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How to Convert FLV to MP4: 10 Best FLV to MP4 Converters

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

FLV file format is among the fastest-growing format for streaming videos on YouTube, Twitch and other platforms. However, to make FLV videos compatible with the majority of video players, you need to convert them to MP4.

Despite the huge number of free FLV to MP4 converters, very few are liable. The majority are costly and complex for beginners.

This article covers the following:

Before getting into the inner details of FLV converters, do you know what FLV file is? What about MP4? These files have different features and are compatible with different players.

What is FLV file?

Flash file as it stands for is a file that uses Flash Air or Adobe Flash Player to store and transmit audio and video over the internet. Even though FLV files work pretty well with mac and Windows 10/8/7, they not identified by search engine spiders.

The use of FLV file has greatly been limited by several factors.

First, they are not supported by Androids Phones with Android 4.0 and below.

Secondly, the emergence of simple media players compatible with mobile phones and pc like Windows Media Player and KM player.

This is why you have to convert your favourite YouTube FLV videos on YouTube and other video hosting sites to MP4.

Among the best FLV players include Winamp, AnvSoft Web FLV Player, VLC Media Player and MPC-HC.

What is MP4 File?

MP4 is the short form of MPEG-4 Part 14. MP4 is a file format that can store and streams both audio and video. MP4 files are compatible with over ten different media players and can be played on a smart TV, Androids/ iPhone and personal computers.

You can also stream MP4 files on the internet as it’s supported by a large number of video programs and devices.

Part 2: How to Convert FLV to MP4 Free Using Filmora [Windows/Mac]

1. Wondershare Filmora Best Converter and Editor

If you are a video enthusiast, stop limiting yourself. You can download and convert any video using Filmora video editor. With this software, you can create a video, edit, convert and share to a social media platform of your choice.

Why You Should Use Wondershare Filmora

  • Simple, easy-to-use and friendly interface
  • Hundreds of effects and transitions
  • Thousands of royalty-free videos and images
  • Supports nearly all file formats
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows

This is how to convert FLV to MP4:

Step 1: Download and Install Filmora

If you haven’t downloaded Filmora yet, click below for quick download and installation process. Once it’s installed, double-click its icon on your desktop/Mac to launch. Choose according to your operation system below.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Step 2: Launch New Project

Now, Filmora is open, select the new project option. Set the frame rate, aspect ratio and resolution.

convert flv to mp4 step

Step 3: Upload FLV Video to Timeline

Upload the video you want to convert by clicking file on the top left corner to import from your media. Drag the video to the timeline and trim all the areas you don’t want in the video.

Step 4: Choose Output Format and Convert FLV to MP4

Tap the highlighted Export menu between the preview window and the timeline. A drop-down menu will pop up with many file formats for you to select. MP4 is very common and is, therefore, the first on the list.

Name the video, select MP4 option and click Export to start converting your video.


Step 5: Save Your Video

After the video is converted, Find Target will pop up. Click and save your MP4 video.

With only five simple and easy steps, you can convert any file format using Wondershare Filmora video editor in less than 10 minutes. Have a free try right now!

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Part 3: Alternative FLV to MP4 Desktop Converters for Mac/Windows 10/8/7

Other than Filmora, there are many FLV to MP4 desktop converters. The only challenge is you have to dig deep into your pockets. Here are just a few of them.


This software is designed to convert flash files only to any other file format of your choice.

Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows XP and Vista

convert flv to mp4 converter interface


  • Easy and fast to convert
  • Can convert multiple files in one click
  • Can select a part of a flash file to convert
  • Email support
  • Sound extraction feature

For you to use on your desktop, you have two options; download the FLV Downloader Plus for $19.99/year or download the FLV Converter Plus for $14.99/year. On the landing page is a complete tutorial on how to convert FLV to MP4 using FLV converter.

3. Miro Video Converter

If you great fun of Androids or Apple devices, Miro Video Converter is the software to use.

Operating systems: Mac OSX, Kindle Fire, Androids, Apple and Windows Version 3.0

convert flv to mp4 converter interface


  • Convert audio files
  • Simultaneous multiple conversions
  • Aspect ratio custom sizing
  • Simple and easy-to-use

To download ad-free converter, you have to donate between $5 and $200. Miro Video Converter has a user-friendly interface that allows you to convert and copy the video to a device of your choice.

