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How to Make Vimeo Videos

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

If you want to make a Vimeo video as a novice you may not know where to start, but thankfully we have the knowhow to share. Vimeo is a site for sharing videos from professional film makers to novices. Each week users can get 500MB free storage and we are going to show you how to utilise the site to your advantage by uploading your own creations.

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Updates: Vimeo has released its own video maker tool named Create, and now you can edit and create videos on Vimeo. We have done some research and wrote an article about how to edit video on Vimeo in 2 different ways.

How to Make a Vimeo Video

Step 1: Get Footage for Your Vimeo Video

The first step in making a Vimeo video is to get the footage you need. You can do this by using an original shot you have taken recently, one from your webcam, phone or even an old picture or movie. The main thing is to ensure that the video belongs to you and that you have not just taken one from the internet.

Step 2: Edit Your Vimeo Video

To make Vimeo video perfect and professional your next step will be to make the necessary edits. Wondershare Filmore is the best video editor for Vimeo videos because of its ease of use and professional tools. It’s not always easy to choose from the numerous video editors out there but with Wondershare Filmore your search is over as it has everything you need for your video edits whatever your level of expertise. The software is supported by PC and MAC so you are not limited by the device you are using.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Here's how to edit videos for Vimeo with Filmora.

  1. To select the file you wish to use click the corresponding thumbnail.
  2. If you want to select more than one you can do so by pressing Ctrl and hold it so that you are able to select multiple thumbnails.
  3. If you want to get rid of any of the clips right click to select it and confirm by pressing delete.
  4. To add clips you can drag and drop to the timeline, decided which ones you want and the target location and right click to select ADD CLIP

Read our guide on How to Edit MP4 Video in Mac/Windows .

Step 3: Export your video to Vimeo

To get started you will first need to export your video to VImeo. Thankfully the majority of formats are supported and different sizes which definitely saves time. to create the best video you will need to use a higher quality but bear in mind that the upload could be slower. You are able to upload straight from Wondershare Filmora to Vimeo in a few simple steps so you can share faster than ever before.

Once you have finished editing you will of course want to upload to show off your creations. To do so read on:

  1. You can export by format, devices or directly upload to social networking sites. Ensure you have first saved your video before exporting.
  2. First select the format you want to use after selecting export by selecting format
  3. Once you have chosen the desired format you will be able to rename or change your saved location.
  4. Select the settings window to change the quality by bit rate, press ok to save and export to convert it.

Step 4: Upload Video

Before you are able to make Vimeo video uploads you will need to first create a free account. Depending on the video’s size the upload can be fast for smaller files but a lot slower for larger. Once it has been uploaded you are then able to input information which will make it easier for your video to be found. At this point you can also upload captions, subtitles or thumbnails to make the videos stand out.

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