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8 Best Video Marketing Blogs and Websites: You Need to Know

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

More and more customers are expecting you to communicate with them and showcase your products and services via video.

If you want to be at the top of your game when it comes to video marketing, you will need to stay up to date with the latest information and case studies.

In this article, we will talk about 8 best video marketing blogs and websites that will give you the boost you require.

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Part 1: Best video marketing blogs and websites

1. Think with Google

Think With Google is where you’ll find Google’s latest views on video marketing and get a valuable insight into what’s coming in future.

This video marketing blog features information about how video is being used to innovate and what audiences are looking for.

Recent articles have focused on how-to content, current online video trends and how to win the attention of consumers.

think with googld video marketing blog

2. HubSpot

HubSpot focuses on a range of topics including video and many more.

Their video-related posts enable you to appreciate the value of video as part of your overall marketing strategy.

You’ll find a wide range of blog posts and guides on the site. Topics the team have recently discussed include video interviews and YouTube marketing.

hubspot video marketing blog

3. Wistia

The Wistia team provide content that serves businesses interests seeking more information about media players, sharing footage and video analytics.

The information on the blog is of use not only to video marketing experts but novices and those with some knowledge of the topic.

Topics include video best practices and smart marketing strategies. The team have recently posted about subjects like optimizing videos for success and making use of video throughout the customer lifecycle.

wistis blog

4. Business 2 Community

This blog is focussed on exploring the latest trends, news and in-depth expert analysis.

Business 2 Community contributors post around four posts each week on topics related to social selling, content marketing, social media and digital marketing.

They have recently discussed deadly video mistakes, ways video can help your business, how much to spend on video and how to create powerful calls to action in your video.

business 2 community video marketing blog

5. Video Brewery

Video Brewery is another great place to read up on the latest trends and discussions in video marketing.

Topics that have recently been explored over on Video Brewery include international video marketing, the importance of video analytics, interactive videos and explainer videos.

There are also many blog posts on featured videos and selecting the right tools to create clips that inspire, inform and engage.

video brewery

6. Vyond

Vyond is another great website to stay informed on the hottest and most interesting topics being discussed in the world of video marketing.

Posts recently uploaded on Vyond have discussed subjects such as introducing animated video to your organization, addressing serious content in video and using video to inspire your team.

Vyond was previously known as GoAnimate and provides you with indispensable information on creating animated videos, which comes in the form of webinars, eBooks and webinars to give just a few examples.


7. StoryMe

StoryMe is a creative video and performance agency on a mission to make companies Video First, to help them reach their goals.

Their blog features tips, interviews and various interesting features. Their posts have covered topics like creating video strategy plans in a single day, how different marketing departments have used video and how to recruit the right employees through video.

They have also talked about the relationship between video and onboarding, how the pharmaceutical industry is using video, how to explain the benefits of your product with video and how to use video e-mail signatures.


8. Wideo

The Wideo blog is a valuable resource for those with little or no previous experience of creating quality videos.

The team at Wideo have explored a host of topics recently, with popular posts covering video and storytelling, video marketing trends set to skyrocket in 2018, how to create Facebook cover videos, LinkedIn and video marketing and creating corporate videos that amaze your customers.


Part 2: The importance of video marketing

1 drive sales

There are all sorts of advantages attached to video marketing.

Video has become incredibly powerful in terms of driving sales over recent years, with the vast majority of businesses using video for marketing purposes regarding it is a very important part of their overall strategy.

2 create engagement with customers

Video marketing offers an excellent return-on-investment, builds trust amongst your customers and can help you get the high search rankings that you’re targeting.

Google holds videos in very high regard and is always more likely to reward companies that offer video than those that don’t.

3 inspire your customers

Video also increases the amount of time customers spend on your site and allows you to get much closer to your mobile audience.

You don’t even need to spend a great deal of money on your viral-friendly video as long as you have the skill and imagination to create something that will truly inspire people and encourage them to share your visual content.


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Video editing tools can add an extra touch of magic to your video, enabling you to offer a smoother viewing experience including various exciting effects. Why not start stepping up your video marketing efforts right now?

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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