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8 Popular oculus rift games you should try

May 23,2018• Proven solutions


Chronos is one of most popular and complex game which is well known for its effective reality. In this game each time you die, you get more and older by age. It is full of characters RPG that records one young hero’s lifelong mission to keep their homeland safe from an evil. There is also a very old maze, which have the secrets essential to reinstate life as well peace to their home. Moreover, labyrinth is a type of test where every time hero fails and is thrown out. Then he has to wait for a month to return back.

  • Developed by: Square Enix
  • Price of Chronos is $49.99
  • It can be downloaded from website gunfiregames.com
  • Demo video of this game can be seen below


Adrift is available in VR and non VR and is one person adventure game of space. In this a player has to face inertia and gravity. It puts you in center of space station which is destroyed. A small movement in this game can lead to win or die. In Adrift, player has to remain alive by discovering various resources and ways to return home safely.

  • Developed by: Three One Zero
  • Published by: 505 Games.
  • Price of Adrift is $19.99.
  • You can download it from website 505games.com
  • Demo video of Adrift can be seen below

3.Pinball FX2 VR:

By playing this game you can experience that you are playing digital pinball. It is highly reckoned due to its original designs of table, graphics present in 3D form, advanced physics and various others. Pinball FX2 VR displays the ambiance of genuine pinball machines in a practical play space. And also shows those types of characteristics as well as affects that is not possible to recreate physically.

  • Developed by: Zen studios
  • Price of Pinball FX2 VR is $14.99
  • You can download it from website pinballfx.com
  • Demo video of this game can be seen below

4.Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes:

This game is amongst the most popular party games and is well known for its great concept. In this player is being catches in a room along with a time bomb. Then player has to defuse that bomb by taking instruction from the experts. The role of experts is played by other players. And there is always a unlike or different bomb every time you play. This game also consists of difficult and challenging puzzles for testing your friendship as we well communication skills.

  • Developed by: Steel Crate Games
  • Price of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is $14.99
  • You can download it from website keeptalking.com
  • Demo video of this game can be seen below

5.The Climb

This game makes you feel that you are climbing a rock. It animates the experience of climbing rock and players see the sights and eye-catching environments. This game is exclusively launched for VR and you can climb up with your own speed with easy techniques.

  • Developed by: Crytek's Robinson
  • Price of this game is $49
  • You can download it from website theclimbgame.com
  • Demo video of The Climb can be seen below

6.Edge of Nowhere

Edge of Nowhere is an adventure game where a player is on Antarctic region on a mission to rescuing her fiancé. This game is a single player game and player can use various weapons to fight with the uncanny and strange horrors. In this you can explore various location of Antarctic such as ice walls and big mountains.

  • Developed by: Insomniac Games
  • Price of this game is $40
  • You can download it from website insomniacgames.com
  • Demo video of Edge of Nowhere can be seen below

7.Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous is a very popular VR game related to combat stimulation, exploring galaxy, space adventure and trading. In the series of Elite video games, Elite: Dangerous is fourth in the series. This is designed for VR so that you can see every small detail of galaxy. The three chief sections of Elite: Dangerous are the alliance, the empire and the federation. There are four levels of players status for exploration and trading, fighting and CQC Championship.

  • Developed by: Frontier Developments
  • Price of this game is $59.99
  • You can download it from website elitedangerous.com
  • Demo video of this game can be seen below
    • 8.P.O.L.L.E.N

      In this game, player is an employee of Rama industries, who is sent to explore the titan which is a moon of Saturn. There is ‘station M’ of Rama industries and have different areas for player to explore. These areas mainly include landing pad, generator room, quarters for crew, labs and more.

      • Developed by: Mindfield Games
      • Price of this game is £18.99
      • You can download it from website pollengame.com
      • Demo video of this game can be seen below

      Apart from the 8 popular Oculus rift games there are also some games which you can try to play. Some of them are Lucky's Tale, Lost, Radial-G: Racing Revolved, EVE: Valkyrie, Project CARS, Windlands and many more. All these games are easy to download and give you a great playing experience. All Oculus rift games are designed having a good story line and is played by people all around the world.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.