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How to Use Whiteboard in Zoom Meeting

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Zoom Whiteboard allows you to draw your imaginations on to the screen for visual illustrations, and share those graphics with all the participants you are in a conference with. Not only this, you can even annotate your creations on the whiteboard during an ongoing meeting session, and can also allow (or disallow) other members to annotate the illustrations on your board as well.

In addition to this, you can even allow the participants to share their whiteboard on Zoom if you have access to multiple monitors. This way you can view multiple whiteboard illustrations from different users simultaneously.

Here you will learn all these and many other techniques, and by the time you are done reading, you will have a fair idea on how whiteboard works, and how to use Zoom annotation tools to share your imagination with others.

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Part 1: How to Access Whiteboard on Zoom Meeting on Windows/Mac

Since Zoom shares almost identical interface on both Mac and Windows platforms, understanding any one would automatically educate you about the other. For this demonstration, a computer running Windows 10 is used.

You can access Zoom whiteboard when you initiate the screen sharing feature in the app. In fact, as soon as Zoom detects that you are attempting to share the screen, it prompts you to choose your preferred object to share. The method of accessing whiteboard on Zoom is explained below:

Step 1: Start a Zoom Meeting

Use the normal process to start Zoom meeting and invite the participants to join the conference.

Step 2: Access/Share the Whiteboard

Click the Share Screen button from the bottom of the main window during an ongoing Zoom meeting, on the Select a window or an application that you want to share window, ensure that you are on the Basic tab, click Whiteboard , and click Share from the bottom-right corner.

Zoom Meeting Whiteboard Annotations

Check the Zoom Screen Sharing Guide to learn more details.

Step 3: Use Annotation Tools

Use the Annotation panel from the top to select your preferred tool (Text, Draw, or Stamp), and drag your mouse on the whiteboard to use Zoom annotation . Anything that you draw on the Zoom meeting whiteboard will be shared with all the participants of the conference.

Zoom Meeting Whiteboard Annotations Interface

Step 4: Zoom Annotation Settings

Click the Clear icon from the annotation panel, and choose Clear All Drawings , Clear My Drawings , or Clear Viewers’ Drawings to clean the entire whiteboard, remove only your annotations, or remove only the annotations added by other participants of the meeting respectively.

If you want to save the whiteboard, click the Save icon to save your whiteboard in the Documents > Zoom folder. If you want to share a new screen or your desktop screen, just click the New Share button from the Zoom meeting panel, and choose a second object to share it with the viewers.

Zoom Meeting Whiteboard Share New Screen

To stop sharing your whiteboard on Zoom temporarily or permanently, click Pause Share or Stop Share from the meeting panel that appears when you hover mouse to the top of the screen respectively.

Part 2: How to Use Whiteboard During Zoom Cloud Meeting on Android

Zoom is also available for Android smart devices, and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Once downloaded and installed, you can use your credentials to sign in to use the app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Also, as it is with PCs, even the Android version of Zoom allows you to access and share whiteboard. You can follow the steps given below to get it done:

Step 1: Share Whiteboard on Android

After installing Zoom on your Android, and signing in to your account, start a new meeting, tap anywhere on the screen, tap Share from the bottom, and tap Share Whiteboard .

Zoom Cloud Meeting Whiteboard on Android

Step 2: Add Annotations

Tap the Edit icon from the bottom-left corner of the Zoom whiteboard , and pick your preferred tool from the expanded panel to annotate or draw your ideas as needed.

Step 3: Clear Annotations

Tap the Delete icon present in the annotation panel, and tap Clear My Drawing , Clear All Drawings , or Clear Other’ Drawings to remove the annotations accordingly.

Note: You can tap the Close icon from the top-left corner of the screen to get back to the main window, and then tap Stop Share from the bottom to stop sharing whiteboard on Zoom meeting.

Part 3: How to Use Whiteboard During Zoom Cloud Meeting on iOS

Along with Android, Zoom is available for iOS devices as well. However, at the time of this writing, the Whiteboard feature can only be used on iPads. So, if you’re running Zoom Cloud Meeting on your iPhone, you won’t see the Whiteboard option. Nevertheless, the interface and the options that the Zoom’s iOS variant has are almost identical, and so is the process of sharing Zoom meeting whiteboard .

You can learn how to use Zoom whiteboard on an iPad by following the instructions explained below:

Step 1: Share Whiteboard on iPad

On your iPad, use the regular method to start a new meeting and invite the participants to join the conference, tap Share Content from the meeting control panel at the top, and tap Whiteboard from the menu that appears.

Step 2: Access Annotation Tools

Tap the Edit ( Pencil ) icon from the bottom-left corner to expand Zoom annotation tools , tap your preferred icon to add annotations to the whiteboard, and tap Stop Share once you are done drawing.

Note: Process of doing other things including clearing your annotations or ending the meeting remains the same for both Android and iOS platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zoom Whiteboard

1. Can we share multiple whiteboards in a meeting?

Yes. Other participants of a meeting can share their whiteboard with you as well. In order to do this, you must configure Zoom by clicking the small arrow available next to the Screen Share icon, and clicking the Multiple participants can share simultaneously option from the menu.

Zoom Cloud Meeting Whiteboard on Android

2. Why can’t I see the Annotation tools?

If you have joined a meeting hosted by someone else, it is possible that the host has prohibited other participants from annotating. In this case, you can request the host to enable annotations for the other members.

3. How to collaborate on a whiteboard in Zoom?

If you are a participant in a Zoom conference that has been hosted by another person, collaborating on a shared whiteboard requires you to enter the full-screen mode by clicking the Full Screen button at the top-right corner, clicking and opening the Options menu from the top or bottom (depending on your operating system), clicking Annotate , and then continuing with the regular annotation process.

Note: To be able to collaborate on a whiteboard, it is important that the host of the meeting has allowed the members to add annotations.


Zoom whiteboard allows you to share your ideas with other participants of the conference. The good thing is, while using a desktop version, you can allow participants to share their whiteboard. You can also allow or prohibit them from annotating on the whiteboard that share. About the mobile versions, Zoom is available for both Android and iOS platforms. However, the latter variant of the app can be installed only on iPad. All in all, Zoom is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices where all the variants of the program share almost identical interface and therefore can be used seamlessly throughout.

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