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How to Create Camera Shake Effect

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Shaky camera shots can be a great addition to car chase scenes or in any other scene that tries to highlight movement. Filming a perfectly still shot, and adding the camera shake effect in post-production is probably the best way to make sure you'll end up with a great final cut of your video.

If you decided to shoot from your tripod and you are looking for a way to add a camera shake effect, you are at the right place, because in this tutorial we'll provide you with all the information you'll need to add camera shake effect to your video.

If you're looking for shake transitions and for your video, you may find this article helpful: How to Add a Shake Effect to your Videos.

How to Create Camera Shake Effect with Wondershare Filmora

You don't need the Adobe Premiere Pro or any other advanced video editing programs to create the camera shake effect, because a program like Wondershare Filmora, enables you to accomplish this task faster.

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Wondershare Filmora: The Best Camera Shake Effect Tool

Performing all of the essential video editing actions like trimming, cutting, or even rotating video clips is an effortless process in Filmora. Wondershare Filmora also provides a number of extremely useful effects, such as Green Screen or PIP and its users can choose from 8 different camera shake effects.

In order to start adding camera shake effects to your videos, you must first download and install the latest Wondershare Filmora on your Mac or your PC (click the download button above).

1. Import video first

Once you've successfully installed Filmora on your computer, you should open the editor in the Full Feature Mode. Click on the Import menu, and select the Import Media Files option to add your video clips to the editor's media panel and then drag and drop the files you want to edit to the timeline.

import video

2. Edit video (optional)

Remove all the parts of the video clips you don't want to include in the final version of your video, by using the Cut and Trim tools. Combine the clips to create a rough cut of your video. You can also add titles, transitions, overlays or music to make the project you are working on more complete.

edit video

If you are running Filmora V10.5 and later versions, you can use the search bar to find out the titles, transitions or elements by typing the keywords.

3. Add shake effects to the video

Applying the visual effects is one of the last steps of each video editing process, so after you've completed all other editing actions, click on the Effects tab first, and then go to the Filters category, then you will see all the shake effects under the Shake subcategory.

Note: Please download the latest version of Filmora to apply shake effects.

add shake effects to video

Currently, there are 8 shake effects available on Filmora:

1. 2 up-down shaking effects: shake the video vertically

2. 2 sideways shaking effects: shake the video horizontally

3. mild shaking

4. extreme shaking

5. chaos shaking

Double-click on the thumbnail of them to check how it shakes. Select the one you'd like to add to your video clip and drag and drop it above the video track.

adjust camera shake duration

In order to adjust the duration of the effect, you can drag its side left or right, and if you would like to adjust the frequency or the intensity of the effect double-click on it, and adjust these values by using sliders and then click OK to save the changes you've made.

adjust camera shake effects  settings

You can enable the Image Separate setting to pull the colors apart when the image shakes, control the motion blur while the image moves. Setting up the frequency and the position of the footage which allow you to control how fast and how extreme the shaking motion is.

4. Export video

Click on the Export button if you think that your project is complete, and select the output format, resolution of the video, and the location on your hard drive where the video clip will be exported. You can also export your video directly to YouTube or Vimeo from Filmora.

export video

Besides adding shaking effects to the video, you can also add them to titles and text.

add shaking effects  to texts


Making videos is a creative process, above anything else and visual effects such as Camera Shake can be used to express your creativity. Wondershare Filmora is editing software that will enable you to unleash your creativity and create amazing videos. Check what else Filmora can do for you.

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