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Tips to Get Your Video “Staff Picked” on Vimeo

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

The coveted Vimeo Staff Picks. Having your film or video project Staff Picked by the folks at Vimeo immediately puts it out in front of a massive audience. The types of videos chosen as Staff Picks are wide ranging – music videos, animations, documentaries, branded content. There is no secret sauce to guarantee you will be featured as arguably one of the best videos on Vimeo, but there are a few areas to focus on to ensure you have the best chance.

Tips for developing Vimeo Staff Picked Videos:

1.Video Story

You may find it a complicated task but it matters a lot for your success. There is no chance for popularity of video till the time your idea appears unique and original. Vimeo Staff Picks not only deals with classic editing and appealing visuals but it focuses on solid story of your content. Never forget to add some interesting characters in the beginning, middle and end. Make it narrative if possible and try to combine various dynamic elements for great results.


2. Thumbnail

Thumbnail is a movie poster that helps viewers to grab idea about your content. Make some additional efforts to create an informative and intriguing poster that can grab attention of viewers and force them to watch your video. Do not make it over crowded rather keep it simple with relevant information. Note that a thumbnail must accurately define concept of your video, it should not be distracting or irrelevant. Viewers will make up their mind to watch your videos from this thumbnail so keep it interesting.


3. Description

Life of a video gets changes when it is accompanied with a quality description. Add focus to every sentence and let it reflect your qualities and skills in best possible manner. You can try a dramatic style for catching more attention. Note that this description must be capable enough to highlight your sales pitch, you can prefer to include few useful links, crew and cast details to inform viewers about important details of this video.


4. Gain Exposure

  • Post the video on early time:
  • It is good to decide right timings for your video uploads as this timing will make decisions about number of viewers ahead. The most preferable time slot is early Monday morning. Try to update your post on 12AM East as it will help your post to get complete 24 hours to boost the viewers count and it will also be able to stay relevant for week.

  • Target Key Audience:

Your content must target the key audience; one can prefer to use well crafted emails to share interests. Add a great description in your mail so that it can catch readers attention.

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