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Best Shortcut Towards Timeline Template

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jun 20, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
Best Shortcut Towards Timeline Template

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Part 1 Best Tips To Become A Timeline Designer Now?

If you desire to become an expert timeline designer, it is essential to hone your skills. Here are some tips that will help you in boosting your skills and become an expert.

01Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple looks beautiful, helps in communicating messages more clearly. Using required elements without making it look cluttered, will help to understand the messages more quickly. Adding space where it is necessary will make it look clean and you can fully focus on the content. Focus on the fonts as it will represent your content.

If you want to create some serious look, you can use black and white colors. This will make it look simpler. If you want to highlight specific content you can add your desired colors to it. This will make the specific content to stand out.

02Enlarge the images to wider dimension

Adding high quality images is not a big deal now. Images play an important role in design as they add context, and emotion and then you can communicate a message more easily. Try to display the images in full size so that it looks more impactful. Display the images as much as you can and take advantage from it, displaying them on full size gives a luxurious look.

If you want to make your images look more professional, add layers. Add an overlay to your images to change them in unicolor.

03Use simple shapes

Using simple shapes will enhance the look of the design. There are a lot of shapes from which you can choose like geometric, organic shapes etc. Geometric shapes include basic shapes like square, circle, rectangle and triangle. Circles are the best shapes as they don’t have any sharp corners or edges. Circles help to keep the content separate and look neat.

04Using dark color

Using dark color can be challenging to work on but it looks sophisticated. Using dark color with dark color text can be difficult to read and thus it should be avoided. Try to add a contrast color with a dark color background. Use dark color as your background and light color like grey, orange or yellow to highlight the specific content.

05Add borders

Borders are a set of designs shapes, boundaries of text boxes, lines, etc. that can make your document look more beautiful and attractive. Adding a border can enhance the look of the content and theme of the menu. You can customize the design and thickness of the page. It totally depends on you that if you want add colorful border, text border, picture border, text border and custom border then you can add them. Adding a border will make it look more clean and simple.

Part 2 Editable Timeline Templates

06Handwritten Circles Timeline PowerPoint Template

The handwritten circles timeline PowerPoint template is suitable for envisioning projects, goals, events etc. Business companies use this handwritten timeline template to represent business growth in their presentation. The companies use this timeline template for making their high level projects according to the schedule. Timeline template presentations are used in business, schools, organizations etc.

The timeline template of hand writing circles is editable. You can customize its colors in background, and can also change its hand drawn shapes. Inside the circle the text boxes can be switchable from the clipart icons.

Handwritten Circles Timeline Powerpoint Template

07One Pager Vertical Timeline Slide Timeline

This vertical timeline template displays the connected curves as a path in vertical timeline. It is used for presenting the events, goals etc. in a sequence. A person from any field can use this curved timeline in vertical order. This one page vertical timeline slide can be used for teaching process or explaining historic events in which you can display year, decay or anything related to that event.

This is an editable PowerPoint vertical timeline and you can customize it as you want. The sky blue and white combination looks professional but if you don’t like it you can change its color according to the business presentation. Business can use this timeline template to represent their business strategy, goals or projects.

One Pager Vertical Timeline Slide Timeline

08Seed Germination Growth PowerPoint Template

Seed germination growth PowerPoint template is very innovative template which shows the growth metaphor of the seed and by using it you can make a beautiful presentation. Each and every object is created from the PowerPoint shapes so that the user can customize it according to him. You can present it to your audience in a very professional way.

Seed Germination Growth PowerPoint Template

09Creative Timeline Template for PowerPoint

The Creative Timeline Template for PowerPoint is a selection of milestone shapes arranged in a sequence to give you a professional timeline. You can track the growth and progress of any company by using this template. They are used to give you directions. In the other way, they can be represented in the form of events. These events are in running order, which means it can happen one after the other. Between the two milestones, a gap is been displayed. Milestone can involve the dates, people etc. The template can be customized using PowerPoint shapes. The user can change its color and texts as well using its editable features.

Creative Timeline Template for PowerPoint

10Bubble Timeline PowerPoint Template

This timeline PowerPoint template  has a bubble style and comes with a clean design. This timeline template for PowerPoint has different slides with timeline graphics. You can make changes or edit this timeline as you want. Some slides designs include a series of bars to represent the important milestones in the form of bubble.

Bubble Timeline PowerPoint Template

11Clean Timeline Template for PowerPoint

Clean timeline template for PowerPoint is a beautiful template with simple design. In this PowerPoint presentation template, you will get 6 slide designs with amazing layouts which have been created from the PowerPoint shapes.

Clean Timeline Template for PowerPoint

12Weekly Work Plan Template

The Weekly Work Plan Template is designed to present the progress of weekly tasks. It helps you in planning your week efficiently and also not to miss out on important tasks. The design of this template has a horizontal bar graph, with different horizontal shapes showing the progress of the particular event or task. Users can also change the colors or the objects if they wish their plan a personalized touch. It can also be used by professionals or by teachers to present their weekly goals or progress.

Weekly Work Plan Template

13Work Plan Slides PowerPoint Templates

The Work Plan Slides PowerPoint Templates come in four designs which can be used by professionals to present their work plans. Professionals can customize this Work Plan Slides PowerPoint Templates according to how they want to present their work plan. Teachers and organizations can also edit this template to design this. This There are several elements that can also be changed. Users can modify background, text font, shapes and colors as they wish.

