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Import your gameplay footage and place it in your Filmora 11 timeline. For this effect, you have to match the sound of the bullet with the beats from the song. In this way, matching the sound of the bullet with the beat of the sound makes an interesting impression in the game.


Grab the play head and mark the sections from the gameplay where there are shootings. Once you have marked out these sections, select the video and hit ‘M’ on your keyboard to add keyframes on these points. This will create a marker on the video.


Wherever you jump to the video, the marker will stay on a sample point on the timeline and not on the video. Find the end of the interaction and hit ‘M’ on your keyboard. Search for some other sections to continue with the effect. Once you have all your sections, look for a song that you will play with the montage.


Go to the audio menu and look for a suitable song. Try to choose a song that has many beats. In that way, you can easily sync the video to the music.


Go to the exclusive music section and choose any of the beats for instance Dynamic Promo from the exclusive music section. Drag it down to the timeline. Play the song to hear the beats clearly so the syncing becomes easier.


Make the markers on the timeline where required. So, after marking a point, you would know that anything before that marked point would be slow in the video before the action begins.


Zoom into your timeline and cut the marker. Drag the footage and bring it up to the second track to lock it in its place. Attend this locked part of the video later.


Zoom in and focus on the first cut/section of the footage. You will be creating a freeze frame within this part of the video and then syncing the frames. Find the first frame where in the video the gun is pointed to shoot.


Go to time, and select freeze frame. Cut that section and use the arrow keys to count the frames. Cut the section of the video needed and then cut the rest. Similarly, select another targeted frame and go to time, select freeze frame. Keep selecting the sections until you move to the epic fighting scene of the game.


Once you have your freeze frames, choose the transitions. But first, you need to match the frames with the music. Sync the end of the video with the start of the beat of the music. For each of the beats, take one of the freeze frames and place them where needed.


At the start of the beat, drag a freeze frame and increase its length. Once you’re done with one frame, bring the next one and match it with the start of the beat. Do this for all the other freeze frames to proceed with adding the transition.


Once you have matched the frames with the music, it’s now time to place some transitions in between the freeze frames. But before that, don’t forget to get rid of the extra bits of the song. Cut and delete the first bit. Also, create markers on the song so that you know where to match the video while syncing.


03:53 Go to the transition menu and add a simple fade effect in between the video. Go for the flash effect or any other transition that suits the best. Place the transition in between the freeze frames and adjust the duration for each. Do the same for all other frames.


You can also add a black and white filter on top of these frames by typing black and white in the effects menu. Add the Black and White Noise effect or any other effect above your freeze frames. Double-click on the effect to increase or decrease the opacity.


In the music, we have sections where we are building towards the main beat. Drag down your second video. Place a marker on the point where the music needs to start. In the gameplay, find the point where you have your first enemy, make a cut right there, get rid of the first bit, and match the bullet sound with the marker.


The bullet sound must be synced with the beat drop. Add a visual effect to enhance your game visuals. Make a cut after the bullet, copy that section onto another track, bring it right above and zoom in.


Go to the BCC Blur in the effects menu. Choose one of these blurs. Drag this effect down and copy it onto the video. You will have a blur effect which you will clear out as soon as you will have your next shot.


Select the marker, double click on the video, go to animation, customize and add a keyframe. Move the keyframe back and drag the slider to change the opacity. So basically, it will be blurred at the start and will come to focus.


Check the effect by zooming in and rendering the video to preview in full-screen mode. Now sync the really fast part of the song after adding this effect.


Find another area in the video to add the third effect. Match the exact shooting scene from the game with the song. Listen to the music and then hit ‘M’ on the keyboard whenever there is the main beat. So that way, you can sync the bullets with the song.


Double-click on the video and increase the fade out. Hit OK. To tie everything together, use a transition. For instance, to add a fast transition, go to the speed blur section in the transition menu. Choose any effect such as Blurry Roll 2, and add it in between the frames.


Keep adding other transitions of your choice for example Glitch transitions to have perfect results. Place this transition in between each of the videos. Preview in full screen and you’re finished with the effect.

How to Add Bullet Sync Effect in Game Video


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1
Download and Install Filmora

To begin with, you need to install the latest version of the software on your system. Be it Windows or Mac, Filmora supports both the leading OS.

download and install filmora
Step 2
Import the Footage

Import the footage into Filmora timeline to get started with adding the effect.

import bullet sync video footage
Step 3
Mark Sections

Grab the play head and mark the sections in the video where the bullets are getting fired. These are the points where we want to sync our selected bet with the sound of the bullet. Select the video and hit ‘M’ on the keyboard to mark these points.

mark section bullet sync video
Step 4
Add Audio

Look for a song or beat which matches your game footage’s montage. Go to Audio > Look for a suitable beat or go to exclusive music > Dynamic Video. After selecting the audio, drag it right onto your timeline.

add audio bullet sync video
Step 5
Rearrange the Sections & Add Freeze Frames

Bring the sections of the footage on which you do not want to sync the music with the gunfire onto the top track and lock it. After re-arranging sections, attend to the footage on which you want to merge the beat. Select the video, go to Time > Add freeze frame.

Mark the areas where the beat syncing is required, cut, and then get rid of the extra bits. Match the frames with the music.

freeze frame bullet sync video
Step 6
Add Transitions

After choosing freeze frames, it's time to look for a transition to fit them in between these freeze frames. Go to Transitions > Fade/Flash or you can choose any transition. Drag the transition and add it in between each frame. Adjust the duration of the transition.

Step 7
Add Effects

Go to effects > choose any effect such as Black and White Noise (B&W Noise) Filter. Double-click on the effect to adjust the opacity.

add effects bullet sync video
Step 8
Sync the Bullet Shot with the Beat and Add Visual Effect

Unlock the tracks on the second track and drag them down to connect with the edited section of the video. Sync the bullet shot with the beat.

Go to Effects > BCC Blur > BCC Fast Lens Blur.

add bbc fast lens blur bullet sync

Select the marker and clear out the blur as soon as the bullet is about to get shot in the video. For this, go to Animation > Customize > Add Keyframe, and at the point where you want the blur to clear out, decrease the opacity of the keyframe.

customize animation bullet sync video

Once you are done with the syncing of the audio with the shooting scenes in the gameplay, increase the fade out in the end by double-clicking on the audio > drag the slider in the Fade out option

fade audio bullet sync video
Step 9
Add More Transitions

To tie everything together, add other transitions.

Go to Transitions > Speed Blur > Blurry Roll 2.

add transitions bullet sync video

Besides these transitions, you can keep on adding more transitions of your choice to tie the sections of your video together. Finally, preview your video in full-screen mode and you are done with the effect.


You do not want to miss hearing the bullet shot in your gameplay merged with unique background audio. With this effect, you can master the skill of syncing the audio with the gunfire sound so let this guide be your light.

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