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How to Share Screen on Google Meet

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Google Meet is becoming increasingly popular among students, professionals, and even the business community. It is one of the most famous video-conferencing applications developed by Google. Google Meet allows both Android and iOS users to connect and communicate.

Alongside footage from your device's camera or webcam, Google Meet enables you to share your screen. So, all of your presentation stuff can be shared with your classmates, colleagues, and panel members. If you want to know more about how to share screen on Google Meet, the following article covers the topic in detail. Let's dive in.

Part 1: How to Share Your Screen in Google Meet Using Chrome Browser?

You can share your screen while presenting in Google Meet. Everything displayed on your screen will be shared with the meeting participants using the Google Meet share screen feature, from word documents and spreadsheets to PowerPoint slides. Want to know how to share the screen in Google Meet? It's just a matter of few simple steps. Let's take a look.

Step 1: Join the Google Meet session

Access Google Meet through the link and click join the meeting.

Note: You may also create your meeting room if you are hosting a Google Meet Session. However, if you are not the host participant, you need to join the meeting room through the invitation link or enter the meeting code.

Step 2: Present and Share Screen

Click on the Present now option to share screen.

Note: When Present Now is clicked, the menu will appear to ask you to select the area of the screen you want to share. You can share the entire screen, a specific window, or a browser tab.

   Google Meet Present Now

Step 3: Confirm sharing window or screen

Click on the Share option after selecting your preferred choice of screen sharing option in step 2.

Note: Initially, you will find the screen option disabled. It will be enabled after you click on the window tab showing a preview of your screen. 

   Google Meet Share Screen

Part 2: How to Share Your iPhone or iPad's Screen Using Google Meet?

Perks of Google Meet are not limited to Windows users. So, you can also use Google Meet from your iPhone or iPad. Like all other features, iPhone and iPad users can use screen sharing features too. If you are thinking to inquire more about how to share a screen on Google Meet using iPhone or iPad, we have explained the simple steps below.

Step 1: Launch the Google Meet application and Join a Meeting

Download the Google Meet application from the application store. Launch the app by clicking its icon. Click on join meeting or create a meeting room after launching the Google Meet app.

Step 2: Open Share Screen Option

Click on the three dots on the bottom left of the screen. Then, click on Share Screen

  Share Screen on Google Meet

Step 3: Start screen sharing and broadcast.

A pop-up will appear. Start broadcast to share your screen with other participants.

  Share Screen on Google Meet iPhone

Note: When you want to stop sharing your screen, you need first to stop the broadcast and then stop sharing the screen. You may also share your screen when someone else is already sharing the screen in Google Meet. In such a case, other participant's presentations will pause until you stop sharing your screen.

Part 3: How to Share Your Android Device's Screen Using Google Meet?

Most people participate in Google Meet sessions using their laptops or desktop computers. However, they may need to join a video conference while traveling and might not have access to a laptop at that time. Android phones are no less than a blessing in such a scenario. Luckily, you can also share your Android phone's screen with all the meeting participants. So, you don't need to miss an important meeting or a panel discussion. Here are steps to share the screen through your Android phone.

Step 1: Open up the Google Meet 

Tap on the Google Meet app icon to launch it and join the video session.

Step 2: Start presenting your screen to the participants

Click on the three dots (ellipsis button) appearing on the top right corner of your phone's or tablet's screen and choose the share screen from the list of options in the menu.

  Share Screen on Google Meet Android

Step 3:  Confirm sharing content

Click start sharing from the pop-up message displayed on the screen.

  Share Screen on Google Meet Android

Part 4: How to Share Your Screen When Someone Else is Presenting?

One of the most exciting features of Google Meet is that it allows you to present when someone else is already delivering a presentation. So, if someone has started sharing the screen on your turn or there is some error, you can send a signal to the participant by sharing your screen during their presentation.

Thus, Google Meet does not restrict other members from sharing screens when already one screen is shared. You can easily share your screen during someone else's presentation by following a couple of steps below. 

Step 1: Join a video conference

Connect to the video conference through the invitation link or code. 

Note: you may create your own meeting if you are hosting a conference.

Step 2: Start presenting

Click the Present Now to share the screen based on your need.

Step 3: Confirm the action

Choose the Share now option when a pop-up notification appears, and then your screen will be shared on the meeting.

  Share Screen on Google Meet when someone else is presenting

Note: The other member presenting will find his presentation paused till you do not end your presentation and cancel screen sharing. 

Part 5: How to Share Screen and Presentation without Participating? 

Google Meet is usually used for video-conferencing between students, colleagues, or business partners. However, it is not obvious that you only use Google Meet to participate in the discussion. There can be a situation when you don't want to join a video session formally yet need to share a presentation. The good news is that you can share your screen and presentation without formal participation in the Google Meet session. The procedure is slightly different from the regular one. Let's know more about how to share the screen on Google Meet without joining the meeting.

Step 1: Open up Google Meet Invite Link and join in the meeting

Launch the Google Meet website or its application, enter the meeting code or link, or click start a meeting.

Click the Google Meet invite link and then you will see the screen as below.

  Share Screen without join in Google Meet

Step 2: Share screen without participating

Tap Present and select a preferred window to share. By default, the system audio is disabled. Enable it if you need to share the system audio.

  Share Screen without join in Google Meet

Note: When you are just sharing the screen with the microphone and camera disabled, other participants will not be able to hear your voice or see you. Similarly, you do not need to turn on the camera and microphone if you are using Google Meet on an Android device, as you can directly share the screen instead of joining a meeting on an Android device. 

Bonus: How to Share Your Screen Using a Browser Other than Chrome

Chrome is not the only way to access video-conferencing tools. There is no exception for Google Meet. So, you can use all its features, and even access it through any other browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Alongside joining Google Meet, you may also share your screen in Firefox and Internet explorer. Similarly, Opera mini can be used as well to take advantage of the screen sharing feature. Although the process is almost the same as in Google Chrome, users may find a slightly different interface when joining through other browsers. Let's summarize the procedure in simple steps.

Step 1: Download the preferred browser.

Download and launch the browser by clicking on its icon on the desktop or toolbar

Step 2: Open Google Meet

Search for Google Meet and click new meeting.

Note: Log in to your Gmail account first. You can also directly access Google Meet by entering its official web address. Moreover, if you are not a host, you need to join the meeting through an invite link or code. 

Step 3: Share screen

Click the Present now option and choose the window area you want to share from the drop-down menu. Tap the 'allow' button to start screen sharing. 

Share  Google Meet screen on Firefox


By now, our step-by-step guide about how to share screen on Google Meet must have answered many questions you might have before reading the article. So, whether you are using a laptop or a phone, you can easily record your Google Meet sessions regardless of the operating system. To conclude, the Google Meet Screen sharing feature is of immense importance. So, if you want to maximize the benefits from this masterpiece creation of Google, you must excel in the art of screen sharing on all platforms and devices. 

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