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Easy Ways to Make Procreate GIFs

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 28, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
Easy Ways to Make Procreate GIFs

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Stay tuned for a complete know-how into making Procreate GIFs.

Part 1 How Animation Works in Procreate

GIFs are known to be the top ranked and most intuitive trendsetters in the world of infotainment and media service tools. Be it for fun or a targeted market influence, you can depend on GIFs for a variety of information solutions. Moving to the creative aspect, the experimentation belt with creating GIFs is huge. From making simple static and animated GIFs to creating professionally sound market promotion tools; you can play with your editing skills to extract just anything from these quick snippets.

Having said that, let’s take a dive into creating animated Procreate GIFs. Being a relatively new dimension of GIF editing, a merge of the two produces matchless and classic results. Read through the further article to get a complete guide for working on GIF creation and editing with Procreate.

Underlying Concept

Before you begin creating a Procreate GIF, let’s get a bit familiar with the concept behind this GIF creation utility. This one is an excellent and advanced means of exploring your skills in digital drawing and animations. It is one of the easiest GIF maker software that helps you to become a pro in animation creativity even if you are beginner and for the ones already into the skill, Procreate is simply heaven.

Procreate allows you to work with animation in its ‘Animation Assist’ tool, where you get a generous workspace with the perfect editing canvas to experiment with a plethora of tools, effects and filters to create exciting GIFs with basic and complex animation craft.

The software allows frame-by-frame animation that refers to working with different frames of a particular illustration, while making minimal changes in each frame. Once you finish, your final creation gets played in a motion loop.

Part 1 How to Make Animated Gifs in Procreate

As is already stated, Procreate is among the most affordable GIF creator and editing software. Creating GIFs here is a few minute stuff within a span of counted steps. Let’s have a broader see through of the creation process. Take the following quick steps and get started to make your exclusive Procreate GIF:

Step 1: Select an Artwork

Launch the software in your device to reach the Procreate welcome screen, where you need to select an existing static GIF to work on from your device. You can also create a fresh one if you like. Having done that, make a right swipe on the ‘Canvas’ icon and select ‘Duplicate’. This creates a copy of your artwork, preserving all of its layers, so that you are free to make changes or stick to the original one according to your preference.

If you want to use a specific section of your image to animate, you can use the crop tool to remove unwanted portions. Next, you need to put together the specific layers you wish to animate and also remove any unwanted layers you don’t want to use.

Procreate Animated GIF Creator

Step 2: Enable Animation Assist Tool

From the Procreate tool gallery at the top, click on the ‘Wrench’ icon and select ‘Canvas’ from the ’Actions’ menu that drops down. In the interface that appears, enable the ‘Animation Assist’ tool with a right toggle. This will cause the ‘Animation Toolbar’ to appear at the bottom of the interface.

Procreate- Animation Assist Tool

Step 3: Add Frames and Make Image Adjustments

At this instant, you need to make additional adjustments in your selected image and create a copy of the image frames. To get this done, navigate to the ‘Animation Assist Toolbar’ and long press the ‘Add Frame’ button. A duplicate frame will now appear on the screen. Within this frame, you need to move the image elements that you wish to animate. To do this, select an element and drag it to a convenient spot of your choice.

While you go through with object movement, the software simultaneously shows you a semi-transparent preview of your creation through its unique ‘Onion-skin’ feature. You can enjoy playing your animation at this very stage, or continue to create something more exciting.

Step 4: Enjoying? Let’s Continue.

Repeat Step 3 to create long and smooth GIFs with additional frames. Take caution to create a copy of your latest frame (not the original one), in case you need to make any adjustments later on. Consider playing your GIF to see if you need to add extra frames or implement further changes.

Step 5: Almost There.

You may notice a jerky movement of your final image frames. This is on account of the ‘Default Play’ feature of the Procreate software that initiates a run of your creation from the beginning to end and loops on the same fashion.

To set this right, navigate to the ‘Settings’ tool of the ‘Animation Assist Toolbar’ and tap ‘Ping-Pong’ on the opening interface. Your animated Gif will now play in a forward to backward loop, resulting in a smooth frame movement.

Step 6: Time to Share.

Once you are happy with your artwork, you can share it across different media platforms. To export your creation, navigate to the Procreate tool gallery and tap the ‘Wrench’ icon and select ‘Share’. In the ‘Sharing Options’ menu, you will be asked to make a format selection. You can share your creation in either of the GIF, PNG or MP4 formats.

You may even require a size modification in the created file with respect to specific sharing platforms. You can either select a web compatible resolution to shrink your file, or create a copy of the file to resize the same.

Once you get familiar with Procreate and its GIF creation basics, you have the liberty to explore the huge effects library offered by the software to give your animated GIFs the classy, professional touch. So why wait? Just get the software and start a never ending spree of Procreating GIFs.

Procreate is undoubtedly an excellent tool for creating animated GIFs, but if you are looking for alternatives, another software to rely on is Wondershare Filmora Video Editor GIF creator.

Wondershare Filmora - Best Video Editor for Mac/Windows

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Filmora GIF Maker

Launched by Wondershare, this one is something you can blindly count upon for creating stunning animated GIFs from image and video files. Packed with tons of amazing features, Filmora is an inventory of audio-visual effects and filters that never runs out of fresh and appealing choices. Available to you as free and clean GIF generator software, this is easily compatible to almost any smart device. Working with Filmora will certainly make you admit that creating GIFs was never easier.

Wondershare Filmora

To start creating GIFs with this awesome tool, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Import Necessary Media Files

Either a funny video or a group of stunning still images, you can choose any suitable media to make GIFs in Filmora. All you need to do is import the desired files from your PC or smartphone to the software’s timeline.

Step 2: Timeline Dragging

Once you are done with importing the required files, you need to drag and drop the same to the ‘Editor Timeline’ of the GIF maker tool, where can improvise them to your heart’s content.

Filmora- Editor Timeline

Step 3: Time to Edit.

The Filmora effects library is simply heaven for the ones with creative instincts. Getting a liberty to browse and apply a glut of effects and filters, you are at the perfect place to create professionally sound and next level animated GIFs. Try hands on creating classy backgrounds with overlays, crop and trim clips to the perfect shot, make frame and time adjustments, add text to intensify your message, or pick up just anything you like, to create magic with your creativity.

Filmora- Editing Interface

Step 4: Show it to the World.

When finally satisfied, save your artwork file to your device using the .gif extension and receive compliments from friends and peers by sharing it on your Instagram or other social media handles.

Filmora- GIF Save and Export Interface

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Animated GIFs are among the latest social media frenzy. These short, moving clips are nothing less than a complete entertainment roll-on. When it comes to creating animated GIFs, you can certainly take the Procreate software as a worthy choice.

This one is a super easy and exciting means of working on animation GIFs that are by default, captivating for every onlooker. Talking of competing alternatives, you can trust on Wondershare Filmora, a handy, quick and clean solution to animated GIF creation.

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