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How to Download TikTok Video in MP3 Format on iPhone/Mac

Dec 09, 2020• Proven solutions

Would you like to learn how to download Tiktok videos in Mp3 format on your Mac/iPhone? 

On TikTok, you can spend endless hours only watching fun videos. But what if you like any of your beloved TikTok videos to be downloaded and stored offline in MP3 format? You will learn more about the effective methods to download TikTok videos in MP3 format on Mac in this article. 

If you're curious how to save TikTok video in Mp3 format on your Mac, iPhone, search no further. Following are the three commonly used ways of saving TikTok videos in Mp3 format on your Mac/iPhone: 

4 Way to Download TikTok Video in MP3 Format on iPhone/Mac [Step-by-Step Guide]

1. Save TikTok Video in MP3 with TTdownloader

TikTok Downloader, e.g. TTDownloader is an online platform to help you download precious videos in Mp3 format from TikTok's awesome collection. The platform includes free and unrestricted downloads. I'm sure that's enough to inform you, just wait before you see how quick it is to access it. Take the following steps:

Step1. Open '' in your browser 

Step2. Right-click on the TikTok video and then click 'Copy Link Url.' 


Step3. Paste the URL in the textbox of the TTDownloader. Then click 'Get Video.' There will be a drop-down menu with various choices. 


Step4. Choose the format you want to download your video and press the 'Download Video' button. The mp3 will be downloaded to your folder in seconds. Simple and quick


2. Save TikTok Video in MP3 through SSSTiktok is the simplest place to download TikTok video in Mp3 format.

Step1. Open the Tiktok app and select the video you want to download as an MP3. You'll see the 'Share' button on the right side of the page. Tap it and then tap 'Copy Link'. 

Step2. You can also quickly copy a link from the address bar of your browser when you watch a Tiktok.

Step3. Paste the link 

Step4. Almost finished. Click or tap the download button

Step5. Download TikTok MP3 on the next page

Step6. If all went well a "results" page would pop up. To view the Download MP3 attachment, scroll down.

3. Using Pull tube to Save TikTok Video as MP3

Pull tube is a universal video downloader that interacts with more than 1000 websites. You can download content from Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram, TikTok, and loads of other prominent applications. You can select to save audio-only in m4a or mp3 or to improve the quality of your TikTok video effortlessly. To change the quality and style, press the HQ button in the bottom right corner.


Here's how you can download videos from TikTok using Pulltube: 

Step1. You can open TikTok in your browser, select the video you want to download, and then copy the link 

Step2. Drag and drop or paste the link to Pulltube

Step3. Keep adding links if you want to save several videos, and press Save when you're finished

4. iPhone method: Download TikTok Video in MP3 with Total files

If you'd like to save a download-disabled TikTok video in Mp3 format to your iPhone, you can also use the "Total Files" file manager application.


Open your iPhone App Store, look for Total Files, and download it; Open the TikTok app on your iPhone, Pick the video you would like to download, Then: 

Step1. Tap the Share button on the right sidebar

Step2. To copy the link to your chosen video, click Copy Link 

Step3. Launch the Total File application on your iPhone. 

Step4. Select the web icon on the bottom right corner. 

Step5. Tap and hold the address bar at the top, and then select Paste

Step6. Play the video

Step7. Hit the Go button at the bottom

Step8. Tap the video as it starts playing, and you'll get a notification. Click the green checkmark icon. 

Step9. Total Files will question where you want the video to be stored. Select a location and press the done button.

Step10. In the Total Files app, the TikTok video will be downloaded in MP3 format and accessible for viewing


Now you're well informed of how to download TikTok videos in Mp3 format on your Mac/iPhone. Bid farewell to days of frustration because you were worried about missing your precious videos. They will now settle in your galleries nice and safe to be viewed anytime you wish. But if you'd like to take the step further and make an entertaining TikTok video with fun features, FilmoraX is the app that immediately springs to mind.

FilmoraX is the newest version primarily tailored for us newcomers, but with sophisticated features included. It provides professional size solutions that are amazingly convenient to use with an easy interface. Making fun TikTok videos is simpler than ever before. You can download FilmoraX for free and start making masterworks straight away.

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.