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How to Remove or Change Video Background in One Step?

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

A video's background is crucial when it comes to creating a video. Videos are often shot using a variety of backdrops, which subsequently become incompatible with the theme. While most videos are recorded in various places, sets, scenarios, and other things, they might have unattractive backgrounds.

Because we don't have complete control over everything while filming videos, they may deviate from the original subject of what the filmmaker has in mind. For example, sky replacement is a major issue for editors. The good news is that using some of the finest video background removers; you can remove background from a video in post-production.

You can change the video background, add transitions to make it more appealing, and use virtual reality to complete the task. There are many editors available in the market to remove video backgrounds, but many of them come with their own set of limitations.

So, how can you alter the video's background? Read this article to find out about the finest tools to change video background quickly and effectively:

In this article

Part1: How to Remove Video Background Without Green Screen? 

Wondershare Filmora is a fantastic video editing tool to change video backgrounds. It not only offers a wide range of video effects and themes, but it also allows you to publish your movie on sites like Vimeo and YouTube. Filmora's AI portrait function has been updated in the V10.5 release. You can remove your video background in one step with this feature.

You read that correctly: there's no need to use green-screen or manually cut away the background. You'll be pleased with the result with only one click!

What is Green Screen Effect?

Have you ever thought about how Hollywood studios come up with all kinds of fantastic special effects movies or how your favorite YouTube channel consistently comes up with the ideal background and surroundings for a video shoot? All of this is possible because of a powerful video editing feature known as a green screen.

The Green Screen effect, also known as Chroma Key, allows a video with a solid background color to be rapidly deleted and changed. This approach is excellent for superimposing video footage everywhere you want, and all you need to do is film the content in a single controlled setting. The green screen video effect requires two layers of video: green screen video and background video.

So if you want to remove a video background without a green screen with just one click, then follow these steps:

Step 1 Open Filmora and import your video. 

Don't have Filmora yet? Click to download Filmora to have a try!

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Click on Effects and select AI Portrait. Click on Human Segmentation.


 That's it, and you will be able to remove the video background with just one click.



You can adjust the feathering value of the video or thickness by clicking the Edit button.



Click here to download the example project and have a try!

Part2: How to Change Video Background in Filmora using Pixabay? 

After removing the background of your video and using Filmora's advanced AI Portrait Human Segmentation feature, you can change the background of your video to a completely different one. If you are confused about which background to choose, you can use Stock Media.

Follow these easy steps to change video background in Filmora using Pixabay:

Step 1: Click on Stock Media and click PixaBay.



Step 2: Now, search for the type of background that you want to add to your video. For example, if you're going to add a sky behind your video, type the keyword sky in the search bar and hit enter.



Step 3: You will see different stock videos of the sky. You can select any one of them according to your liking and needs.



Other Amazing Features of AI Portrait

  • In addition to this, AI Portrait also allows you to add exciting features to your videos like dynamic lines, funny strokes, human glitches, etc., to make your videos full of vitality and vividness.



  • To make the text look more spatial and hierarchical, you can also add text behind the character of your video.



Part3: How to Remove or Change Video Background Online? 

If you are looking for an online tool to change video background, then you can use Unscreen. Meme-makers and social media users with restricted demands regarding professional outputs can benefit from Unscreen's AI-based online application. The entire process of removing the video background is automated and requires no input from the user. This online application to change video background can only process 5-second long video clips. It is also internet-based, which makes it prone to interruptions and lagging during the upload and download process.

Key Features of Unscreen:

  • It is available online and is simple to use.
  • There is no need to register.
  • With only a few clicks, you may remove the video background.


Follow these three easy steps to remove video background online:

Step 1: Go to On the homepage, you will see two buttons: Upload Clip and Search GIF. Click on Upload Clip and upload a clip of 5 seconds on this platform. Even if the file is only a few kilobytes, the upload can take a lot of time.



Step 2: By shadowing the background, the AI will extract the main character from the video. The user can't modify or select parts to delete from the video as he has no input during the whole process.



Step 3: Once the video has been uploaded and processed, you'll be able to apply color, image, background screens or download it without any background. The download file will be in animated PNG, GIF (stills), or single frames.

Part4: How to remove Video Background with iMovie? [free] 

If you want to remove the video background for free, then you can use iMovie. iMovie allows iPhone and Mac users to make high-quality, professional-looking videos from images taken with any device. You can superimpose a video clip over a background video clip, picture, or other images in iMovie by using the green-screen effect. By eliminating background noise and increasing audio levels of quiet clips, iMovie can also effectively alter and enhance a project's audio.

Key Features of iMovie

  • Change and enhance the video color settings.
  • Rotate and crop video clips.
  • Stabilize shaky movies.
  • Add video transitions and change the speeds of your video clips.

Follow these steps to remove video background with iMovie:

Step 1: Launch the iMovie application. Import both the green screen footage and the video or picture you wish to utilize as the background by clicking the Import Media arrow on the screen. You may also directly drag and drop both media onto the timeline.



Step 2: On the timeline, drag the green screen film to the top track. Select the green screen footage, then click the "Video Overlay Settings" option at the top of the preview window.



Step3: Select the "Green/Blue screen" option from the drop-down menu, and the green hue will magically vanish! To witness your creation, press play on the preview window.




Also, instead of using a green screen, iMovie allows you to use a blue screen. You can improve your video even more by altering the softness or cropping tool to fine-tune the final product.


Tips on How to Improve the Background of Your Video

You can quickly improve the background of your video by following these simple tips:

  • Make sure the background of the original video is changeable and in a single color.
  • If you want to alter the background of your video without any error, choose a color from the primary shades of Green, Red, or Blue to film your video.
  • Record in front of a blue background if your video's subject is green or is wearing green.
  • Record in front of a green background if your video's subject is blue or is wearing blue.
  • Find a fascinating video background for your video. Filmora offers an extensive media collection with a lot of professional and cool background material. You can use any one of them according to your liking.
  • You can locate a stock of free background videos by going to Stock Median and then clicking Pixabay.


It is necessary to use visual and auditory elements to draw the viewer's attention to a video. A filmmaker does not always have the luxury of choosing the ideal location and setting for a video to stand out in the crowded internet market. A simple solution is to use software-based simulation.

There are various software accessible online and in App stores that can assist you in editing and removing the background from your videos. Click here to learn more about removers for background in various platforms.

We suggest you use Wondershare Filmora because it is powerful video editing software equipped with advanced AI portrait effects that can completely transform your videos.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


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