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To create this video from scratch, you would be needed to record the videos with separate actions. Make sure you select a fixed spot with a wall and the character aligned to the same frame for better anime output.


Demonstration of the videos. There will be two videos needed to be recorded at the same spot. The first one is the video of the wall or any other background with an empty shot. The second video will have the character.


After you’ve recorded the two types of videos that are to be needed to begin creating this anime effect, start by importing the videos to the Filmora and renaming them with the background and the character action.


Speed up the background video in order to increase the duration of the background video. As it is an idle video so it won’t affect anything. You can either drag the length of the video or do that manually by inserting the second's value into the background video.


Make a cut to the character video and split it from the rest of the video. This is to separate the motion blur from the recorded video. Drag the video to some space in order to preview it separately.


Save a full punch frame from the main video by taking one frame from the punch video and then go ahead with the cut to separate it from the video. Use the split shortcut to make this happen.


Look for another frame where the character is in between the punches and make a cut of that frame as well. Refer to the main video and use the right arrow key within the timeline to get an idle frame of in-between punches and use the split.


Separate the two frames from the other video and drag them next to each other within the same video track. Now you can preview the punch and in-between punch frame that is being placed next to each other.


Extract the video of the second punch in the same way. Go for the main video and spot the second punch frame to make it split from the main video. Drag this frame video next to the previous separated frames within the video track.


Once you have aligned the three videos with different actions, you can mask out the arm of the character. Double-click on the video to go to the Mask window. In that editor, select a masking shape that best fits the scene and introduce it over the video.


Use the Invert Mask after inserting a rectangular mask into the video and that will separate the body from the punching arm. Then position the mask box to fit into the Character's arm and not the other part.


Increase the blur strength to make it separate from the other videos and blur out the arm edges. This will output as the punching arm of the characters gets dissolved within the background with the blurred edge.


Select the masking video again and copy the video clip to insert it over the first video. Now you need to invert the previous mask by clicking on the pasted video and selecting Invert mask from the Mask tab. This will give output as the Arm only.


Fix the blurred edge of the mask from the character video by copying the video from track two and pasting it above both video clips track. Then go to the mask tab and re-position the mask shape and bring it right to the blurred place.


Go towards the second frame clip and blur out arm motion. Use the Effects menu to introduce the Rotate Blur effect to the video frame and use the customization sliders to blur the effect to the full extent.


Finish the video frames by copying the video clips with the editing and pasting them next to each other a bunch of times. You can afterward preview the punching videos in a super-fast way a number of times.


Repeat the similar process for the second set of punches that is to be placed after the first punch. Make sure you edit the one set and copy and paste it for the number of times to get in line with the punching effect.


Use the transition at the end of the video to make sure when the character is finished with the punches, the transitioning of the frames takes place. Preview the video after introducing the Dissolve transition to make sure it’s well in place.


Use the animation in the video to make it look like anime. Add keyframes to the different scenes of the video by pointing out the scenes and adding Animation to the points within the video.


Use the effects to make the videos more anime-like. Use the Elements menu and add the lighting effects to the video. After that, you can also add the main effects to the videos. Introduce a number of effects including Modern Grunge and Mild shake effects.

How to Make an Anime-Inspired Super Punch Effect


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1
Record the Raw Footage

For this effect, you will need a location that is idle for the character to make the moves. You can select a wall space and record the first footage. Afterward, make another footage of the character practicing the punches in different directions. Make sure the location is idle for the recording and the camera does not move.

record the raw footage
Step 2
Install the Filmora

After the recording is done, now the Filmora editor should be downloaded since it will serve as your primary tool after the video recording has been completed successfully. Filmora is also simpler to download and set up than you would have imagined. To download your PC version, just click one of the below links, and then install Filmora with the default settings.

Step 3
Insert the Videos into Filmora Editor

After the installation, making your Anime face clip is the next stage. You may accomplish this using Filmora, or if you already have it set up, try it out and import your video to the editor. Hit the Import option to do that, then choose the video to add to your Anime video. When importing and inserting the clip in the timeline, you may also choose the resolution.

insert the videos into filmora Editor
Step 4
Freeze the Background Video

Within the timeline, refer to the video track of the background video and freeze the frame so it won’t move during the effect video. You can do this by clicking on the Background video and selecting Speed > Add Freeze Frame to the video. You can also then customize the speed using the slider within the properties of the video as shown here:

freeze the background video
Step 5
Align the Scene Video Clips

From the main character video, make a series of action clips from different positions and arrange them within the timeline in sequence. You can use the Split function to separate the action clips from the main video as shown here:

align the scene video clips
Step 6
Mask the Clips

You can use the rectangular mask from the Mask window to mask out the arm of the character. Use the arrow keys to position it precisely. After introducing the mask to the video, you can use blur strength to strengthen the mask. After that, you will need to use the inverted mask for the next scene video in order to black out the background from the previous scene.

mask the clips
Step 7
Duplicate the Clips

After you have edited the clip for one frame. Copy and paste them a bunch of times and it will create the punching faster than normal. Go to the next scene and create the same motions again for the next scene as well as shown here:

duplicate the clips
Step 8
Add Effects and Customize the Clips

Introduce the transitions and effects in between the clips in order to make them look exciting. You can use the rotate blur and adjust the sliders to blur out the speed movements as shown here:

add effects and customize the clips
Step 9
Add Animations Keyframes

Add the keyframes of Animations to the videos after you've added the Mask effect to give it a realistic appearance. To achieve this, double-click the video in the timeline. Then, as shown above, choose the Animation option to add the keyframes for the animation, including the softening of the edges.

add animations keyframes
Step 10
Preview the Video and Export

Adjust the Anime video to sample how your Super Punch effect will appear after the effects are applied. The animation keyframes may be added so that they will fade in and out at the appropriate times. After making the necessary modifications, render the video.

preview the video and export

In summary, for making a punch effect video with ease, you only need Filmora installed in your system. After that, you can polish up your recorded content and adjust it using animations and mask effects. Download the software now and finish creating your own Anime Super Punch video hassle-free.

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