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How to Add 3D Effects to Video in Windows Computer

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
Originally published Dec 13, 21, updated Jul 17, 24

You may want to add 3D effects to a video to make something in it appear realistic. For example, you can have balloons moving in a circle around a person’s head, make a building hit by a thunderstorm, etc. However, adding such properties to a footage requires a lot of focus and precision that comes with in-depth learning and a lot of practice.

That said, here you will learn how to add 3D effects to a video using Windows’s free built-in Photos app. In addition, you will also see how easy the process becomes if you use a dedicated third-party software that has been specifically designed for the purpose.

Part 1: How to Add 3D Effects in Windows 11 Photos App for Free

To add 3D effects to a video with the Photos app, you must right-click the media file, go to ‘Open with’, and click to select ‘Photos’ from the submenu. Once this is done, you can follow the steps that are given below to complete the remaining procedure:

Step 1: Open the 3D Effects Panel

In the Photos app, pause the video to avoid any distractions. Click the See more icon (with three horizontal dots) from the top-center, hover mouse to Edit more, and click Add 3D effects.

add 3d effects to video photos option

Step 2: Add a 3D Effect and Customize

Make sure that the Effects tab is selected from the top of the right pane, scroll through the available effects, and click the one that you want to add to the video. Once added, in the preview window, use the scaling handles and rotation tools to resize the effect and change its orientation respectively.

microsoft photos 3d effects list

Optionally use the Volume slider from the right pane to increase or decrease the sound volume of the effect to blend it in with the audio of the footage. If required, drag the side handles of the effect in the progress bar at the bottom to increase or decrease the duration of the effect in the video.

adjust 3d effects

Step 3: Use Anchor Point

Drag and place the 3D effect to the location you want it to appear at, turn on the Attach to a point button from the right pane, and drag the anchor point to the object where you want it to stick even if the camera moves.

attach to point 3d effects

Step 4: Export the Video

Click the Play button from the bottom to preview the video with the 3D effect, and if everything looks fine, click Save a copy from the bottom-right area.

save video copy with 3d effects

When the Finish your video box appears, choose your preferred resolution from the Video quality drop-down list, and click Export

export video with 3d effects windows photos app

Next, choose your preferred destination folder in the Save As box that opens up next, specify the name of the output file in the File name field, and click Export to export the modified clip in MP4 format.

Note: Videos that you export from the Photos app are by default saved in MP4 format.

As one of the best basic video editing software for beginners, the Microsoft Photos app allows you trim video, add text to video and much more. For details, check how to edit videos with the Microsoft Photos app on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Part 2: How to Add 3D Effects to Video with Filmora

Although Photos is a free app in Windows 11, it has certain limitations. This is where Filmora video editor, a product by Wondershare, comes into play. Wondershare Filmora is a post-production application for both Windows and Mac computers, and is considered a good competitor of some of the industry-standard video editing applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, etc.

While the Photos app can add 3D effects to the videos quickly, Filmora gives more control by offering a plethora of editing tools, options, and presets. In addition, Filmora is a timeline-oriented tool that allows you to add effects, filters, and/or elements in their corresponding layers without making any changes to the original footage.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

You can follow the step-by-step instructions that are given below to learn how to add 3D effects to a video with Wondershare Filmora:

Step 1: Import Source Video and Add It to the Timeline

After installing Wondershare Filmora on Windows 10 or Windows 11, launch the program, click anywhere inside the Media box present at the upper-left section of the interface, and locate and import the source video to the program. Next, hover the mouse over the thumbnail of the video, click the + icon from the bottom-right corner.

When the confirmation box appears, either click Match to Media or Keep Project Settings to adjust the project settings according to the media clip or modify the media clip according to the project preferences while adding the footage to the Timeline respectively.

Step 2: Add 3D Titles and Transitions

Click Titles from the toolbox at the top, type 3D Titles in the Search titles field present at the upper section of the upper-left box, and click 3D titles from the suggestions list.

find 3d title effects filmora

From all the available 3D title presets that appear next, drag the one you like to the Timeline, and place it above the video track.

add 3d title effects to video filmora

After this, double-click the placeholder text in the Preview window, and replace it with your caption. You can customize the font, color, and alignment of the text from the options that appear on left. Click OK from the lower-left area of the left pane to exit the editing mode. Repeat the process for all the texts that the preset has. Optionally, drag the sides of the 3D title in the Timeline to specify its duration of visibility on the screen.

edit 3d title effects in video filmora

To add the transitions, click Media from the toolbox at the top, click Import Media from the Media box, and repeat the process explained earlier to add a new video clip to the Timeline. Make sure that both the clips are on the same track, and are placed next to each other. Now, go to Transitions from the toolbox, and drag and place your preferred transition effect between the two media clips in the Timeline. Optionally you can drag the sides of the transition inwards or outwards to increase or decrease the speed of the effect respectively.

add 3d transition effects to video filmora

After this, move the Playhead (Skimmer) to the beginning of the Timeline, and press the Spacebar on your keyboard to preview the video.

Note: It is a good practice to preview your video several times during the entire editing process. This will help you identify the error sooner, and you will be able to address the issue with fewer hassles.

Step 3: Add Elements and Effects

Go to Elements from the toolbox, drag your preferred element from the upper-left box to the Timeline, and place it on a new track. You can drag the sides of the element in the Timeline to increase or decrease its visibility during video playback.

add 3d elements to video filmora

To add effects, go to Effects from the toolbox, drag your preferred effect from the upper-left box, and place it on a new layer in the Timeline. As it is with other entities, you can drag the sides of the effect to increase or decrease the duration of its impact on the video. Next, double-click the Effects layer in the Timeline, and use the available options in the box to make further adjustments.

Note: The options that you get by double-clicking the effect in the Timeline may vary according to the adjustments it allows you to make.

add 3d effects to video filmora

Once this is done, preview the video, click Export from the top-center, and use the tabs and options on the Export box to export the modified video in your preferred format.


If you are new to the VFX and video editing industry, trying hands with the Photos app would give you a fair idea about how things work. Once you are well-versed or if you are already a post-production professional, you can and you must go for a dedicated program like Wondershare Filmora that not only has an intuitive interface, it is also equipped with a plethora of presets to add 3D titles, elements, transitions, and effects to the videos without much hassle.

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