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10 Parody Songs That Totally Crack You Up

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

Parody culture:

Musically Parody culture is defined as the humorous music, has melodic spoof as a rule of diverting. It has ironical expressions that give the song its speciality. These songs are different when it comes to different singers or different artists. This is because every artist has their style and speciality which they include while composing their Parody songs. It can even be in the form of general style music. 

Parody culture was first recognized in the 14th century and it has been named as one of the most artistically expressed devices.

There are various types of Parodies’,

  • Film Parody
  • Poetic Parody
  • Self- Parody

Parody is more frequently used when it comes to political announcements in the U.S.A.

Parody is in no way, shape or form fundamentally ironical, and may some of the time be finished with deference and energy about the subject in question, without being a remiss snide assault. 

It is also used as a communicative dialogue bridge between cultures or at times subcultures.

Each endeavor at a Parody isn't made similarly as a satire, and in each occurrence, the specific farce would need to experience the four-factor reasonable use examination to decide if it establishes a reasonable use.

In later occasions, the term melodic parody came to connote the hilarious utilization of new messages to previous vocal pieces, just as both genuine and amusing references to specific melodic styles


Top 10 Parody Songs:


  • Amish paradise

“Weird Al” Yankovic has his style when it comes to composing Parody songs. He raps the everyday difficulties faced by people in a Humorous way. The thing which most caught my eye was the fact that the surroundings were made simple but the song has its way of making one crack up with laughter. Having around 4 decades of experience in Music Yankovic was one of the most famous composers of his time. People found it lucky to have their songs Parodied down by him.


  • I gotta feeling- College Humour:

Back in the days, this was one of the most popular Parody. It got a few dazzling feedbacks which made teenagers go crazy on the song. Its lyrics define how the frat parties at colleges end up with hangovers and some hazy memories of them logging out from the world. With his cell phones and a very few clues how a drunk guy figures out what happened the night of the party is what the whole song is about.


  • White and Nerdy:

“Weird Al,” Yankovic wrote this song. It revolves around the lines that a Man ‘can’t roll with the gangsters’ because he is too ‘White and Nerdy’.

This refers to all the Nerds out there who are more concerned about computer programs, Video games, Comics, Fancy dresses like superman or watching the Stars wars movies hundreds of times. This is one of the biggest hits of the century and was considered to be one of the funniest songs ever made.


  • She was beautiful, I swear:

The Parody by Kevin sage revolves around the topic that he sees a girl on a subway but how she turned out to be a man. It starts by him swearing that he thought she was a girl, but as you all guessed reality was something much more hilariously colourful. He was too drunk to differentiate between a man and a woman. But well, it is too late to face the truth, isn’t it?


  • Look at this Instagram- College Humour:

It revolves around how the social App Instagram is used. It is used to make other people jealous of how awesome your life. At least that is how Nickelback portrays it to be. The way her picture is so cute or the food she ate is delicious. The fact that her vacation at the beach was magnificent or the dress she bought was beautiful is how the whole song is written to be. Instagram users are made fun of in a harmless way about how they seem obsessed with their puppies or kittens.


  • Tacky:

“Weird Al,” Yankovic describes the song about how tacky he is, or how he seems to eat food out of Instagram (Ironically of course). He talks about how he wears his sandals with socks or how he wears his belt with suspenders. It is a weirdly satisfying song.


  • Fat:

“Weird Al,” Yankovic wrote this song describes how fat a man is. He used Michael Jacksons song to make a Parody and this wasn’t the first time he did that. This video won the Grammy award for being the Best Concept Music Video ever. The video starts with a fat man walking and singing out all the problems he faces because of being fat.


  • Telephone:

A very famous and brilliant song. The video starts with the dialogue, “Will you tell me the concept of this telephone video or not’. This revolves around Lady Gaga. Maybe her weird costumes or her quirkiness.


  • Gangnam style:

Let’s face it, it is the most popular Parody which almost every citizen from the whole world had heard. Bark Baker has around 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube just because of this song. The most hilarious and also musically sound video which took over the entire industry with its massive hit.


  • A complicated song:

Another, massive hit by the famous “Weird Al,” Yankovic. This music video is divided into three parts. Each of them describing one of the weirdest situations the composer finds himself in. One revolves around too much pizza, the second one around the girl he loved but the fact that she was going to propose his cousin and the third one is about he almost knocked off this head while standing on a roller coaster ride.


Other famous Parody songs,

  • Somebody that I used to know
  • Lose yourself
  • A lot
  • Friday
  • Poker face
  • Call me maybe
  • Hello
  • Beat it
  • Hooked on polkas
  • Boom Boom Pow
  • Party in the U.S.A
  • She’s always a woman
  • Best song ever
  • New rules
  • I’m a believer
  • All about that Bass
  • Tic Tok
  • Humble
  • I want a new Duck
  • Rehab
  • Blurred lines
  • Can’t feel my face


Basics on how to make a Parody video:



  • Outline the structure of the song you want to write

It is essential to pen down your ideas and structure it first instead of directly jumping to the finale. It can be done by putting down your primary theme at the top of the page and then penning the sub-themes. Try to simplify the meaning. Make note of all the important stuff.


  • Try matching all the syllables

Match the syllables of the Parody with the lyrics of the original composition. This is what gives the song its flavour. Start by counting the number of syllables in both the versions and try matching them as much as you can to give the same feel.


  • Be active

Don’t be lazy. Think and rethink all your ideas. Start looking for inspiration around you. Keep your mind active at all times. Who knows, something might strike you when you least expect it.


  • Use the Thesaurus tool

Make use of the internet and the tools it provides to beautify your work.


  • Try speaking the words out loud

Language can be confusing. Avoid that by speaking out loud before finalizing. This is found to be much more productive than just thinking about them in your mind.



  • Edit and re-edit it

Don’t ever submit the first draft. Edit it again and again and present the best version of it to the world.


  • Refine the song at last

Try talking about it with your family and ask them how it can be modified. Be open to suggestions and refine it as much as you can. 


And voila, you have the best Parody music.




A Parody is a work that is made by copying a current unique work to ridicule or remark on a part of the first. The most punctual realized spoof masses date from the late fourteenth century and the technique got basic in the fifteenth and sixteenth 100 of years. Parody, in music, initially the inventive adjusting of a few voice portions of a prior synthesis to frame another organization, as often as possible a mass; in present-day melodic use, spoof, as a rule, alludes to the comical impersonation of a genuine piece.

Spoofs can target VIPs, government officials, creators, a style or pattern, or some other intriguing subject.

Parody is significant because it permits us to condemn and address without being forceful or noxious. Or maybe, we use satire.

Few famous Parody singers, makers or Industries:

  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Weird Al Yankovic
  • College Humour
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