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Top 8 Video Silence Removers to Remove Silence from Video

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May 16, 2023• Proven solutions

To make professional-grade videos, one must edit and enhance all aspects of the video to perfection. However, the unnatural or inevitable pauses in a recording might render the video unappealing. Therefore, a video silence remover must be used to cut out all the low-sounding or silent parts.

Through the use of a silence remover, creators can craft high-end videos with no annoying pauses that might give the video an amateur outlook. A video silence remover simply detects and then automatically deletes the marked parts to remove silence completely. A silence remover tool can come in handy as it saves a lot of time by automating an otherwise tedious and lengthy task.

Here, I will walk you through some of the best silence remover tools.

Top 8 Video Silence Removers to Remove Silence from Video

The web is loaded with apps that offer to remove silence from videos. However, not all of them are reliable or effective. To help you find the right video silence remover, we have rounded up the top 8 silence remover software.

1. Wondershare Filmora (Silence Detection Add-on)

An all-in-one editor like Wondershare Filmora is equipped with loads of professional editing tools to enhance and refine your videos. It is an easy-to-use video editor with an automatic video silence remover that further makes it an excellent tool for creating highly engaging videos.

With Filmora, you can automatically remove silence with a single click. There are 3 major parameters, namely the threshold, buffer, and duration, that can be customized to suit the user's needs. After the settings are customized, users can click Start to remove silence. All the silent or low audio segments will be instantly removed, resulting in a seamless video.

The video silence remover in Filmora is an add-on feature that has to be purchased. However, the ease and accuracy of this silence remover make it a must-have tool.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

2. Olive Video Editor

Oliver Video Editor is a very versatile and easy alternative to professional editing tools. With the same high-end features, Olive allows users to create stunningly flawless videos. Significantly, the silence remover tool in this editor renders automated silence detection and removal easy and quick. The Auto-cut silence tool can be customized to remove silence below a certain specified threshold. This allows users high flexibility in using the video silence remover. After automatic silence detection, users will have to use the ripple delete tool to remove silence. All in all, this free and open-source editor is perfect for professionally removing all unappealing silent pauses through the highly efficient silence remover.

3. Audacity

Audacity is a complete audio software with multi-track editing features. By using Audacity, you can easily and effectively edit or enhance multiple tracks simultaneously. The silence remover tool in Audacity is specially designed to remove silence from audio tracks. The Effects tab has the option of Truncate Silence that allows users to detect and remove silence quickly. Audacity is aided with the feature of using silence remover on many tracks at the same time so that sync can be maintained. However, users can also choose to remove silence from every track independently.

4. Timebolt

As the name itself suggests, TimeBolt is lightning fast and an extremely powerful editor to jump-cut videos with the video silence remover. No matter how long the video, TimeBolt can remove silence using automation that renders the whole process quick and effortless. You can also remove silence simply by fast-forwarding or speeding through the silent segments. All the silence detection parameters can be customized to detect any or all dead-air parts in a video. Also, TimeBolt can effectively remove silence from both audio and video.

5. Adobe Premiere Pro

If you want to craft compelling videos with professional-grade tools, Adobe Premiere Pro is your way to go. It is loaded with a multitude of editing tools to refine and enhance videos to perfection. In order to remove silence through Premiere Pro, you will have to switch to Adobe's Digital Audio Workstation, a.k.a Audition. In Audition, you can import the video and click on Window to open Diagnostics where you can choose the Delete Silence option in the Effects tab. This will remove silence by permanently deleting any silent or low-audio parts depending upon the silence definition specified by you.

6. Jump Cutter

Jump Cutter is a comprehensive video editor. It is available on almost all kinds of devices and is perfect to remove silence by speeding up the dead-air segments. By using the commands, Jump Cutter saves the video as images and then re-assembles them to result in a silence-free video. After opening the file terminal, you can enter the input and output file name and the commands specifying the sounded speed, silent speed, etc. Pressing enter will automatically remove silence, and an edited video will be saved to your device. However, the silence remover tool in Jump Cutter might take some time, depending on the video file size.

7. Reaper

Another cutting-edge technology is the Reaper software. Reaper is a complete digital audio workstation that enables users to edit and mix multiple audio tracks all at the same time. The silence remover tool in Reaper is incredibly easy and efficient. Just right-click on the media in the timeline and click on Item Processing to select Dynamic Split Items. In the pop-up window, you can customize the settings to detect silence as per your requirements. You can also apply the fade pad effect to make the resultant audio more seamless.

8. Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is a top-notch video editing software. It has all the basic editing features coupled with quite a few professional tools but with an incredibly simple and intuitive interface. However, Vegas Pro still lacks the video silence remover. So, to remove silence using Vegas Pro, you can add the Vegasaur extension. After installation of Vegasaur, import your media file in Vegas Pro and start Vegasaur. Click on Audio to open Silence Detector. Here, you can set the duration, signal, and other parameters. Once the silent segments are marked, you can go back to Vegasaur>Timeline>Markers. Then, you can choose to delete or keep the marked regions. All in all, the video silence remover tool in Vegasaur is highly advanced yet easy to use.

Final words

With all the latest technological advancements, creating flawlessly seamless videos has been made easier. You don't need fancy setups or expensive hardware to craft high-end content. All you need is a video silence remover to give your clips a refined look. Any and all pauses or unappealing silent segments can be easily eliminated through the right silence remover.

And you don't need to be an editing expert to remove silence. These tools are just a click away and are mostly automated to make the user's experience more fluid and convenient. So, pick your silence remover from our ultimate list and start creating spectacular videos.

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