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How to Zoom Picture in Picture [Easy Solution]

How to Zoom Picture in Picture [Easy Solution]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 14, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Zoom is one of the greatest options on the market for video conferencing. It doesn't matter whether you use it at home or in an office environment; it will quickly link the team members. One of the most popular video conferencing programs is Zoom. When in-person meetings aren't feasible, it enables you to communicate electronically with employees, and it's been a major popularity for social occasions as well. In case you're not acquainted, picture-in-picture mode enables you to watch videos from one app while using your PC normally. The movie will keep playing in a tiny thumbnail window so that two applications may work simultaneously on your smartphone.

You may create virtual audio and video conferences, webinars, live chats, screen sharing, and other collaboration tools with Zoom, a cloud-based video communications solution. Zoom's most recent iPhone apps let you dismiss a Zoom Meeting while keeping the Zoom video call open in a picture-in-picture mode. To join a Zoom conference, you don't need an account, and because the software works with Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices, nearly anybody can use it. Since using Zoom's picture-in-picture mode is the same as using it with other applications, you shouldn't have any trouble if you often use PiP mode. Here are the top 4 methods you can refer to picture in picture in Zoom.

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  1. Method 1: Swap Shared Screen with Video
  2. Method 2: Use Ecamm Live
  3. Method 3: Use Filmora as A Switcher
  4. Method 4: Use Hardware Switcher ATEM Mini Pro

Method 1: Swap Shared Screen with Video

You may move the Zoom Meeting PiP window across the screen, change the thumbnail's size, and utilize other applications while it remains open, just like any other picture-in-picture window. Before leaving the meeting if you're not giving a presentation or speaking, you should definitely mute Zoom on your iPhone to prevent noises from your typing or other activities from entering the conversation. Additionally, keep in mind to switch off the camera if you're engaged in something distracting, at least for the duration of your activity. To reopen the Zoom Meeting and go back to the Zoom app, touch the Picture-in-Picture mode pane. Here are some actions to keep in mind:

Steps to Swap Shared Screen for Zoom Picture in Picture:

Step1Launch or enter a Zoom meeting. Keep the video on your main screen at all times, closing the chat and participant list as necessary.

Step2Tap the Home button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

how to zoom picture in picture

Step3Picture-in-picture mode should be activated automatically throughout the meeting.

Method 2: Use Ecamm Live

Live streaming is a fantastic way to provide original content and stand out from the crowd. To prevent any operational difficulties, a more sophisticated virtual camera is absolutely necessary. You now have magical abilities thanks to Ecamm virtual cam, including the ability to add text, animations, observe a live stream, post viewer comments, play music, share your screen, use sound effects, and many more. It offers the Ecamm live virtual camera zoom function for video conferences so you may improve your Zoom discussions by sending output to other PC programs. You could see a quality difference between what you view in Ecamm Live and what your Zoom visitors see while utilizing virtual camera with Zoom. The quality of a Zoom video stream cannot be improved using Ecamm Live. Simply broadcast the Zoom app using Ecamm Live's Screen Share mode to utilize Ecamm Live for picture-in-picture virtual presentations on Zoom.

Steps to Use Ecamm Live for Zoom Picture in Picture:

Step1Download the Ecamm Application

Install Ecamm Live on your computer, then choose the center button in the source switcher at the top of the main window to enter Screen Share mode.

how to zoom picture in picture
Step2Create Scenes

With the use of Ecamm Live's Virtual Camera and Virtual Mic capabilities, you may transfer Ecamm Live's output to almost any other Mac software, including Zoom. After setting, create the scenes in the program to quickly switch between various cameras.

how to zoom picture in picture
Step3Select Ecamm on Zoom

You may also utilize Ecamm Live's Sharing Window capability to feed Ecamm Live output into Zoom. Simply activate the virtual camera, and then, as seen below, choose Ecamm Live Virtual Camera in Zoom's video settings:

how to zoom picture in picture
Step4Begin Your Presentation

Finally, click the PC share option to show your Zoom app to your audience. To conceal a picture-in-picture window that displays your camera image while live streaming, click the PIP button.

