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Best Vimeo Video Downloaders

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

When it comes to finding the best Vimeo downloaders available, you know you are going to be in for a long, drawn out conversation. However, the truth of the matter can be narrowed down to a simple few.

Best Vimeo Video Downloaders

Here is a look at some of the best Vimeo video downloaders for everyone:

1. YTD

With an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, YTD Video Downloader is a top-notch, free program that can be used to download your Vimeo videos into various different formats including .mp3, .mp4, .wmv, .mov, and even .avi. This video downloader also allows you to store videos to watch later on your own devices like iPhones, Samsungs, or even Kindles. YTD has an integrated video player which also allows for instant playback of your downloaded videos.

2. All Video Downloader

Able to grab content from many different sources, All Video Downloader is a quick and easy way to grab your Vimeo videos and convert (and download) them into many different formats. This program also allows you to set up a file in order to keep all of your downloaded media organized and managed easily. All Video Downloader coverts and downloads nearly any video within seconds.

3. Gihosoft

Gihosoft TubeGet is one of the highest-ranked free YouTube and Vimeo downloaders and is capable of downloading videos in standard, high definition, as well as 4K video. This program ranks as one of the best Vimeo downloaders because it can download and convert an entire Vimeo playlist into various video formats, as well as audio files.

Best Vimeo Video Downloader for Your PC

1. FreeMake Video Downloader

Freemake has been hailed as one of the best Vimeo video downloaders amongst PC users for the last six years. Allowing you to download video from over 10,000 sites, including Vimeo, you can save yourself some time and bandwidth by downloading your Vimeo videos, and even entire playlists, in order to watch on any device (in standard def, high def, and even 4K.)

2. aTube Catcher

With more than 120 million downloads already, aTube Catcher is one of the most popular and actively used Vimeo video downloads for PC users. Save plenty of your bandwidth by downloading your Vimeo videos instead of constantly streaming them. The videos that aTube Catcher downloads can be viewed on your PC, or any media device because it allows you to download in nearly any format.

3. 4K Video Downloader

4K allows users to download entire Vimeo playlists into various formats (such as MP4, MKV, MP3.) 4K Video Downloader not only allows you to quickly, and efficiently download your Vimeo videos, it also allows you to do so quickly, and with the addition of embedded subtitles. One of the best features of 4K is its Smart Mode, which allows you to apply a blanket set to all your downloads (format, size and location.)

Best Vimeo Video Downloader for Mac Users

1. MacX YouTube Downloader for Mac

If you are a Mac user who is looking for the best program to use for downloading and converting your Vimeo videos, you need to look no further than the MacX YouTube Downloader. While its name may suggest that it is only good for downloading YouTube videos, this is not true. MacX can download from Vimeo, as well as over 300 other media/video sites. With a built-in video player, and the ability to download your Vimeo videos for offline viewing on your mobile device, it is easy to see why the 4K video downloader MacX is used by so many Mac owners.

2. iTube Studio for Mac:

iTube studios offer Mac users the ability to download videos from over 10,000 sites and convert them to many different video formats, as well as audio files. With quicker download speeds than other video download and conversion sites, iTube is one of the best Vimeo video downloaders on the market. With iTube you can output your Vimeo videos to be formatted to watch on iPhones, Androids, PlayStation, and Xbox, as well.

3. Total Video Downloader for Mac:

Total Video downloaders offer Mac users a smooth, and intuitive tool for downloading their Vimeo videos and converting them to many different file formats quickly and with great ease. You can even edit the videos and burn them to a DVD from within the same program.

Best Online Vimeo Video Downloader

1. KeepVid:

This free online-based Vimeo video downloader is one of the best Vimeo video downloaders, as it also allows you to grab videos from over 10,000 other sites and convert them to different file formats, and even audio. All you need to convert your Vimeo video is the URL and KeepVid will do the rest. KeepVid allows you to download a video in standard def, high def, and even 4K when available.

2. OnlineVideoConverter

With OnlineVideoConverter you can download and convert all of your favorite Vimeo videos to many different formats, including audio. With high-speed downloads and tendentious quality, OnlineVideoConverter has become one of the most popular online Vimeo video downloaders on the market. There is zero registration needed, and you have an unlimited amount of conversions and downloads at your fingertips.

3. CatchVideo:

CatchVideo puts a different twist on downloading and converting your Vimeo videos. With Catch, all you need to do is enter the URL to your Vimeo video into the search bar and click Catch. Then the program will scour the Internet for all available links where you can download the video in various formats. While CatchVideo's search mechanism can take a little more time than others, its search is comprehensive and complete.

Best Vimeo Video Downloader Extensions

1. Vimeo Super Downloader

You can get the most out of your web browser with one of the best Vimeo video downloader extensions on the market, Vimeo Super Downloader. Able to download and convert Vimeo videos into many, many different formats from thousands of different sites (including Vimeo.) There is no extra software needed, you just need to install the Vimeo Super Downloader web browser extension and then enjoy your favorite Vimeo videos offline, whenever you want.

2. Video Downloader GetThemAll

GetThemAll opens up a whole new world of Vimeo video downloading for you. If you have become tired of scouring through millions of files online and downloading videos one by one, GetThemAll can help by searching out all available Vimeo videos to download.

3. Video Downloader Professional

The Video Downloader Pro extension allows you to download your favorite Vimeo videos quickly, for free, and with no extra software needed. With zero delays, you can download and convert all of the best Vimeo videos, as well as content from thousands of other websites and promotions. Video Downloader Professional allows you to download and save your Vimeo videos in many different formats so that you can play them offline on any device.

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