4. 4Media FLV to MP4 Converter

With the free version of this software, you can convert only FLV videos for less than three minutes.

Operating Systems: MacOS


  • Audio extractor
  • Built-in media player
  • Multiple output formats
  • Compatible with multiple core CPUs and graphic cards
  • Audio CD- ripper

Other than converting FLV files to MP4, you can use 4Media FLV to MP4 Converter flash files to MPEG-4, MPEG-4 AVC, MOV and . To convert videos longer than three minutes, you have to subscribe for the $29.99 plan.

5. Any Video Converter Free Ultimate

With this FLV desktop converter, you can download any video file, convert, record and edit.

Operating Systems: Windows 10/8/7/ Vista and Mac OS

convert flv to mp4 converter interface


  • Video editing features
  • YouTube video downloader
  • Recording and screenshot capturing
  • Supports 4K UHD videos
  • 30X faster compared to other converters

Any Video Converter Free Ultimate is among the most expensive flash file converters. To access all the features, you will have to part with $49.95. 

Part 4: Best Free FLV to MP4 Converters Online

6. Files-Conversion

Files conversion is the simplest tool any beginner should use to convert FLV files to MP4. All details on the interface are easy to understand. With this converter, you can convert FLV to AVI, MP4, MPG, MOV, MJPEG GIF, 3GP and many more.

convert flv to mp4 converter interface

How to Convert FLV to MP4 Using Files-Conversion

  1. Open Files-Conversion page on your computer and click Select a File to upload your FLV video
  2. Select the video output on the file format options (MP4)
  • Choose the video quality that your media player can support without buffering
  1. Change the video resolution (Optional)
  2. Click convert and you are done


Converting flash files with is easy, simple, safe and 100% free. It’s compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and Vista. The greatest advantage of downloading and using this software is you can use online and offline. You can also use to compress your video size.

convert flv to mp4 converter interface

How to Convert FLV to MP4 Using

  1. Download and install this software into your PC (Optional)
  2. Upload FLV files to the software
  • Choose MP4 as your video output
  1. Set your MP4 video parameters
  2. Click convert and wait for the flash file to be converted

8. Zamzar

Zamzar is an online FLV to MP4 converter that's compatible with Mac and Windows 10/8/7. Also, it has an open VLC Media Player that suits all your playback needs. To convert unlimited files as large as 2GB at a faster speed, sign up to Zamzar free.

convert flv to mp4 converter interface

How to Convert FLV to MP4 Using Zamzar

  1. Click Select Link to upload the FLV file direct from the internet
  2. Click Convert To and choose the MP4 as your file format output
  • Click Convert to your video

9. FreeFileConvert

This is among the few versatile file converter that can convert audio, fonts, documents, images and CAD among many others. FreeFileConvert allows you to download, convert and play different file formats online for free.

convert flv to mp4 converter interface

How to Convert FLV to MP4 Using FreeFileConvert

  1. Start by either uploading the video from your media, internet or cloud storage
  2. Select MP4 as your output file format target
  • Click Convert and you are done

10. Files

If you want to convert flash files directly from YouTube, Convert.Files is the app to use. Compared to other FLV converters, this app has the simplest and direct interface. You can extract audios and thumbnails and convert them still with this app.

convert flv to mp4 converter interface

How to Convert FLV to MP4 Using Convert.Files

  1. Click Browse to upload the file to convert or download the file from YouTube
  2. Click the down arrow on the Input option to ascertain the file format
  • Choose file format output
  1. Click convert and wait for the video to convert

Select your preferred FLV to MP4 converter from the above list to watch any video from your media or YouTube.


There are many file converters on the internet that can be used online or offline. Some are pricey while others free. It’s the features that determine their suitability. Majority of professional video editors prefer then desktop video converters like Filmora as it can be used offline and everywhere.

All the FLV to MP4 converters above are tested and proven to be easy-to-use, safe and compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and Mac.

Which app or software do you use and why? Was this article helpful to you? Kindly share your comments on our social media platforms.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

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