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First, let's go to File, open project setting, and make sure we are on full HD resolution with 60fps. Move to titles tab and drop the default title to the Timeline.


Back to the main editing interface, right click on title to copy and paste it on above layer. Now go to the settings panel of title on second layer and change the colour type to colour fill.


Next, we take the snapshot of image and make sure to save the image in PNG format. Now we delete the previous title and bring the snapshot to the second layer.


Go to mask tab, here we see several masking options. We need to pick the rectangle shape mask and apply it on snapshot.


Let's add a keyframe at the start position on timeline, then go to some seconds forward and move the mask to the right so as you can see it looks like the moving shine on the text.


But if you're using colour other than grey on title, then you also need to change the colour of shining text according to the colour you choose for the title.

How to Create a Light Sweep (Shine) Effect


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1

If you haven’t already, go ahead and download the Filmora video editor. Install it and run the application on your computer.

Step 2

Create a New Project by clicking on the big blue button. Immediately after, go to File → Project Settings. Here, make sure the project is in full resolution and 60 fps.

project settings filmora
Step 3

Select the Titles tab and drag the Default Title to the Timeline.

add new title filmora
Step 4

Double-click on the Default Title inside the Timeline and go to Advanced. Here, you can change the text, pick a new font, change its size, and so on. Make sure you change the Color Type to Gradient Fill. Choose a color of your own liking. When you’re done customizing it, click on OK.

advanced text settings
Step 5

Right-click on the Default Title clip and select Copy. Then, right-click anywhere on the Timeline and select Paste. After this, drag the copy of that clip on the Track above it.

copy clip in filmora
Step 6

Double-click on the copied Title, go to Advanced, and change the Color Type to Color Fill. Click OK.

color type fill
Step 7

Next, take a snapshot of the new title. Then, delete the copied Title clip from your Timeline. After this, drag the snapshot into the Timeline.

snapshot filmora
Step 8

Double-click on the Snapshot clip and go to the Mask tab. From here, select the Rectangle mask. Then, rotate it as you see in the image below. Don’t click on OK yet.

add mask filmora
Step 9

Now, look at the settings panel on the left and scroll down. First, change its Rotation to 40. Then, drag the Blur bar to 15. Finally, move the Rectangle mask to the left side like in the image below. Don’t click OK yet.

mask settings filmora
Step 10

Now, move the Playhead to the starting position on the Timeline. Then, click on the “+Add” button to add a keyframe. Next, move the Playhead a few seconds forward and move the Rectangle mask all the way to the right side of the text. Click OK.

add keyframe filmora
Step 11

You are finally done. You can review, Render, and Export the video now to use it as you wish. Congratulations on creating a light sweep effect in Filmora.


What you've learned:

  • How to create a modern light sweep effect in the Filmora video editor
  • How to use Masks in Filmora
  • Edit titles like a pro

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