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What is Parody and How to Make a Parody Video

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

What is the meaning of parody?

Parody is making funny videos. Video editing is not as complicated as it looks. In older days, certain manual processing was required to make the videotape. But today the software industry has given us well-equipped tools for video making or editing. Video editors are on huge demand in various sectors starting from academics to business professions. Whether making a video tutorial or a creative content, video editing software is handy. Creating funny videos is the next big thing after the comedy scenes of the movies. To capture funny moments or to perform a funny act, certain video editing skills can be used. Then one can share these videos on the public platforms and gain praise. Social platforms like Youtube and Instagram are filled with such creative content. It gives the person a unique opportunity to show his/her talent in front of everyone with the help of these tools. The most important thing in the case of parody video is there is no requirement of professional editing knowledge to make the creative videos.

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The “Import” option available on the timeline will do all the procedures alone. The user will not have to worry about anything. Importing is the starting procedure of video editing. There are plenty of additional features available on the same page of the program. Once the array of files is uploaded, the files are dragged and dropped in the timeline where they will be now subjected to be produced and shared. There will be no hassle to get access to the videos. All the imported files are available in the right place. The thumbnail on the left item tray will comprise of all the videos and audio clips. The user can easily obtain them and there will be no confusion.

History of Parody:

The history of Parody is very old, it comes from ancient Greece. At that time Battle of the Frogs and Mice hold in which unknown poet reproduces the epic style of Homer.

Successful influencer of music video parody- Bart Baker

Bart Baker is the king of the video parody. Bart Baker has his own YouTube channel and there you can find his videos. Few of his videos have followers more than 100 million.

Few of his videos are as below:

  1. The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey - "Closer" PARODY

  This is how many times they puffed out smoke in that song

Starboy - The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk 

After listening to the vietsub, startboy saw it cursing me. After listening to the start-up bart, I saw the weeknd calling myself happy. Very nice invention.

Youtube link:

Why his videos are the best:

Bart Baker is an American artist, web-based comedian, video producer, singer, and parody artist. He is best known for making parody videos of notable songs, which he posts on his YouTube channel. He was described as one of the most prolific creators of musical parodies by Billboard. In addition to being active on YouTube, Baker is known for his short videos on Vine and also on, where he is the most winning broadcaster. His videos are described as "high-quality parodies that keep the originals very well." His videos are famous because they are a great source of entertainment for users. Every age people like his videos.

How to make a parody video?

If you want to know how to make a parody video then follow the below steps:

  • Finding the perfect song:
  • Getting the correct music: To get the right music, Youtube will be a suitable platform.
  • Recording suitable lyrics: The lyrics can be recorded with the help of a microphone in-built with computers. In the absence of a microphone, a video camera will do the work as a substitute. The operating system running under Windows will give the option of Windows movie maker as the recording tool. GarageBand and iMovie will serve the purpose if the user has a Mac operating device. The ultimate goal is a smooth recording. The area of the recording should be soundproof or should have minimum external noise interference. The professional studios have soundproof walls of the rooms for recording. But this is not the case here. Any quiet place is sufficiently suitable for the recording. The pitch and quality of the voice must not be too rough or too fast. Practicing for a few cycles before the final recording will be perfect.
  • Making a music video: The newly created parody will get the maximum benefit if it collaborates with a music video. Only with the help of a video camera, the filming can be done. There should be proper sync between the music video and the parody. Before filming everything should be planned. The location of the shoot should be confirmed beforehand. The background should meet the theme of the song and parody. It is required to carry all the costumes and props to the location of the shoot. Once the video is shot, now it is time for attaching the two clips to make a single impactful video. Use powerful video editing tools to get what you want- Filmora can help you make it.

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Conclusion: Today Youtube is the most prominent platform where people can utilize their video editing skills. Most of the uploaded videos require the skill of video editing at an expert level. The software does not require professional efficiency or any added degrees. It does not require any kind of paid course. With such amazing software and editing tools, youth can learn the skill and can try for employment opportunities in multimedia companies. Video editing is making good career opportunities for multi-media platforms. The youth should engage themselves in some challenging work and gain a good amount of experience.

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