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7 Comedy YouTube Video Ideas That Only Funny People Are Allowed to Try

Mar 31, 2022• Proven solutions

Aspiring comedians used to have to find success performing in bars and clubs before they’d get the chance to make big audiences laugh. Now funny people can reach millions of viewers on YouTube, and all they need are funny video ideas. Generating great video ideas isn't always easy, but I'm here to help you get over that minor speed bump. 

Let's dive into the world of YouTube comedy videos and find out which ideas can help you launch your career as a comedian.

7 Comedy YouTube Video Ideas

  1. Do a Skit
  2. Start a Funny Series
  3. Kid, Baby, and Animal Videos
  4. Machinima and Gameplay Skits
  5. Parody Videos
  6. Bloopers
  7. Lip Sync Video

1. Do a Skit

YouTube is the perfect medium for short, generally between one and ten minutes long comedy sketches. The majority of the audience on YouTube isn't patient enough to sit through a half-hour show, no matter how funny it is (at least not until you have a large fan base).

Your skit can be about literally anything, as long as it's short and effective. Having your own unique sense of humor is a crucial factor in ensuring the success of the sketches you post online. 

2. Start a Funny Series

Try producing a pilot episode of a comedy series for your YouTube channel. Don't worry about the budget too much because if your ideas are good even a DIY approach will be enough.

Producing a funny series requires dedication and commitment to that goal, so don't let yourself be discouraged easily.  

3. Kid, Baby, and Animal Videos

Posting cute videos on your YouTube channel will certainly help you get attention online. The Internet loves videos of adorable babies, cats, dogs and other charming animals. Including these types of videos on your channel can be a good way to boost your subscriber count.

It is important to note that your content must be unique. Re-posting funny animal videos you find online won't get you far and will make it impossible to monetize your channel.

4. Machinima and Gameplay Skits

The term machinima means creating a cinematic production by re-using material from video games. Gameplay skits and machinima videos are a great way of reaching millions of gaming fans who enjoy good comedy videos.

The gaming industry is on the rise, and the audience that wants to watch video game-related content is growing every day. However, these types of videos require an in-depth knowledge of the gaming world, and you really have to know the games you draw from in order to make this idea work.

5. Parody Video

A well done, poignant parody never fails to make people laugh. Pop culture provides an endless source of TV shows, movies, and songs that can be used for your parody videos. When pop stars release big new music videos, they always get parodied by someone on YouTube within the first few days in order to capitalize on the trend while it’s fresh.

Parody videos will provide you with an opportunity to showcase your skills and enable you to show the world that you are a talented, relevant comedian.

6. Bloopers

We all make mistakes. Blooper videos enable us to at least laugh at them. Experienced YouTubers know how easy it is to flub a take, but it takes a brave creator to make an entire video from the shots they messed up.

7. Lip-Sync Video

Have you ever imagined what it’s like to be a pop star? Lip-sync videos offer the opportunity to step into someone else's shoes for a moment and have fun with it. Knowing the song you’re lip-syncing and having good timing can help, but you can hardly go wrong producing a video of yourself pouring your soul into a song you're lip-syncing.

Lip-syncing to tunes from the most popular stars in the world will enable you to gain traffic from people looking for content related to those songs and artists.

Need more YouTube video ideas? Check out our Definitive List of YouTube Video Ideas

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