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How to Zoom in on PowerPoint [Easy Ways]

How to Zoom in on PowerPoint [Easy Ways]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 14, 22, updated Jul 14, 22

How often have you wished you could zoom in to more fully illustrate a point on a slide during a PowerPoint presentation? If you use PowerPoint for Windows and are a subscription to Microsoft 365, you have access to that function! There is a lot going on in some Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. It may include a lot of little details or significant information like PowerPoint slide zoom, and altering it would be impractical. If this occurs, you may make a zoom shape and utilize the expand animation to focus on the information you're describing in more depth. By doing this, you can maintain the overall picture while concentrating on the key points of the talk.

You are giving a presentation at a meeting and have a number of possibilities. Zoom in PowerPoint Presentation enables you to create an introduction slide that includes thumbnails for the slides you wish to skip to in any order to discuss those choices throughout your meeting. It builds a navigable interactive dashboard for your presentation. When you leave the opening slide and go through all the slides in a part, you are immediately returned to the beginning. So where does PowerPoint's magic reside? PowerPoint The most recent addition to the lengthy and ever-expanding list of new functions is Zoom. Zoom is incredible since it effectively turns a slide or many slides from your project into a changeable hotspot. A hotspot is a clickable item that connects to a certain area, in case you forgot. You will thus be directed to that slide if you choose it as a hotspot when you click on the item.

In this article
  1. Part 1: 3 Techniques to Zoom PowerPoint Presentations
    1. 1. Use the View tab Zoom command
    2. 2. Use the Zoom Slider at The Bottom of the Screen
    3. 3. The Ctrl + Mouse Spin Wheel Shortcut

Part 1: 3 Techniques to Zoom PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft is always developing new tools to help you create and construct amazing presentations. The PowerPoint Zoom function is one of them. It is not the straightforward zoom capability that has been a part of PowerPoint for a long time. Zoom in PowerPoint is a useful feature that enables you to go right to the information you want and promotes an interactive presentation that is seamless. You just need to be aware of three distinct sorts of Zooms to do it quickly and easily. They are described below:

1. Use the View tab Zoom command

PowerPoint's Zoom feature is a clever tool for creating and watching presentations. When the text or item you wish to deal with is too tiny for you to view, the Zoom tool might be useful. On the screen, a slide will look bigger as you zoom in, and smaller when you zoom away. Choose the appropriate zoom level in the "Zoom" dialog box by typing a number into the "Percent:" spinner or selecting an option from the "Zoom to" section. Click the "OK" button to apply the chosen magnification level after setting it.

Step1Zoom in with the View Dialog Box

Additionally, you may access the Zoom dialog box and choose a different zoom level by clicking the Zoom button on the View tab of the ribbon. choose the Ribbon's "View" tab. the "Zoom" button from the "Zoom" button group, and then.

how to zoom in on powerpoint
Step2Click the Zoom Button

Zoom in by going to the View tab attributes. Select Zoom in from the View menu after clicking. There will be a Zoom window where you may choose or input the zoom level. More options for adjusting the zoom level are available under the Zoom group on the View tab of the ribbon.

how to zoom in on powerpoint
Step3Click Fit to Window

Additionally, if you choose Fit, Presentation will resize the window to a proper size.

how to zoom in on powerpoint

2. Use the Zoom Slider at The Bottom of the Screen

In PowerPoint, the Status Bar's lower-right application window has the Zoom slider. This tool lets you adjust the slide's magnification level. This just modifies your sense of how near or far away the slide looks onscreen; the slide itself is unaffected in any way.

Step1Click the Zoom In (+) button on the status bar

The horizontal scroll bar will then display underneath the slide if you zoom in on the slide until it can no longer fit horizontally on the screen. The slide may then be thoroughly examined at the selected magnification level by using it to scroll left and right.

how to zoom in on powerpoint
Step2Click the Zoom Out (-) button on the status bar

Changing the magnification level is simple using PowerPoint's Zoom slider. Click and move the slider left, toward the minus sign, to reduce the magnification level. To the left of the zoom slider is a percentage that represents the magnification level.

Step3Fit to the Window

Click the "Fit slide to current window" button to the right of the Zoom slider to force the slide to fit inside the view's available slide area.

how to zoom in on powerpoint

3. The Ctrl + Mouse Spin Wheel Shortcut

Ctrl + scroll wheel is a typical shortcut for zooming in Windows. Open the worksheet or presentation you wish to save with the desired zoom level, then complete the procedures listed below:

Step1Launch PowerPoint on your Windows computer and go to the slide of the presentation you want to zoom in or out on.

Step2To zoom in on a slide in PowerPoint, just hold the CTRL key on your keyboard while spinning your mouse wheel in an upwards direction.

how to zoom in on powerpoint

Step3In a similar manner, to zoom out on your presentation, hold down the CTRL key on your computer while dragging the mouse wheel downward as seen below.

how to zoom in on powerpoint

After that, you will be able to get the desired value to Zoom in or out on your PowerPoint presentation.


Are you prepared to use the new PowerPoint zoom feature in Microsoft Office to bring your presentation to life? To comprehend it, you must first view the aforementioned ways. A zoom bar or zoom slider may be used in Microsoft Office programs, such as PowerPoint, to rapidly and efficiently zoom in and out of documents. The zoom slider should look like the image on this page and is often in the bottom right corner of the program window. You will continue with the presentation when you have finished the zoom. This implies that you will be able to skip through undesired slides and material.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 14, 22
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