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8 Best HD/4K Explosion Effect to Use (Free)

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Do you want to make your video more impactful? Whether, your company’s big fire sale promotions or any action sequence shoot, the motion designers and video editors love to try out the fiery explosion effect in order to add more impact to the video.

Luckily, now there are free explosion effects available in the market that you may use for free. In this article, you will learn the 8 best HD/4K explosion effect to use without digging a hole in your pocket.

1. Bomb Explosion on Green

The Bomb Explosion on Green is a feature available in Videvo motion graphics. It is a royalty free motion graphic that can be used for both commercial and personal projects. You can download this free explosion effect for free. It has a high resolution of 1920x1080 at a frame rate of 29.97 fps. Such VFX offers great explosion effect to your video.

Bomb Explosion on Green

2. Pixabay Explosion, Fire, Outbreak

Pixabay is also, a great resource to use explosion effect. From downloading it for free to get high resolution 4k HD effect, the use of Pixabay Explosion, Fire, and Outbreak is completely free and there are no attributions required for using it personally or commercially. You get an Mp4 media file when you download this free explosion effect.

Pixabay Explosion Fire Outbreak

3. Giant Real Gas Explosion

Giant Real Gas Explosion on Shutterstock is a 4k explosion effect and a professionally filmed VFX that is composted on a black overlay. It is also available on SD and HD mode. Giant Real Gas Explosion is a popular royalty-free stock video with ice blasting, abstract smoke, cosmic space, dirt, breakout, explosive glow, and several other effects. You can select categories, fps, duration, characters, etc. according to the requirement and select high-quality videos carefully completely free.

Giant Real Gas Explosion

4. Free Explosion Stock Footage

Free Explosion Stock Footage is a royalty free explosion effect that enhances the Action Essential video footages. If you want to add VFX explosion to create grenade, rocket, fire, car, and bomb effect, try this Free Explosion Stock Footage video. Just give your credits to BlinkFarm and use this explosion effect to create amazing and high-quality videos.

Free Explosion Stock Footage

5. Ground Explosions in Footage Crate

The ground explosion effects in Footage Crate are available for HD downloads. There are 60 VFX effects, out of which 40 are free explosion effects. From fireball explosion to a nuclear blast, slo-mo, and aerial explosion, the ground explosions in footage crate are HD + Alpha videos that can be downloaded by registering with your Google or Facebook id.

Ground Explosions in Footage Crate

6. New Year Fireworks

If you wish to create some awesome fireworks video with great explosion effect, try out the Videvo New Year Fireworks in HD resolution. With a frame-rate of 29.97 FPS and Mp4 format, New Year Fireworks can be used by all projects and media as it is licensed by Creative Commons 3.0. unported.

New Year Fireworks

7. Free - Explosion Sound FX

The Explosion Sound FX is available for all individuals, schools, and businesses. If you are looking for free explosion sound effects, you can find 45 variations of real Explosion Sound FX. It is completely free and includes a range of explosions like glass, wood, debris, dirt, gas, and more. You can download it in 24-bit 48kHz.WAV format.

Explosion Sound FX

8. Aerial Explosions

You can get a collection of aerial explosion effects in ActionVFX Unlimited. From 10 zero-gravity aerial explosions to 4K and 2K resolution with 30FPS, the aerial explosion always stays within 100% frame. It supports OpenEXR and 10-bit ProRes 4444 with the inclusion of alpha channel in all files.

Aerial Explosions


When you can use free explosion effects for various kinds of videos why to make investments on the paid ones? Just try the explosion effects that set a higher standard for your videos online.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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