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What is Mukbang and How to Make Mukbang Videos

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Nov 13, 2023• Proven solutions

“Eating is not a crime. It's not a moral issue. It's normal. It's enjoyable. It's just is.” - Carrie Arnold.

It’s just binging, munching, and chewing, but why is the audience interested in watching other people who scarf plateful food? Doesn’t it sound crazy and strange? But, yes, at present, there are thousands of people who view the growing trend of Korean videos, “Mukbang.” Confused on what is this Mukbang video all about and why it is a most included subject on YouTube? We have an answer.

What is mukbang

Mukbang is not only for those addicted to food obsession, yet many ordinary people love to watch it to cope with their loneliness. It provides them strange satisfaction for eating food, especially to the ones interested in ASMR. It has such immense popularity that some YouTube vloggers have earned millions of followers on their channel. The hosts of the Mukbang videos are famous as Broadcast Jockeys or Mukbanger. Let us explore some more facts about Mukbang, and we will meet the top 5 Mukbanger on YouTube.

What is Mukbang?

Mukbang is a widely popular trend and video genre on YouTube that stepped into Koreans' minds around 2010. The viewers love to watch the host eating plenty of dishes while interacting with the audience. Mukbang is also famous as meokbang or an eating show. It came into existence by blending two South Korean words, "meokneun" (eating) and "bangsong" (broadcast). Nowadays, Mukbang ASMR has widespread acceptance all over the world. ASMR refers to Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, the tingling sensation that one feels at the scalp and to the back of the neck.

Sometimes, Mukbang can negatively influence a person's mental health, leading to an eating disorder. But instead of knowing its side effect first, it's the time to know a few of the popular Mukbangers on YouTube to Follow.

What is mukbang video


Top 5 Mukbangers on YouTube to Follow

Meet these five famous Mukbangers rocking on YouTube with their Mukbang videos, but what makes them famous? Read this to find out, and you must follow them too.

1. [Dorothy] 도로시

Here is our first Mukbanger, Dorothy, whose channel has earned 4 million subscribers only because of her talent for eating any Korean dish. Known for her shorter videos with subbed English subtitles, Dorothy keeps the audience engaged and manages to stuff a massive quantity of food into her appetite. Among the Mukbanger artists, Dorothy is an expert in handling over spicy foods where dishes with ghost pepper powder are just a piece of cake!

2. Stephanie Soo

Stephanie Soo specializes in making over video featuring food reviews, cooking, and Mukbang content. Stephanie has a vast follower community due to her consistency in posting videos and collaborating with other Mukbangers on YouTube, where 439,032,546 views in just three years are her greatest accomplishment. Despite being a Mukbanger, Stephanie is a good storyteller as well!

3. Quang Tran

If you are a Mukbang ASMR video lover who wishes to explore the world and become one of the growing trends, Quang Tran is the best inspiration in line for you.

Quang Tran's channel is full of Mukbang content, among which some are his cookery recipe videos that should give a try. With 2.04 million subscribers, Quang is a YouTube vlogger who is worth following!

4. Bloveslife (Bethany Gaskin)

Bethany Gaskin is known for her Bloveslife Mukbang channel, where she uploads her fun moments of enjoying her favorite dishes from 2017. Bethany enjoys a wide range of food varieties, including foreign ones that serve to be a significant reason behind her 3.1 million subscribers. Bethany's way of approaching the viewers and interaction attracts the followers and keeps the views shuttering.

5. Peggie Neo

Peggie Neo, a food enthusiast, is famous for her pleasing Mukbang ASMR and food challenges. With cheese and chicken as favorites in her menu, she is known for her favorite video titled "Nuclear Fire noodles challenge Mukbang eating show." Apart from Mukbanging, Peggie lists the top 1 on the roll of "Top rising creators in Singapore."

How to Make a Mukbang ASMR Video: an Ultimate Guide

Are you planning to roll your sleeves and create your own Mukbang ASMR video? Watching the Mukbang video of other YouTube Vloggers can seem pleasurable, but the fun is to make your own Mukbang. This guide will assist you with your first Mukbang video. Keep in mind these points before indulging yourself in the world of Mukbangers.

1. Get the right equipment

Always use a camera that features a wide-angle lens and can click high-quality pictures. It will assist in capturing the image of the dishes properly. The audience would like to hear ASMR affects. For this, it is crucial to set up the mic appropriately. That is what brings attractiveness to your Mukbang video.

Mukbang Video Equipment

2. Use the lightning

To capture the video correctly, you need to record the video with proper lighting setup. The best thing would be to record under sunlight. Otherwise, you can purchase a ring light. Make a trial video and check if it works or is there a need for a change in position.

3. Record in your favorite look

To create an appealing Mukbang video at home, vloggers work a lot on their looks. It is better to choose your favorite look. It attracts the audience and helps in interacting with them as well.

4. Select a challenge

Your Mukbang video can be interactive and exciting only when you add various challenges to it. Come up with an innovative idea, a unique set of challenges. You can try 100 plates noodle challenge or something else.

5. Add the right dish to your menu

Apart from everything, add the dishes that are easy to cook and gobble. However, record it so that the audience will crave for it by watching the video. Therefore, the menu is a significant part of your Mukbang video.

6. Edit the video

Recording the video is not sufficient. Editing the video will play the leading role in making it appealing to the audience. Here, you need to download and use the Filmora video editor. It is an ideal software for editing any video for YouTube Mukbangers.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Reveal the Untold Truth of Mukbang

Until now, we shared only the positive sides of Mukbang but are you aware of its negative side? The hidden truth of Mukbang is shocking. Over addiction to Mukbang videos can result in overeating and promoting poor eating habits, thus affecting health.

Some of the untold truth of Mukbang that we want you to know includes:

1. Mukbang causes overeating

being overly obsessive about the Mukbang YouTube channels are not acceptable in any way for your health. The popular Mukbangers spend some minutes consuming 4000 calories in a meal that is more than an average person should have. Such obsession results in overeating, which isn't suitable for healthy living!

2. Mukbang may lead people to obtain deprived eating routine

Attempts to such Mukbanging videos would lead to weight gain instantly if not given proper notice. It can further lead to heart disease, diabetes, and a lot of other illnesses condition.

3. Mukbang promotes laziness

Laziness is a common aspect that surfaces after lousy eating habits. Mukbang videos place your mind in trance and hallucinations, which can be dangerous.


In the upcoming time, the popularity of Mukbang YouTube videos is not going to decrease. Between 2017-19, social media users searched Mukbang with more than 100,000 videos on YouTube. The number of Mukbangers is growing and taking inspirations from the famous YouTubers. Thus, you can also fulfill your dream of becoming a Mukbanger with some practice and the right equipment. Lastly, we spoke about each and everything related to Mukbang videos in this content. We hope you loved to give a read.

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