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Add Green Screen Video on TikTok

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

TikTok is the most popular platform for making short videos. You can create creative short videos and upload to TikTok so that they can entertain your followers and make your videos go viral. To add variety to your video content, the use of green screen in short videos is a great idea. You can replace the green screen with any background in your TikTok video. You need to know how to add green screen video on TikTok.

Adding green screen on TikTok videos has become a trend now as there are several green screen TikTok videos that have gone viral. In fact, creative green screen videos are extremely popular on social media platforms. Instead of replacing the green screen in your video with a single photo, you can replace it with multiple pictures on TikTok. We will illustrate how to add multiple pictures on TikTok green screen.

In this article
  1. How to Add Green Screen on TikTok
  2. Creative Ideas to Make TikTok Green Screen Video
  3. How to Make Green Screen Video on Computer

Part 1. How to Add Green Screen on TikTok?

To add green screen on TikTok video, you need to have a background of uniform color. It does not necessarily have to be a green screen. For example, if you are shooting a video of your legs and the floor tiles have uniform color, you can use green screen on TikTok to replace the tiles with any picture. Instead of using one picture on TikTok short video, you can use multiple pictures in the background to create stunning TikTok videos. Here are the steps on how to add multiple pictures to TikTok green screen.

Step1 Open TikTok app on your phone. Tap on Plus icon located at the bottom of the app screen to make a new video.

Step2 Choose the duration of the video as per your preference. Thereafter, tap on Effects option located at the bottom-left corner to see the different effects available on TikTok.

tiktok effects icon

Step3 Go to Trending tab and you will see Green Screen and Green Screen Video icons. If you want your video to have green screen photo, tap on Green Screen icon. If you want your video to have green screen video, tap on Green Screen Video icon.

tiktok trending effects

Step4 You will get a generic background and you can choose any preset background or select photo or video from your phone gallery by tapping on Plus icon. Once you are done, tap on Record button.

select desired background

Step5 In order to use multiple pictures, you should stop recording in between and change your green screen image to anything you desire. Then tap on Record button again. TikTok will string your clips and it would appear that you have been changing multiple pictures of your background for your video.

If you want to experiment with green scree effects, you can scroll down after tapping on Green Screen icon under Effects. You will see different types of green screen videos possible on TikTok to choose from.

apply green screen tiktok

Part 2. Creative Ideas to Make TikTok Green Screen Video

Now that you know how to add a video on TikTok green screen, you have to make the most out of it. If you are wondering how you can use green screen in your TikTok videos, here are some creative ideas for you.

Walking Out Videos – You can use green screen effect to show that you are walking out of plane, walking vertically on the wall like inception, walking on the roof of a building. In fact, you can show that you are walking out of popular monuments and palaces and trick your viewers into thinking that you were actually there.

Photoshoot Location – Create a TikTok video showing your favorite locations across the world where you dream of doing photoshoot. You can pose differently and place the location in your background through green screen effect.

How-To Video – If your TikTok channel is about tutorial and learning videos, you can explain things better by putting screenshots and multiple relevant pictures in the background so that viewers can get a pictorial representation of what you are speaking to them.

Mystery Story – You can a create short video describing unknowing facts and mysteries around certain places in the world. You can put photos or video clips of those mysterious places in your background to keep your viewers hooked and related to your narration.

Rate Them Video – You can use green screen effect to showcase your old Instagram photos or videos and rate them. This is an extremely popular trend in TikTok where people show their old photos, display work from the past, and rate them today.

Reveal Your Creation – Share your secrets or interesting stories behind some of the photos or videos you took in the past. You can talk about how creatively you took certain photos and put those photos in the background while discussing them.

Part 3. How to Make Green Screen Video on Computer?

If you have a computer and a webcam, you can record a green screen video on your computer. You can place the green screen in the background perfectly and place the webcam so that the background stays within the green screen. You will need a video recorder and a video editor to make green screen video as well as replace the green screen with any photo or video. We recommend Wondershare Filmora where you can record as well as edit green screen video.

Filmora is a professional video editor where you can record your computer screen as well as your webcam video with green screen background in Picture-in-Picture mode. After recording the video, you can replace the green screen with any video clip or photo instantly in a few steps. You can also fine-tune green screen effect for perfection. Therefore, you can save the video in any resolution and file format as per your preference.

filmora video editor
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Adding green screen effect on TikTok videos can make your videos stand out. We have illustrated how to add multiple green screen videos on TikTok and your videos will have a better chance of getting viral. Keep the green screen ideas in mind while making TikTok green screen videos. If you want to make and edit green screen videos on computer, Wondershare Filmora is the best application available for Windows and Mac users.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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