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10 Best Innovative AR Video Effects to Check Out

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 28, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
10 Best Innovative AR Video Effects to Check Out

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Augmented reality technology has proven to be one of the top developments that have opened new growth points for businesses worldwide. People use it in their everyday lives for various purposes. We generally see ar effects in a video call or messenger ar effects every day. It is predicted that the AR market will reach $198 billion in 2025. The number of mobile AR users is expected to reach 3.5 billion this year. Providing AR experiences has become a competitive matter in many industries with a large market to enter.

Part 1 Best 10 Augmented Reality Effects

Below we have listed the best 10 Augmented Reality Effects

01Indoor and OutdoorPowering and Navigation

This year, AR navigation has become more flexible and attainable. The increase in technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) antennas, Wi-Fi RTT, and ultra-wideband (UWB) make indoor navigation much more practical than before. One of the most useful applications of this technology is for displaying AR directions in large indoor locations like delivery centers, shopping malls, and airports.

indoor outdoor navigation

By using indoor navigation, things bought online and picked up in-store services can be more well-organized. Group members whose job is to 'pick' the items in the store for order fulfillment can use AR directions for navigating and finding the item as different to following coordinated directions to find the item. This saves a lot of time looking through similar items and finding the exact aisle and section of the store.

02Healthcare and Augmented Reality

Deloitte Research has said that augmented reality and AI will change the old-style healthcare business model by giving AR/MR-enabled hands-free solutions and IA-based diagnostic tools. With the continued restrictions due to Covid-19, augmented reality solutions are becoming gradually significant to address matters such as the difficulty of distant patient support and the amplified burden on hospitals.

There are psychological healthiness apps helping individuals maintain psychological balance during these grim times.AR technology can also improve telemedicine solutions that are rising currently, such as drawing and interpreting on the 3D screen can make communication between doctors and patients much easier.

03Augmented Reality Shopping

Augmented reality has a huge part in the shopping sector. One of the prospects that are presently being comprehended is store mapping. With augmented reality, televised directions can help a person direct the store's layout to find the item they need. A person musthold their phone up and follow the augmented reality directions through the passages to their destination. It can also help people shop in stores from home.

augmented reality shopping

04Improving Mobile AR Hardware & LiDAR

One of the popular tendencies in the augmented reality business is refining hardware for mobile devices. With the help of infrared lasers, smartphones can determine the depth of scenes with more precision than before. Analysis of scenes for AR experiences can now be done better than ever. The Apple and Android devices are relatively comparable in delivering AR experiences to users. However, now, it's important to consider convenience. LiDAR hardware is only available on higher-end Apple and Android devices, denoting that most AR customers will only have access to a limited level of quality.


Virtual manuals are a gripping technology used in various industries to improve operator fulfillment and understanding of products. It also has many uses in education. It recognizes objects, and the AR guides can identify objects and inform the operator about their functions. This can be used for making effective guides for objects like electronics, vehicle interiors, and more.

06Mario Instagram Mask

Super Mario Bros. has many well-known game characters. If someone wants to visualize themselves in a Mario skin, then this ar video effects by Paige Piskin is for them. It allows them to stimulate giant Mario’s eyes and mustache. Furthermore, the big red hat will come upon your head.

mario instagram mask

07Polaroid Instagram AR effect

If you miss having polaroid photos, this video effects app is for you. Open your Instagram app and then stimulate this effect through the Cachar website. Tap once to run Polaroid and make some amazing real-time photos directly through the Augmented Reality experience.

Polaroid instagram ar effect

08GTA III AR Instagram Filter

If you are a GTA lover, you should try this Augmented Reality filter. Using it can entirely change your face and make you look like the GTA character. In addition, you can also change your background to the GTA San Andreas city.


The Notre-Dame ar video effects can teleport you to the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. By sitting in your home, you can shift your background to the stained glass of Notre-dame de Paris in just a few simple clicks. This ar video effect was made by Robbie Conceptual with Spark AR studio.

notre dame

10GIFT4QUEEN AR effect

Next up are the high-quality video effects for the Instagram app by Sasha Brave. This mask suits well people who prefer goth. There are animated bats attached.

gift4queen ar effect

Part 2 What Are the Fun AR Effects in Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Want to add ar video effects to your day-to-day videos and turn them into something extraordinary? An extraordinary video needs the perfect balance of originality and arrangement. It is all about what you put into your content and what tools you use.

An excellent way to make your videos extraordinary is by using special effects by impressive video software such as Wondershare Filmora. We have listed five ar video effects that will make your videos extraordinary.

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Superhero Effect

Have you ever dreamed of making your own superhero film? We are glad to inform you that with Filmora Video Editor acting as a special effects software, you can include different superpowers such as the characteristic super-speed effect in your videos using the Superhero Effect. The Superhero Special Effect is easy to apply and can giveoutcomeslike your favorite superhero action movies.WondershareFilmstock, mostly a resource library for Filmora, also offers a Superheroes Cinematic Effect Pack that comprises some amazing superhero-themed filmmaking elements. Including over forty exciting elements, you can use this pack to bring all your superhero fantasies to life. You can also use this pack to make your sports, music, or travel videos cooler.

Teleportation Effect

All of us dream of teleporting anywhere at any time, and everyone would certainly want that amazing power. We are happy to inform you that with Filmora, you can make your dream come true, at least to some extent. Filming and editing the special teleportation effect in Filmora can be done easily. You firstly need to create the videotape of appearing in two different places with suitable reactions. Filmora also has different elements included, such as the "Yellow Energy" element, with which you can create a teleportation effect in your video. You can also expand it by adding different filters and effects built in Filmora.

Flame Eyes Effect

We absolutely love the trending "Nani?!" meme on the internet. It would be cool if we could add it to our videos. It is great news for all the meme creators out there; you can add the Flame Eyes Effect with Filmora.To attain this special effect, you can try some effects from Filmora's library, such as the "Comic Book Effect" and "Manga." To produce the Flame Eyes Effect, you must simply go to the "Elements" tab to add the laser eye elements. You can add the "Chaos" filters to the timeline to make your edits look cooler.

Isolated Glitch Effect

With Filmora, you can also create a glitch effect on your video that is fit for use in various videos, including music and sports video. For adding the" Isolated Glitch "Effect in your video, simply go to the "Effects" tab in the program's interface and search for "Glitch." From the available several "Effects" you can choose anyone. You can also make and alter the markers on your video to improve the special effect.

Futuristic Technology Hud Effect

At some point time in our lives, all of us want to see what our future looks like and how different everything is in it. With the help of Filmora, you can now create a futuristic-style video with some hi-tech-looking effects. Try using Filmstock’s "Technology Hud Pack." This pack includes 12 technological titles, 8 futuristic Hud elements, 3 overlays, and 2 transitions compatible with Filmora 9.6 or above. Firstly, import your desired footage into Filmora; then, you just simply drag the element or transition of your choice and drop it on the timeline. Make sure that you place your elements correctly on the screen, and remember to time it correctly to look well-organized.

Ending Thoughts

As you are now reading this, we can assume that you know everything about ar video effects, ar effects messenger, ar effective in a video call and messenger ar effects.

In this article, we have informed you on what is Augmented reality effects, the best 10 augmented reality effects, and the various fun ar effects which are included in Wondershare Filmora Video Editor.

We hope that with the help of this article, you will now be able to create amazing videos with ar special effects.

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