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You can emphasize your character movements using the bounce effect. You can use them in your game plays and add a fun look to them. You can get this effect by using filmora11. Import your gameplay into the project and then drag it to your timeline.


Now choose the song from the audio menu. You can choose any song for example party pop from the beat music section. Drag it right underneath your video. You can see the decline and then suddenly encourage backup. You will cut the audio there looking at the first bit of it.


Now you will look to your footage and find the area where that pause is about to happen. You will look for that part where you are about to shoot your opponent. So, at the point where you decide to shoot, you will hit on that video and then find the end point of the battle.


Now you will click on the markers and make a cut. This section will be your first effect. Look for some other sections that you can use for other effects on. Once you have your sections, get rid of the part of the half in which nothing interesting is happening.


Track the videos on your timeline and then begin with the effects. Double click on the footage, go to speed, and speed ramping, in the listed sets use the bullet time. This slow area is perfect for the part where you are about to shoot your opponent.


Watch the footage and match the keyframes with what is happening in the video. Use the play head and see exactly when you want things to slow down.


After the bullet is shot, you will want the things to go back to normal speed. Simply bring down the keyframes, and set it on the 1X line. That’s how you will get the slower effect. Let’s wonder about your video and see whether or not it syncs with the video.


You will get the slow motion where there is a decline and then get the normal speed where the new peak is about to start. Now slow it down even more to the bottom. Now click OK once you are finished.


Now add some additional effects. Play your video and right on the slow-motion section, hit M on your keyboard. Place a filter on the second half and make it look like it is a focus when trying to defeat your enemy.


Go to the media menu and then to sample color. Choose the red color and drag it to the second half of your video. Have the beginning of that color starting right where you make that marker. Double click on the red, go to color, go-to tone and decrease the brightness.


Now go to image, then to mask, choose the circle option and invert the mask. Now work with the size by grabbing the corners. Once you have chosen the position then increase the blur strength. Move to the end of the shooting screen and then make a keyframe. Also, increase the width and height.


As you are about to shoot your opponent, the red color will increase towards the center. Make a keyframe and reduce the opacity from 100 to 0. Select the first key frame and reduce the opacity so you will get a red tint on your video.


At the start of the track make another keyframe and then lower the opacity to zero. Now work with the second video where you are jumping up towards the better view.


Double-click on the video. Use the animation section to create some keyframes. Make a keyframe at the start and see where you are jumping up. Use position Y to come downwards. Now rotate the video. Go to the opposite side and then zoom in.


Once you are up, type 100 for the scale, zero for rotation, and zero for opposed positions. Now go ahead and add some speed ramping in the clip so that everything is nicely matched.


Now bring the clip right next to the first video. Zoom into your timeline and look at the sound waves of your music. Create a transition from your first effect into your second effect. Hit the scissor icon.


Second effect will start with the beat and there will be another perfect position for your third effect. Use again animations and speed ramping to highlight the movements in the video.


Double-click on the footage, go to speed ramping and use hero moment. Play the video and see when the slow motion is about to happen. When the character is about to throw a grenade, everything will be slowed. Once the grenade has been thrown, go back to normal speed.


Go to the animation section and create keyframes based on the movements. When the character is about to throw the grenade, add a keyframe, move it back, and then zoom in towards the hand, when the character is slowing the grenade, then zoom out your video.


Type 100 for the scale and 0 for position Y. Bring the two keyframes together. Now bring the third effect and place it right next to the other two.


Go to the effects menu and type flash to decorate the intense movements. Grab any effect of your own choice and place it on the second video. Trim the effects by grabbing the edges. You can adjust how fast you want the flashes to show up.


For the third video you will add the blur effect. Type Blur in the same effect menu, and drag it towards the side which shows that there is a lot of impact from the explosion. Cut the excess part and match it with the start of your element.


Finish this effect with some transitions. Use speed blur between the two videos. Split the audio, fade out the end by double clicking and increase the fade-out slider. Then type fade in the transition menu, add the fade effect on your clip, and match it with the fade out that you get in the audio.

Easy Steps to Add Bounce Effect in Videos


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1
Download and Install Filmora

To begin with, you need to install the latest version of the software on your system. Be it Windows or Mac, Filmora supports both the leading OS.

download and install filmora
Step 2
Import the Footage

Import your gameplay footage into Filmora and drag it down to add it to your timeline.

import video footage bounce effect
Step 3
Add Audio

Go to Audio > Beat Music > Party Pop or choose any other audio which you prefer.

add audio bounce effect video
Step 4
Choose Section suitable to add the Bounce Effect

See-through your video and choose an area where it is the most suitable to add the bounce effect. For example, mark the point where the game character is going to shoot his opponent. Hit ‘M’ and mark the point where you are about to shoot and then another point where the shooting ends. Click on those markers and make cuts.

Cut your audio accordingly, and get rid of the first fit.

choose section bounce effect

Similarly, after choosing the first section for adding the effect, look for more sections in the video where you want to add the effect and repeat the same steps. Once you have your sections, get rid of the extra parts of the footage by deleting them.

Step 5
Add Effect

Double-click on the footage and go to Speed > Speed Ramping. From the pre-sets, choose Bullet Time. Look through the footage and find a point where exactly you want the speed to decrease.

Drag the frames downward and bring the frame to 1x when you want the speed to get back to normal. Then your speed curve will look somehow like the one in the picture below:

change speed bounce effect video

After adjusting the speed, render your video to sync your footage with the audio.

Step 6
Add Effects to the First Section

Play your video, and right on your slow-motion section, hit ‘M’ on your keyboard. Add a filter to focus on the scene where you are trying to defeat your enemy.

Go to Media > Sample Color > Choose any color.

Drag the color onto the second half of your video. Double-click on the color, go to Tone and drag the sliders to adjust brightness, saturation, and contrast.

drag color bounce effect video

Go to Image > Mask > Choose the Circle option and click on the ‘Invert the mask’ option. Adjust the size of the mask by moving the slider through the scale. Increase the blur strength after adjusting the position and hit OK.

Add a keyframe, and increase the width and height of the keyframe.

adjust key frame bounce effect video
Step 7
Adjust Speed and Keyframes for Other Sections

Go to animation > Customize > Add a keyframe on the second section of the video where you are searching for your opponent. Adjust the X and Y position and right before the game character is going to jump upwards, rotate the video.

You can also add speed ramping to this video and the third section where the character is throwing a grenade towards his opponent (similarly as described earlier) to add an impressive effect.

add animation bounce effect video
Step 8
Add Effects

Go to effects > Search ‘Flash’ > Add Flash Black (or any other effect) onto your second video. Also, adjust the duration and speed of the effect by double-clicking on the effect.

add flash black bounce effect video

Similarly, add other effects for the third video. Go to Effects > Blur and drag it down to the third video to show that there were a lot of impacts when the grenade was thrown.

Step 9
Finish with Adding Transitions

Finish the effect by adding a transition of your choice. Go to Transition > Speed Blur > Blurry Roll 2 and drag the transition between the videos to tie the sections together and you are done with adding the bounce effect.

You can also add other transitions such as Fade and adjust the fade out of the audio by double-clicking on the transition.

add transitions bounce effect video

The bounce effect adds a fun element to your video and it gives a seamless effect that is enjoyed by the players and adds interesting enhancement to your gameplay visuals and audio.

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