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8 Best Video Storyboard Templates and How to Make Storyboards

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

A storyboard is a visual representation of information that helps the user understand the topic at hand. It explains the process while showing the passage of time and is generally linear, making it easy to understand. It is more usually represented as a graphic or sequences of graphics.

Part 1: What is a Video Storyboard?

A Video Storyboard is like a regular Storyboard represented in motion. However, instead of static images or representations, each frame shows a sequence to be followed and is more interactive than a regular storyboard.

Part 2: Why does a Storyboard Matter?

A Storyboard is essential to represent any creative idea or to convey information more straightforwardly and elegantly. It also highlights potential problems that might not be seen while working on a project. Besides focusing on arising issues, a Storyboard also keeps you from going over budget on a project, allows you more time to think about other parts of the work, and might help validate the concept you are trying to present.

Part 3: Best Video Storyboard Templates

1. The Customer Journey Storyboard Template

When you are a salesman or are trying to announce a new product to a customer, they often frown. No one is always keen to be sold something or being told what they should buy. So instead of maintaining your focus on a sale, perhaps take your customer through a journey with a video Storyboard.

Introduce the characters of the story first by giving them personalities and actual examples of life experiences. Then work on the setting and their issues and how the product you're conveying to the customer can help them. On this occasion, being creative might help you. For example, be funny, or create suspense to build an emotional connection between the characters in your video Storyboard and your audience.

2. The Brand Reinforcer

Being a popular Storyboard template, the brand reinforcer aims to inspire customers to purchase a product from a selected brand.

As a brand reinforcer, we have to get the company's logo we want to promote as often as possible to ensure the brand comes to the customer's mind and stays with them after the video is over. So this particular template has six different layouts. Each layout depicts the logo on the first and last scene to highlight the brand, and you can use the other settings to convey the message you want to send to the customers.

video storyboard template brand


3. Customer Testimonial Storyboard

This template helps to create customer testimonial videos for anyone that might need them. It is not easy to make such videos, as it does not come naturally to us. Still, you can add information or pictures under each layout to help them navigate the storyboard and explain their information correctly.

customer testimonial storyboard 1

customer testimonial storyboard 2


4. Professional Cartoon Storyboard

This is a critical video storyboard template that can help creative professionals in their endeavors by fleshing out their ideas and stories in a compelling way. It can come in very different layouts, for example, the Cartoon Network storyboard used by many cartoonists and show directors to create animated videos. Or the cartoon character storyboard that supports the artist with characters' personalities and flaws while integrating them into their world and setting.

It is an easy-to-understand template and gives a complete understanding of a video production process, and the transitions will look professional and tidy.

cartoon video storyboard


5. Music Video Storyboard Template

In this template, you should include a sketch of what is happening in each scene and layout the whole project—writing down what each scene represents and what should be in it along with the time of the entry of new characters. When making a music video, you must is crucial that you focus on timing because there will be a song playing in the background, and you want to be synchronized with it. For example, when is the chorus coming in or when the music slows down.

music video storyboard template


6. Marketing Video Storyboard Template

When making a marketing video Storyboard template, one of the best options is to create a demo of the product you are trying to convey to your customers—trying to find out what the customers desire, how to use the product, and the customer benefits from it. A simple explanation of your product or service should be enough to hook the client.

marketing video storyboard template


7. Video Storyboard Template Powerpoint

This video storyboard template is a graphic layout that illustrates the sequence of scenes through a PowerPoint presentation. It is ideal for visual representations of ideas.

8. Video Storyboard Template for Google Docs

Google Docs comes equipped with the best video storyboard templates. There are many to choose from and with the advantage of being fully customizable to suit all your needs throughout the project you are working on. Just open the storyboard, choose a layout and set your preferences. You can even upload it to Google Slides to help you guide you through.

video storyboard template google docs


Part 4: How to Make a Storyboard for a Video?

Step 1: It is important to establish a timeline when creating a Video Storyboard. It will help visualize the following events in the video and what the narrative represents.

You should start with an opener, followed by the problem, then the solution, and finalize a call-to-action in case you are presenting the video to customers. There are many youtube storyboard templates to choose from, with the most diverse characteristics.

Step 2: It is crucial to plan your video and to visualize what is happening. How many shots you'll need, and in which order will they appear. In this step, you should also identify key scenes and elaborate on the features of your product or story, depending on the purpose of the video you are making.

Step 3: What should you add to each scene? You will have to identify your ideal customer or viewer to answer this question. If you need a clear and clean message or if you are telling a story, you should add more detail to pivotal scenes. Either way, it is important to not throw random information at the viewer, even if you go for a more elaborate video. Remember, the message still has to be clear.

Step 4: Writing your script is, for many, the hardest part. The burden that none of us wants to carry but is an essential part of a video and, in most cases, has to be done. Whether you are using voiceovers or dialogues, you should make it compelling and easy to understand. There are many storyboard script templates that can help you through your work.

Step 5: Choosing the Storyboard Tool is just as crucial. Depending on the type of work you are doing, you should choose carefully, but there are many options available for every creative. Above we recommend some of the most used templates to help you navigate through your work.

Step 6: Sketching your scenes is when the work really starts. Depending on your level of artistry in drawing, you can just sketch the scenes by hand or use geometric shapes and objects.

Step 7: Although a storyboard helps visualize things, there is a component of non-visual characteristics that we need to pay attention to. Creating notes in each scene is essential to help bring your video to life. You can write directional notes for your colleagues and other information.

Step 8: Adding cuts is when the highlighted scene in your video zooms in and gets the full attention of the viewer. You have to place cuts and other directions to help the video be recorded smoothly.


Whether you are creating a marketing video to promote your new product or your company's product, recording a short TV commercial, or a full-length movie, storyboards are essential to visualize your progress and the full spectrum of the project. Video Storyboards are even more. They are interactive and pleasant to follow and don't bore the viewer, keeping them entertained throughout the explanation of the project.

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