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How to create a red glowing eyes effect in videos?

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

The Red Glowing eye effect has been used in the videos to depict characters as villainous, funny, or sometimes cool. The glowing eye effect is common in videos like memes to make them eye-catching and trendy.  Numbers of software tools allow you to create a laser eye effect. All you need is to follow a couple of simple steps to add the glowing red-eye effect of your choice. Plus, you can also get web-based sources/ online websites to add this effect for free.

In the following article, we will mention software tools, plugins, and tips to create laser eye effects. Let's dive in together.

Part1: Easy steps to add glowing eye effect to your video

Filmora for Mac is a video editing tool that helps you enhance your video content through various effects. The red glow eye effect is no exception, and you can easily create it in Filmora's state-of-the-art editing library. It also comes with creative transitions, captions, color-matching features, and much more to make your videos captivating. Now you can easily learn editing tips and tricks by following Filmora Creator Academy. However, if you want to edit memes with the glowing red-eye effect, follow the simple steps below!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 1Launch and Import Video

Download and launch Filmora. Click on File to import the media file in which you want to add laser eye effect. You can also set the screen ratio on the same window. 

Note: Filmora also allows you to drag media files to its editing window.

Step 2 Add blur effect

Click on the Effects tab from the above menu and select Blur Background from the available thumbnails. Then select the Basic Blur option to add the effect.

Step 3 Select a suitable frame and add laser eyes effect

Select the video frame and take a snapshot of the selected frame by clicking on the camera button on the bottom right corner of the screen. Add this screenshot to the timeline. You will find the laser eyes effect in the elements sections. So, click on Elements and choose the desired effect.

Step 4 Adjust the position and size of the added effect.

Once the added effect appears on the video frame, double-click on it to adjust its position and size to fit it in the character's eyes. You can place it in the eyes of the character. It can be done by dragging the glowing eyes effect.

Do you love the lazer-eye effect showed in video? Click here to download the project and import it to you Filmora!

Part2: How to make glowing eye memes in Photoshop?

Photoshop is known for adding fascinating effects to memes. The glowing eye is one of the famous effects added by Photoshop users to spice up their pictures and use them as memes. In addition to this, Photoshop is equipped with artistic filters to edit your pictures and make them look charming. Photoshop ultra-advanced features also include lightroom and high-end editing tools. If you want to make your pictures super cool by adding glowing light effects in Photoshop, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Draw a shape around the eyes of the character in the picture.

Use an outliner to sketch shapes around the eyes. Outliner can be selected from pin tools from the list of options appearing on the right side of the screen. 


Step 2: Fill the white color in the drawn shape

Select the white color from the fill option in the toolbar. Fill the shape to obtain desired results.

Step 3: Go to layer style and make certain changes.

Go to layer style and click on the Gradient overlay box. Gradient editor contains three small boxes. You have to change the position to set the color contrast of the eye's shape.glowing_eye_PS_3

Step 4: Select the outer glow box in the layer style

The next step is to customize the spread and size of the shape where you want to apply the glowing effect. So, tick the Outer Glow box and change settings the way you want to edit the picture.

Note: The spread and size of the shape will appear when you select the outer glow box. You can change the percentage of spread and size as per your preferences.

Step 5: Do the same for the second eye

Repeat steps 1, 2, 3, and 4 with the other eye. You may change the settings in the gradient box to give a contrasting effect.

Part3: How to make glowing eye memes FREE and Online?

The use of video editing software is mainstream in filmmaking and other related industries. However, a very limited number of applications enable you to edit your memes online professionally and for free.

Kapwing has a proven record of giving its customers free web-based access to video editing tools. You will find creative and inspiring templates in the Kapwing library. In short, Kapwing is a collaborative, fast, high-end online editing tool where you can build your digital stories. Want to learn editing in the Kapwing editing tool? Here is the list of simple steps.


Step 1: Access the official website of Kapwing

The first step is to access Kapwing editing tools is to open its website by typing in your browser. Once the home page appears, you can start building your digital stories by clicking the Start editing button.

Step 2: Upload media files

The next step is to add media files that you want to edit. Files can be added by selecting the click to upload option. This allows you to browse media on your computer.  


Step 3: Add glowing eye template or any other feature

The last step is to edit the meme. You have to click Template from the option at the left-hand side of the screen and add glowing eyes to the meme to make it supernatural.


Note: You can also add other features from the panel at the left

Surely this is not the only online meme maker to make your glowing eye meme. For more information, please read this article: 11 Best Meme Makers Online (Free to Use)

Part4: Where to find red glowing eye effect templates for memes?

The glowing eyes are trending these days in the world of memes. Online tools are notable for adding glowing eye templates. If you are in a quest to find such tools, we have handpicked the following tools for you.

Laser eyes meme maker


Laser eyes meme maker allows you to add laser eye template through a hassle-free process. It is a web-based online tool to add media files by clicking the upload media button on its home page. Laser eyes meme maker incorporates built-in flare images to facilitate people editing memes.


This is another image editing platform that specializes in memes and GIFs. In addition to its simple user interface, imgflip provides powerful customization tools to the users. Imgflip also facilitates creative content that helps people to create interesting memes. In brief, imgflip is an ideal fit for all your meme creation requirements. is a versatile tool that provides a wide collection of laser or other types of glowing eye effects. Its glowing eye templates include alien memes, brain memes, and other funny memes. Moreover, its amazing meme collection encompasses all niches. So, there are high chances that you find creative ideas for creating memes on politics, sports, entertainment, or any other trending issue.

Part5: Extensive reading: What do red glow eyes mean and when to use them?

The red glowing eye effect is used in the photography and filmmaking industry to make eyes red. Red glow eye in movies is always connected with a superpower or supernatural phenomenon. The red-eye effect is also used to depict the evil or dangerous nature of the character. However, this effect is not only used to reflect supernatural but also evil vibes. It is also used to create funny memes.

Recently, Bitcoin holders added glowing eyes effect to their profile pictures reflecting solidarity with the Bitcoin community. To cut the story short, the widespread use of the red glowing eyes effect is irrefutable. Red glowing eye templates are also becoming increasingly popular in the video editing world. So, many of the editing software and online tools have incorporated this effect into their built-in libraries.


To conclude, the significance of the red glow eye effect cannot be denied. Plus, its ability to make memes more eye-catching is also a reason that compels meme creators to incorporate this wonderful effect. However, finding the right software to add this effect to your memes can be challenging. The range of software and web-based tools available on the internet will confuse you further. So, we have tried our best to shortlist software and tools that can become the one-fit-all solution to all your concerns. Hopefully, you are in a better position now to choose any tool to spice up your memes.

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