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Best Online YouTube Video Trimmer 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 05, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Since the shift in interest from on-site jobs to content creators and exploring opportunities to take advantage of better and improved career growth opportunities, YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms to get started.

But how do people face difficulties in finding an affordable and quick online YouTube video trimmer? Are you also facing issues with trimming your video before uploading it to get more views?

This is an ultimate guide on online YouTube video trimmer software and how you can trim your YouTube videos in no time.

In this article
  1. Part 1. What is a YouTube trimmer?
  2. Part 2. How to online trim YouTube videos?
    1. 1. Online YouTube trimmer (no edit and download):
    2. 2. Online YouTube trimmer (edit and download)
  3. Part 3. How to trim YouTube videos on a desktop?

Part 1. What is a YouTube trimmer?

Before diving into any details, it is important to introduce you to what is a YouTube trimmer and why it is important to trim your video. A YouTube trimmer is an easy and fast video editing tool that allows you to trim, crop, and share your favorite video parts online. You can also create custom links to YouTube Crops to embed on your website.

There are two popular online YouTube trimmers available; one only allows you to edit the YouTube link, which means you can only view the edited video online, while the other allows you to do related operations on the video file and download and save it as an mp4 or other file type for offline viewing.

Part 2. How to online trim YouTube videos?

1. Online YouTube trimmer (no edit and download):

Using these two websites, you can easily find the YouTube video clip you want to keep, but there is no way to download the video or add more editing to the clip. However, it works well for sharing links online or adding them to your website and using them to describe the part that best fits the topic.

  1. ytcropper

The straightforward interface has just one function. Enter the start and end times in the box after entering the right YouTube link, then click “Crop!” to create a string of links.

click crop
  1. YouTube Trimmer

The video's beginning and ending times are selected in the same way as on the previous website. However, this website offers some basic code that you may copy and paste into your web pages to suit your demands in order to add YouTube videos.

add youtube videos

Once you are done trimming your videos, you can download or export your videos in different formats, depending on your preference. It can be in mp4, mp3, or any other supported format.

2. Online YouTube trimmer (edit and download)

The websites that are listed after that combine an online YouTube downloader with a video editor, allowing you to make a variety of further edits to the selected video clip before downloading it locally.


    Anyone can make powerful videos and expand their audiences thanks to the online video editing application Veed. It has some useful capabilities, such as the capacity to cut videos and filter them using different aesthetics. Users can crop, add text, make drawings, and even add photos to the movies. In addition, Veed serves as a tool for producing social media films that may be customized for each channel where they will be shared.

    Additionally, they are free to play with various tools like rotate, trim, add photos, stickers, emojis, and more. Through the program, users may even create video memes online by uploading a target movie, modifying it using a variety of features, and downloading the altered video after a brief rendering.

    Step1Launch on your web browser. Click on 'Upload Your Video' to upload the video file you want to edit.

    Step2You will notice a button to upload your media file once you are taken to the editing page.

    the editing page

    Step3You can trim your video section by dragging the mark after you've uploaded the media file.

    uploaded the media file

    Step4Now, delete the unwanted video segment and click on 'Export' to save the trimmed video.

    1. Kapwing:

    An effective, non-linear editing workflow is supported by the online video editor Kapwing. Upload your audio, video, and image files, then edit everything in one location. Since Kapwing is entirely online, content creators may access and edit their work from any computer or mobile device.

    Step1Launch on your web browser. If you are not directed to the trim video section, then go to the 'Tools' menu and select 'Trim Video'. Now, click on 'Choose a Video.'

    Step2From the main page, click 'Click to upload' to upload the media file.

    click to upload

    Step3After uploading the media file, Click on 'Trim' from the editing section on the right side of the screen.

    uploading the media file

    Step4A pop-up screen will appear on your screen labeled as Trim Video. Trim the parts of the video as per your requirement and Click 'Trim' to finish.


    Step5Once you have completed editing, click on 'Export' to save the video to your device.

    Part 3. How to trim YouTube videos on a desktop?

    Using an online video trimmer has been one of the last options that anyone would consider, but due to the expensive software, they have turned out to be a friendly and easy approach to editing videos. But the online video trimmers still rank at the bottom of the list because they're unstable, and you can't save the project at any time. If the online program breaks down, all your effort will be wasted. But desktop programs such as Filmora will never make you encounter such problems unless you experience a technical glitch.

    With the help of a variety of strong editing tools and Wondershare Filmora, users may quickly and easily make outstanding videos. With Wondershare Filmora, anyone can learn how to be an excellent video editor, thanks to its wonderfully simple design.

    You can follow these easy steps to trim your video:

    Step1Click "Import" on the main windows and then select the desired video files from your computer to add video files to the Timeline for cutting. Movies can also be dropped directly into the Media Library.


    Step2By moving the playhead over the unwanted section and choosing the trash can icon, you can delete it.

    choosing the trash can icon

    Step3When you're through trimming, click "Export", then select a location to store the edited video.


    Depending on the comparison of how different software work, it is justifiable to conclude that Filmora is the best video editing software by all means. It offers a wide range of editing tools and ensures that progress has not been lost. If you are looking forward to trimming a video, download Filmora on your device to get started.

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    Liza Brown
    Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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