Method 3: Use Filmora as A Switcher

Zoom has solutions that will make your meetings simple and secure. It gives your remote staff a secure setting to interact and share crucial information. Ideal control over your film and configuration options to make them aesthetically pleasing is something Zoom lacks. To overcome the drawbacks and improve the quality of your online meetings, you may take use of the capabilities of Zoom in conjunction with Filmora. Filmora was developed with the intention of easing user burden and supporting applications. Though complicated, the program is simple to use. The perhaps most popular web information that may be saved on your computer can be easily captured by just angling your screen. For more information on how to record and save your Zoom for picture in picture, see the guide here.

To broadcast a variety of situations in a grid style, you may also combine inputs from your camera, microphone, computer screen, and web conferencing software. Wondershare -the finest desktop application for recording a Zoom Picture in Picture meeting- is Filmora. With the majority of cameras, this app's screen recording capability is both user-friendly and feature-rich. Here, users may either choose a particular region to record or record their zoom meetings in Fullscreen mode. Additionally, you may choose the camera and input microphone that will be used while recording a video overlay. The addition of relevant comments like phrases, lines, drawings, symbols, etc. is also possible by users. The detailed procedure for recording a Zoom Picture-in-Picture meeting using a Filmora recorder is given below:

Free Download
Free Download
Step1Download and Install Filmora Zoom Recorder:

You may find both types, i.e., the most recent Windows and Mac versions, by first visiting the usual website and then using this Zoom. Install the program on your computer once you download it to get started.

how to zoom picture in picture
Step2Initiate Filmora Recorder

After finishing the installation process for this Reside Zoom recorder, launch it from the main menus and choose "New Task" when prompted. It will take you to Filmora's streamlined user interface where you can immediately start filming. Then, as seen in the picture below, you may adjust the screen recording using your preferred camera, microphone, and system settings:

how to zoom picture in picture
Step3Begin/End the Recording

When you are through configuring this Zoom picture in picture recorder, click the Record button, and it will immediately begin recording your customized screen. Similar to that, after you're done recording, click Stop, which will take you inside the video editor where you may edit your recorded information.

how to zoom picture in picture
Step4Share Recordings

When you have everything ready, export your recording right away. After you're done with the editing part, you do have a lot of options to choose from when displaying your screen capture and webcam stories. To do so, click the Export button in the item user interface's top-right corner as shown below:

You may easily choose your preferred way to share from there if you choose to upload your work of zoom picture in picture recordings straight to the YouTube or other reputable websites right now. Simply refer to the Sharing plug-ins in the Export window to find out more.

Method 4: Use Hardware Switcher ATEM Mini Pro

Particularly on Zoom, the ATEM Mini is excellent for video conferences. The Blackmagic ATEM Mini is a USB video interface and HDMI switcher. Four HDMI inputs, or four cameras that can produce an HDMI video stream, may be switched between live. This device integrates Zoom meetings fast and makes it incredibly simple to set up your audio, a sometimes-forgotten aspect of video broadcasting. This sophisticated video switcher promises to offer broadcast-quality multi-camera footage with ease and is targeted at gamers, streamers, and online reviewers. It connects to a computer via a USB-C to USB-A connection. The video feed may then be sent to distant colleagues via a number of well-liked videos streaming services, including Zoom.

Step1The ATEM Mini Pro is a basic control switcher with pro-broadcast performance. Your ATEM Mini Pro is really simple to set up. You can connect a full setup with several cameras and microphones in around 30 minutes.

how to zoom picture in picture

Step2You may connect several camera sources to the inputs of the ATEM Mini Pro. The 4 HDMI inputs each have a separate standards converter built in. As a result, the ATEM Mini can automatically convert inputs that are 1080p, 1080i, or 720p to the switcher's video standard. You may make quick changes between inputs with no latency or disruption to your video output by using the ergonomic buttons.

how to zoom picture in picture

Step3As a third option, Zoom offers ATEM Mini, which enables you to switch between several inputs, add custom visuals, and adjust audio levels all from a single interface. To improve the quality of your production, you may even use smooth transitions like wipes or fades. You can even test any input stream before making it live.


When you are doing a Zoom Meeting and share your screen, only to discover that what the other attendees see is a split screen with your material and the other Attendee cams, it is highly annoying. You may move the Zoom Meeting PiP window across the screen, change the thumbnail's size, and utilize other applications while it remains open, just like any other picture-in-picture window. Someone must be sharing information in the Zoom conference for the Picture in Picture, or "Split Screen" option, to be active. We've listed the top techniques for doing it effectively above. To do this work without difficulty, use them as your guide.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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