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Top 5 AVCHD video editing software

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

avchd is a video format that is commonly used in High Definition camcorders from Sony or Panasonic. It is a format of any camera settings. If you have a camcorder device or a High Definition (HD) Camera from Sony or Panasonic, you may have dealt with avchd video files. So when you take your photos, their primary format is avchd. You may therefore want to edit this format into a format that you can play in your device. In this case, you use video editing software that support AVCHD format. There are many of these avchd video editing software in the market today. I'm going to show you the top 5 avchd video editing software commonly used by many people.

Top 5 AVCHD video editing software

1.Wondershare Filmora(Originally Wondershare Video editor)

This is a powerful easy and quick to use video editing software that can help you make professional videos from avchd videos recorded by your camcorder in minutes. Its features include

  • Cut, merge, edit and trim clips features with an option of adding text and music
  •  combine clips to produce single video
  • special effects such as resolution, video bits, frames and many others

Download a free trial version below:

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

2. Free avchd Editor

free avchd editor

This is free software that can help you edit your camcorder avchd video formats or Blu-Ray video. To features of this avchd video editing software include

  • You can watch HD videos on TV
  • You can build your avchd structure to suit your preferences
  • Unable you to create a personal copy of blu-ray movie
  • You can strip video from those parts that you don’t prefer

3. WinX avchd editing software

winx avchd editing software

WinX AVCHD editing software is excellent video editing software that can help you edit your camcorder AVCHD recorded videos within a short time. WinX AVCHD not only can help you edit avchd Video, but also have a built in avchd video converter and an online downloader. Its main features include:

  • Trim and split avchd video files and remove unwanted parts
  • Clip and rearrange avchd video
  • You can crop the recording image to show the parts that are more brilliant
  • Extract scenes from videos and store them into a photo gallery
  • Convert avchd video to iPhone, Samsung, iPad, HTC, WP8, etc

4. ArcSoft ShowBiz

arcsoft showbiz

With the help of ArcSoft ShowBiz video editing software, you can make professional videos from your camcorder avchd videos. This video editing software offers two video editing modes depending on your needs and preferences. Its main features include the following:

  • Enhance avchd video effects by use of Storyboard
  • Add multiple clips on timeline and produce a single clip from those clips
  • Cut, copy, split, combine and rearrange video clips in less than a minute

5. Sony Vegas Pro 8 Video Editing Software

editing software

The Vegas Pro 8 Video Editing Software for Windows can help you convert your avchd video files into professional videos. It is powerful software that was developed by Sony. Vegas Pro 8 has the following features:

  • Precise easy to understand editing tools that produce professional video content
  • Features tools audio production for video
  • Windows-based NLE editing workflow
  • Text adding tools
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