<strong> </strong>Work Plan Slides PowerPoint Templates

14Annual Work Plan Template for PowerPoint

You can represent the annual strategy plan by customizing the Annual Work Plan Template. The annual work plan template represents the most important achievement predicted throughout the year. It is an organization plan for 12 months which includes the budget details, responsibilities, and progress expectations.

 Any changes like color, font style, design or background changes are customizable. Use this template for preparing an annual work plan for your organization.

<strong> </strong>Annual Work Plan Template for PowerPoint

15 10. Product Portfolio Timeline Template

The Product Portfolio Timeline Template is a Gantt chart presentation for any product portfolio. The product portfolio timeline envisions the development strategy and processes to deliver a product. It gives you an overview of the product stages regarding its progress over time. This is an editable template with white and blue PowerPoint backgrounds. Users can customize the timeline according to their presentation theme.

<strong> </strong>Product Portfolio Timeline Template

16Arrows Milestone Timeline Template

The Arrow Milestone Timeline Template is a set of arrows PowerPoint diagram. These timeline templates are very helpful in highlighting the workflow. The timeline template is convenient for providing information in order to understand the growth, change, or recurring events. Ready to use timeline templates will help you save your time and energy and by simply changing its textual content. Users can also edit the timeline by changing its color, font style, and background and shape effects.

Arrows Milestone Timeline Template

17Scheduled Day View Calendar PowerPoint Template

Scheduled Day View Calendar PowerPoint Template is available in three designs. These are the templates which help the individuals and corporate in time management. These templates make it easy for the busy individuals to manage their activities. It will keep you updated with all the events which are happening around you. A daily calendar PowerPoint template will help you ti make and present to- do- list. The template of day schedule will represent the day chores, activities and work which is happened throughout the day. The Schedule Day View Calendar PowerPoint Template is customizable making it easy for you to manage the tasks in a creative manner.

Scheduled Day View Calendar PowerPoint Template

Part 3 How To Create A Timeline?

Creating a timeline can be easy of you use a software like Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. This software comes loaded with a lot of features that will allow you to design a creative timeline to manage your tasks. All you need to do is to go to the editor panel in which you can access different tools.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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Below listed are the tools and how you can use them for creating a timeline.

Working with the Time Ruler

You can check the duration of the project on the Time Ruler, which is located on the top side of the timeline. Play head’s present position will be changed when you will click on the time ruler. It allows you to select video clip which you want to be displayed on the Viewer Panel. On the Time Ruler, dragging a playhead to any particular location will let you traverse through your project and preview your clips before you make any other changes at that particular location.

Working with Scaling and Panning on Timeline

The Zoom bar is used to scale the timeline. You can zoom in or out depending on your comfortability and preview your project how it will look on the Timeline. There is no need to put the video clips onto the timeline before you scale it. Adding a video clip to a video track on a timeline will let you know how much you have to zoom in or out. You can pan the video and audio when you zoom in on a certain segment on the Timeline by using Hand Tool and Scroll Bars. Scaling and panning options in the Editor’s panel can help you in editing the video.

Choosing the Work Area

On the Time Ruler, you will see the light gray area which shows the selected work area. You can export only that part of the timeline, once you have selected the work area. In the viewer panel, you can also loop your selected area; it is another way to analyze your work. If you want to loop a work area, from the viewer select the loop playback icon.

Select the work area

Export your Video

At the upper right corner of the Editor Panel, there is an Export Button which has two options which will let you choose the portion of timeline you want to add to export line.

You have to select the work area on the timeline to make use of the Export option. You can select the area by simply pressing I button then drag the slider on the point on the timeline where you want the work area to end by pressing the O button. When you are done with this, click on the Export button and select the In-Out option. From the Export Option, it will only export the section on the Timeline which is selected by the work area.

Export the video

Part 4 Time template Q&A

What are the different things that should be involved in a timeline?

A. A timeline template should include the events or activities that you want represent in your presentation along with their date and time, so that audience will get the idea of when and at what time it is going to happen.

What are the most important elements of a timeline?

A. The most important elements of a timeline are:

The task lists should be completely mentioned with all the required details.

Mention the date and time so that audience can get an idea of when will this task take place.

Mention the length of each task and the person who will be responsible for this task.

What is the aim of using a timeline?

A. A time is an important tool as it represents the events and activities. We use timeline for any kind of research, study, business projects or event planning. Timelines make things easier to explain it to anyone in an orderly manner.

What are the various types of timeline?

A. There are different types of timelines:

Gantt Chart Timeline

Chronology Chart

Static Timeline

Interactive timeline

Vertical Bar Chart Timeline

In what way a timeline will help a team to achieve its goals?

A. Team members will get an idea of the events that whether they are on track or not. Setting deadlines of a project to complete it on time. Timeline will help them in making strategies for the company project if it is required.

Ending Thoughts

Timeline Templates are very helpful in telling stories, any sort of development or growth which is very helpful in understanding the previous and present things.

There are a lot of editable Timeline Templates which you can customize it according to your needs.

Most important things of the Timeline Templates are dates and time of the tasks, and the duration of the tasks which helps you in better time management.

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