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Best 8 Top Premiere Pro Slideshow Templates

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 30, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
Best 8 Top Premiere Pro Slideshow Templates

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Making slideshows quickly is the demand of modern professional world. Here you can go through top 8 Premiere pro Slideshow Templates available online. The slideshow template premiere pro free download versions are ready for media to be inserted for creating beautiful slideshows.

Top Premiere Pro Slideshow Templates

Part 1 Top 8 Premiere Pro Slideshow Templates worth Utilizing

01Square Photo

If you are looking for a really awesome slideshow premiere pro which can make your square-shaped photos more attractive, you can employ slideshow – Square Photo. The presentation of pictures in this slideshow occurs like scrolling an album full of family clicks. You will love the way it presents calm pictures with your friends and family. It's satisfying, nostalgic and fun to use this slideshow.

02Vintage by motion shape

Want to give your slideshow a vintage touch? Well, vintage slideshow premiere template free by Motionshape is particularly for you. It makes your creation memorable and provides an exciting template full of flickers, dust, scratch and light effects. Ultimately, the project seems to run on historical timeline. All you need to do is adding photos and putting new captions as per your picture collection.

03Digital Slideshow by Zorrin

You will be in love with this slideshow for sure. Digital slideshow by Zorrin is a beautiful way to represent you. Whether you want to create a corporate slideshow or you are interested in promotion and broadcasting of your products, you can use this slideshow without any doubt. It possesses 50 places for the photos and 25 places for text as well. You will love the creative transitions between the slides.

04Emotional memory slideshow

Planning to create an emotional and memory based slideshow? If yes, this is the best slideshow premiere pro template free that you can use. It will enhance the importance of pictures which are close to your heart and full of passion. The analogous aesthetics of this slideshow hits your mind and replays your special memories.

05Corporate slideshow

So, you are working for a company and making a corporate slideshow for presentation? If yes, this corporate premiere slideshow template is for you. It gives a classic look to the pictures and put the story of your business in an exciting manner. You can use the timeline smartly and describe the establishment and progress of your company, management and teamwork, research and production and client base etc.

06Inspire slideshow by Quartz

Inspire is a good slideshow full of custom options in color palette and you can even make the changes directly while using its pro version. It involves a simple way to move slide-wise and is really a well organized template to insert your own media and move further.

Premiere Pro Slideshow Templates

07Transmaxx's Education Slideshow

Never bother about creating your own free premiere pro slideshow template regarding education when you can already access this exclusive education slideshow. It is based upon the theme around education and has lots of places for pictures, videos and texts. You can add captions and additional write-ups wherever required.

08Motion Media Group's Family Slideshow

You can choose any of the four versions of this wonderful free slideshow template premiere pro that provides platform for adding your family pictures. Whether you want to make a slideshow of celebrations in your family or making a digital collage of family photos, this is the best template you can go with. The romantic and calm pace is really touchy to be used as a wedding slideshow as well.

09Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

One more interesting video editor and slideshow template is Filmora by wondershare which promises to meet all your editorial demands while making a slideshow. As the slideshow template premiere pro free version offers high end motion graphic, you can use it for making highly professional videos. Make creative presentations on Filmora and give your projects a technical finishing with best outcome.

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Part 2 How Do I Create a Slideshow Template in Premiere Pro?

Creating a slideshow template in premiere pro is not at all tough, even it is really fun. You need nothing much to do and have all the controls of customizing the presentation as per your preference. Just follow the steps mentioned below –

Create a Slideshow Template in Premiere Pro

Step 1 Download the app and install it in your device.

Step 2 Open the adobe premiere pro slideshow templates free and select 'new project' by clicking on it. The term can differ in different versions of premiere. For instance, may be you will find the way to start a new project by clicking on 'file' and then 'new' or something like that. So follow the path accordingly.

Step 3 It's time to understand workspace in premiere. A blank workspace will be provided to you to start with your new project. There will be a set of insert and editing options, buttons and information to get help in the form of panels. You can select a panel to work on your project with the help of that particular panel. For instance, to insert your videos and pictures in the timeline, you can select 'insert' panel and proceed.

Step 4 Create your project with the help of panels in adobe premiere pro slideshow template free. In the lower left of the project, you will see your sequence of videos and picture which can be controlled by you. For example, if you want to change the sequence, apply filters and effects or add text on the video clips and photos, you can do the same by clicking on that particular clip. Then choose the operation you want to apply from the project panel and edit your project as per your choice.

Step 5 In the menu bar, you can see file. Select 'file' and go to 'new', then 'sequence'. Add the audio of your choice, select the frame you want and set resolution as per your preference from here. You can also control color, depth, warmth and speed of the video etc. from this task bar.

Step 6 Once ready, you can proceed to save your project. Various resolutions will be available when you click on 'download or save'. Choose the resolution you prefer and save your free premiere pro templates slideshow for future use. Don't forget to enter a name to describe your project such as 'my company', 'holidays 2022' etc.

Part 3 FAQ of Premiere Pro Slideshow Templates

Premiere Pro Slideshow Templates

Can I have Premiere Pro slideshow templates for free?

Yes, you can definitely have a premiere pro slideshow templates free download version. All you need to do is downloading the free premiere pro app from Motion Array, run and install it in your device and it's ready to be used.

How many placeholders are there in Premiere Pro slideshow templates?

The no. of placeholders varies editor to editor. In Premiere pro slideshow templates, you can have more than 30 placeholders for photos and approx 23 placeholders for texts. The number is enough to create a calm, gentle slideshow without much load of content for distraction.

What are the main features of Premiere Pro slideshow templates?

The best thing to know about premiere pro slideshow template is that it is so easy to use that even a beginner can create a good slideshow on it. The user friendly interface of the app provides custom operational functions such as changing the font, color and speed of slideshow. Directly drag and drop feature is there to insert media in the slideshow and also you can control the transitions and effects. The most important thing is that all this you can get for free also.

Can I use Premiere Pro slideshow templates for making promotional videos?

Of course, you can create impressive adobe premiere slideshow templates with the help of premiere pro slideshow template. Just choose the pictures and videos of your business/company wisely and generate high tech content to catch attention. Write touchy content on your company and upload in the slideshow in the form of text use beautiful font, catchy captions and subtle background colors to make it more interesting.

How to remove watermark in Premiere Pro slideshow templates?

In the premium version, you won't have to employ your efforts for removing watermark as you won't find it there while in the free version, you will have to remove the watermark by applying a watermark removing app or watching a small promo video shown by the app.

When should I use Premiere Pro slideshow templates?

You can use premiere slideshow template free whenever you feel the need of making a slideshow. When you come back from a vacation and want to compile all the pictures; when there is an important business meeting and you want to represent your project, when you want to make a family or friends' slideshow on special occasions and even personal slideshows can be created to wish someone happy birthday.

Ending Thoughts

The trend of 'ready-to-use' slideshow makers is on its peak as nobody have enough time to create a complete slideshow by its own nowadays. In such condition, you should choose a premiere pro slideshow template free wisely to go well with your theme.

The procedure of slideshow making varies app to app. You should first understand the interface of a slideshow maker before putting your head into slideshow making. It's better to choose a slideshow maker with user friendly interface.

Don't go with the professional version or a slideshow maker created to be used by expert only. Pick one with simple operations and quick assistance if are not so well-versed in slideshow making.

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