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6 Best TikTok to MP3 Converters in 2024 [Online & Free]

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Nov 30, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

Consider this scenario: watching your favorite TikTok videos, and the sound/music effect in the video is so unique. Hence, you want to listen to them offline. For this purpose, you have to download the whole video, but you want to include it in your MP3 playlist. And, here's the need for TikTok to MP3 converters arises.

That is where this post comes in. We will share the best six MP3 converters TikTok available and how to use them during conversion.

Part 1: Top 6 TikTok to MP3 Converters in 2024

After doing tons of research on this specific topic, we have found out that TikTok users utilize these six best TikTok to MP3 converters.


TikTok is an online tool that offers you the quickest way to download TikTok videos and convert them to MP3 simultaneously. You can easily download TikTok's audio using the TikTok video link or URL. All you need to do is copy-paste the link into the field provided for this purpose on the SSSTikTok home page. And, this method is pretty fast and reliable.

You should know that you can only download MP3 TikTok videos that have MP3 available for them on the site with this tool.




Easy user interface


Outdated look



Here’s another compelling TikTok to MP3 online converter called Musically Down TikTok to MP3 Downloader. It is a free online tool. You can paste a TikTok video link of your choice with it to convert to Mp3 and add to your ringtones or songs list. In addition, it allows for unlimited TikTok audio downloads and MP3 songs.

With this tool, you do not need any special tech skills as the tool has proven simple to navigate, even for amateurs. This tool does not download MP3 with a watermark, while other available tools may download the MP3 audios.

Its conversion speed is relatively moderate, and it is easy to use the tool as all that is required is two taps to finish the process, i.e., paste the video link and download MP3 TikTok, which is converted.


Easy process

It doesn't download with a watermark

Fast conversion


Moderate page loading speed


The Youtube4k Downloader converts TikTok to MP3 and lets you download videos of the highest quality over four hundred websites. Thus, although the website designed was initially to download Youtube 4k videos, you can download videos as MP3 from many various sites, including Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc.

With this tool, you can download different playlists at the same time. Furthermore, you are not required to download the software before the tool's usage as it is compatible with all browsers.

You should know that the website sometimes has glitch issues when users convert videos to MP3 while impacting the conversion speed. However, this glitch does not usually occur, and the download speed is quite fast in typical situations. You can also select among different audio qualities available for download.


Best to download even 4k videos

Can batch download

Interactive user interface


Glitch issues


TTSave.APP is a free online MP3 converter TikTok application with the best features. You can use TTSave on all kinds of devices easily, accessible, and quickly without the requirement to install any software.

To download the TikTok MP3, you need to paste a video link from the TikTok / TikTok Lite application in the box provided and then hit the button with the download icon.

With this tool, you can easily download MP3 TikTok Video Without Watermark (Up to Full HD Quality) as well as with watermark (Logo & Username Text).

Note: You can use all features without logging into TikTok.


Compatible with all kinds of devices

No need to install software

Easy to download videos without a watermark


A bit slow


The following tool we suggest to you is YTop1. Many videos are shared on TikTok and cannot be accessed elsewhere, but you may want them in your playlist. This tool can help you download these videos in the form of MP3 converter TikTok audios. You need to get the video link from TikTok and convert it to MP3 on this website.

The site is super quick in downloading and converting your MP3 in a matter of seconds, especially since most TikTok videos are up to 60 seconds.


Super quick conversion

Easy process


A bit outdated interface


They offer many different ways to download and convert online videos to your device for offline access later. You can save videos and watch them on your computer or phone without any hassle while traveling! You can copy gif links or video links from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, or other sites and convert with their online MP3 converter TikTok for free!

tiktok to mp3 onlinevideoconverter


It is also accessible offline

Easy to save audios or videos

Helpful for various social media platforms


No cons

Part 2: How do I Download Audio from TikTok?

This section will describe the ultimate steps on how to download audio from TikTok using

Step 1: Paste the URL video link you want to copy

Copy the online video link and paste the URL into the input field to begin converting

Step 2: Choose the format you wish to convert

Activate the desired conversion format: mp4 for saving video with sound or mp3 for audio-only.

Step 3: Hit the "Convert" to start the conversion

Start the video conversion process by clicking the start button below the input field.

Step 4: Press "Download" to get the video. All done!

Click download to save the converted mp4 or mp3 file to your computer or phone.

Part 3: Bonus Tip - How to Make TikTok Music on PC?

Tik Tok is not just confined to your smartphones. You can also edit videos from your laptops (both Mac or Windows) and upload them on the Tik Tok platform along with other social media platforms. Filmora has got you covered as you don't need to worry if you're not that great of a video expert.

Filmora is a video editing app framed explicitly for non-professionals. It is simple to use and is unlike other complicated and expensive video editing software. It's a uniquely designed 9:16 aspect ratio to edit mobile videos flawlessly. Plus, it is compatible with every video format. For the most purpose, the software contains an inbuilt music library from which you can select the song of your choice and give life to your TikTok videos. Besides this, Filmora has various effects and filters available to give your TikTok videos that need professional touch just by drag and a drop editor!

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

filmorax boxpng

To begin, launch Filmora and choose a 9:16 ratio to upload your videos, which is the perfect ratio for mobile videos. You can easily make changes to the video, like rotating and trimming it quickly. After that, you can add overlays and filters. Just select the overlay or filter of your choice and drag it down to the video, that simple!

Its nicely available soundtrack options and audio adjustment features can help you choose from the inbuilt music library to whatever section of the video you prefer again with just a drag and drop editor. There are all types of hot new music available from a vast array of genres. Moreover, you can remove background noise with the audio adjustment feature and even fix the speed of the equalizing, pitch, fade-out, fade-in, and soundtrack.

Filmora allows those who aren't professional but need a simplistic way to display their creativity and talent and creativity on TikTok in this dynamic and fast-paced world of social media. These are easy-to-use and professional features that are a bit hard to find in a single software nowadays. So if this is what's stopping you from becoming a TikToker, let yourself go and download the Wondershare Filmora today!


Hence, this article has explained the 6 top TikTok to MP3 converters along with their pros and cons. You now also know how to create compelling TikTok videos using reliable software such as Wondershare Filmora, along with a decent way to explore its audio editing features!

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