start creating funniest sets of photos.

      6. Hetemeel


      It is possible to access so many serious kinds of images from this platform and then you can make fun by adding your own text into them. These images are dynamically developed after editing using php scripts.

      7. PixiSnap


      PixiSnap is an advanced mosaic developer with polaroid picture editor effect where people can generate stunning results within few seconds.

      8. Festisite Money


      This one is hilarious. People love to design personalized money bills with this application and the amazing thing is that you can even access foreign currency notes to do so.

      9. Yearbook Yourself


      Those who want to create their own interesting yearbook to impress their friends can directly move to Yearbook Yourself platform.

      10. Dumpr


      Dumpr is extremely easy to use and it contains few basic photo effects tools. Users can easily upload their photos to this site and add some funny things into them and finally share them with other platforms online.

      11. In 20 Years


      As the name indicates, this image can help you to generate a future predict about how you will look after 20/30 years. That’s crazy enough but its morphing technology is creative enough and create impressive results with ease.

      12. MagMyPic


      Here is one more free online image editor tool that can assist users to do easy personalizations with comics like covers and artfully designed magazines. It is easier to use and interactive enough with wide set of artistic flavours.

      13. FACEinHOLE


      If you are crazy enough to make fun of your co-workers then get connected to FaceinHole right now. It will help you to make them look like jerks while you will always look awesome in every photo. Just few clicks of mouse can create impressive effect on your stills.

      14. Blingee


      Blingee is well popular as a creative community that possess so many animated graphics and stills. Users can try them for free on their own images and get funny results within seconds. It will help you to develop goth, emo, fantasy and anime leading stills.

      15. InStyle Hollywood Makeover


      If you are crazy about celebrity hairstyles and want to check your looks if you have that type of hairstyle then go to InStyle Hollywood Makeover platform and try various celebrity hairstyles with cool eye makeups, hair colours and cosmetics.

      16. PhotoFunia


      This interactive online editing tool will add more fun and adventure to your life with its eye catching editing tools. It can automatically recognise your face in any photo and then few cool effects can be added to image for development of cool montages.

      • Top Funny Photo Editing Websites
      • Top Funny Photo Apps for iPhone and iPad
      • Top Funny Photo Apps for Android
        • Top Funny Photo Apps for iPhone and iPad

          1. InstaRage


          It is time to use InstaRage to make funny photos with popular memes. It will help you to troll your friends with lots of annoying faces.

          2. Epica 2


          It is well known as second generation for cameras because it makes everything cool with new scenes, new special effects, new poses and many more.

          3. InstaMeme


          Instameme will make your photos more spicy with interesting memes and you can also give a challenge to your grandma to see her new funny face.

          4. Pic Artist Collage Plus


          It can easily combine number of photos to generate something very funny quickly. It updates results with funny frames.

          5. Camera Face Design


          Simply add your face to this tool and it will soon make lots of fun about it. If you can bear that laughter then go ahead with all silly things on this app.

          6. Funny Picture


          It will help you to beautify, color, cut and distort images with style. As the name indicates pictures that means you will really have something really funny at output.

          7. Funny Camera


          Funny prank and joke cameras are always loved by current generation and funny camera is one of the biggest hit in this category. It contains wide set of filters and effects to make your die with laughter.

          8. The Amazing Mustache


          Let this app grow mustache on your face and soon you will be able to see a new funny face on screen. This is all about adventure and fun.

          9. Meme You


          If you want to develop your own meme photos with tons of impressive faces then go to Meme You and start enjoy editing.

          10. Animal Face


          It is really funny to replace your face with animal face but you can apply this trick for your friends in a group photo.

          • Top Funny Photo Editing Websites
          • Top Funny Photo Apps for iPhone and iPad
          • Top Funny Photo Apps for Android
            • Top Funny Photo Apps for Android

              1. Funny Image Photo


              Photography is all about fun and it is well proven by this android compatible app. So if you are searching for a free of cost photo editing platform to have real fun on your phone then simply go to Funny Image Photo and get started with real adventure.

              2. Faces


              Create instant fun in a serious class by simply editing your friend’s photo in this app. It is just hilarious and you will die of laughter. You can add hat, funny glasses and even crazy beard on uploaded photo face. It is best way to fool your friends and family and have grand time with lots of laughter. There is wide collection of accessories that can be used like interactive fun elements.

              3. Image Faker


              You should definitely check image faker at once because it has so many things to explore and will help you to choose photos easily from gallery for editing. There is wide collection of illusions, photo montages, backgrounds and cool wallpapers. Final results of this editing application can be easily shared on Facebook or can be transferred via MMS.

              4. Funny Camera


              Funny Camera app is quite simple but it can develop perfect funny frames on your photos. You can even replace few great art pieces with funny things and enjoy unlimited fun on each editing result.

              5. Doodle Text


              Are you a crazy fan of Doodling? If yes then this android app can help you to do lots of fun with cool filters and effects. It will help users to draw their personal creative messages and they can be easily transferred to friends for fun.

              6. Camera Illusion


              If you need an android compatible app with quick fun facts then Camera Illusion can help you a lot. There are so many professional kinds of effects with great collection of funny tricks to edit photos.

              7. Photo Warp


              Let us start a challenge of laughter with long entertaining hours on Photo Warp. Update your own faces here or make a try with your friends. It will soon generate a classic but funny prank as an output. Photo Warp can make your face flatter, thinner or distort and bend it with creative effects.

              8. Lightbox Photos


              If you are already tired with Instagram then it is time to step ahead into Lightbox Photos as it makes an impressive substitute of Instagram lovers. Photos created on Lightbox can be easily shared over internet on popular social media applications like Facebook, Flicker, Twitter and many more.

              9. Paper Camera


              You might have watched so many cartoons on TV but if somehow you become able to see your surroundings with cartoonist effects then it will be something extraordinary. Go to Paper Camera app and start photo editing with a unique concept while using half tones. Comic, cartoons and sketches for every photo.

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