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How to Add Music to a Video Online for Free

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Creating a soundtrack for a video is one of the most overlooked steps of the video editing process. Music can make any video more dynamic and more entertaining to watch. Exporting a video without background music or voiceover included is generally considered a bad practice.

Adding music to video online is a good choice because you don’t need to install any video editing software on your computer. Sometimes, if the desktop video editing app installed doesn’t have a library of royalty-free music, you have to uninstall and try other software. With online solutions, you won’t worry about this. There are several online video editors you can use to add music to a video for free. In this article, I’ll share with you about how to add music to video online.

How to Add Music to a Video Online for Free [7 Ways]

Editing videos online has its downsides, since some platforms have video size limitations, while others offer only a basic set of video editing tools. Even so, adding music to a video online is a straightforward process that doesn’t require you to have advanced video editing skills. So, let’s take a look at different ways of adding music to videos online for free.

1. Add Music and Sound Effect to Videos in YouTube Studio

A few years ago, YouTube launched YouTube Studio that enables YouTubers to edit their videos after they’ve uploaded them to channels. The YouTube Studio currently doesn’t offer audio editing tools, although it features both music and audio effects libraries.

There are two different ways to add music to a video with a YouTube studio. After you upload a video file to your channel, unlisted it and then open the Creator Studio Classic tab which is located in the lower-left side of the page. You should select the Videos option under the Video Manager menu.

Add Music to YouTube Video

Select Audio Option

Click on the Edit drop-down menu next to the video to which you would like to add music and choose the Audio option. Start browsing through YouTube’s collection of royalty-free music and click on the ADD TO VIDEO button once you find a song that matches your video. You can use the Audio Saturation slider to decide if you want to favor the original sound of the video or the song you just added. Click on the Save Changes button when you are done and YouTube Studio will add the music to your video.

You can check the detailed information about how to add music to YouTube video here.

Use Audio in YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library Interface

Optionally you can also download music and audio effects from YouTube Studio’s Audio Library first, and then add the downloaded music to videos with the video editor you have installed on your computer.

3. Use to Add Music to Videos

Adding music to a video file with is a straightforward process that takes a minimum amount of effort. You should simply select if you want to upload a file from your computer, a camera, your Dropbox account or via a link and wait for your video to be uploaded. Keep in mind that you cannot upload video files larger than 50mb if you are using the free version of the platform.

Add and Edit Audio in online audio uploading and editing interface

After the upload of the video is completed you should click on the Audio icon that is located on the toolbar. You’ll be prompted to upload an audio file stored on your computer and once the upload process is completed you can adjust the volume level, set the start time for the song or trim the audio file so that it matches the length of the video file. Moreover, you can click on the Clean button if you would like to clean the video’s audio before downloading the file to your computer or share it online. finish page video downloading page


  • You can add to music to video without going through the registration process
  • Trimming audio files is easy
  • Adjusting volume or choosing the song’s start time requires minimum effort


  • All videos you edit with the free version of are watermarked

4. Add Music to Videos in Kapwing

Kapwing is probably one of the best online video editing platforms you can use to trim, resize or loop videos. That is why it is not surprising that adding music to videos in Kapwing is a simple three-step process.

kapwing add audio to video page

Kapwing adding audio to video page

You cannot upload video files that are larger than 500mb to Kapwing from your computer or via URL, which is why you have to choose a file that doesn’t exceed the platform’s size limit. A new window will open as soon as the upload is completed where you can choose to record a voiceover or add an audio file to your video.

Once you upload an audio file to Kapwing, you can adjust the volume, trim the audio and set the point in the video at which the song should start. When done, click on the Create button, wait for the platform to add music to your video and then choose if you want to download the video or share it on social media.


  • You can record voiceovers with Kapwing
  • Trimming an audio file or adjusting its volume isn’t difficult
  • You can loop music with Kapwing


  • Editing video and audio from the same window is not an option

5. Merge Audio and Video Files with Online Converter

Even though this is primarily a file conversion platform that lets you convert video files, compress audio files or resize images, Online Converter can also be used to add music to videos. There is nothing complicated about combining an audio and a video file on this platform since you just have to select the files you want to merge. However, both files must be under 200mb in order to meet the Online Converter’s size limit.

merge audio to video with Online Converter

Add Audio to Video with Online Converter

Afterward, you should click on the Options drop-down menu and choose if you want to replace audio in video or keep audio in the video. The Volume drop-down menu lets you increase or decrease the audio volume, so you just have to select by how much you would like to turn up or turn down the volume and then click on the Add button.


  • You need an Internet connection to add music to a video for free
  • No registration is required


  • Offers only basic audio and video editing tools
  • Online Converter needs a lot of time to combine audio and video files

6. Use to Add Music to Videos

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to add music to a video, then this is the right platform for you. You just have to select the video file from a folder on your computer, and then proceed to upload an audio file. As soon as you do this, will start merging the two files you selected and display the results on the screen once the process is completed.

add audio to video with Voice2V

Add Audio to Video with Voice2V Online Tool

After the platform merges the audio and video files, you can decide if you want to download the video you created or make another video.


  • A quick way to combine audio and video files


  • The music is added to videos automatically

7. Add Background Music to Videos on

In order to add music to a video with you just have to upload audio and video files to the platform. This process may take a while even though the platform limits the maximum size of the media files you can edit with it, which means that their duration cannot be too long. After the files are uploaded you should click on the Merge icon, and then click on the Merge button on the left side of the screen. The platform will automatically combine the two files so you just have to click on the Done button to complete the process.

add audio to video with pixiko

Add Audio to Video with Pixiko Online Editor


  • Offers a free way to add music to a video


  • Outdated and confusing interface
  • The upload process is slow


Music can help you set the atmosphere of a video and draw the viewer’s attention to it. However, it isn’t always possible to use video editing software that lets you manipulate audio files with ease. Online video editing platforms like Kapwing or Online Converter offer a quick solution to this problem, although with considerable limitations. Are you adding music to videos online? Which video editing platform are you using? Leave a comment below and share your opinions with us.

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