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The 10 Funniest YouTube Shorts Video Ideas in 2024

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Feb 20, 2024• Proven solutions

YouTube is a well-known brand for videos globally. This time, it comes with its extension feature with YouTube Shorts. It is a short video version of 15 to 60 seconds duration using a short camera present in the YouTube application and your smartphone. So, you can use YouTube Shorts ideas for watching and creating those funny and interesting short videos right from your mobile camera with ease.


That sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s move ahead to get a good grab over some funny, engaging, and eye-catching ideas to have YouTube Shorts videos here. No need for a lengthy tutorial to become the real YouTube Shorts champion with the following tips. Let’s roll on, guys!

Part 1: Top 10 Funny YouTube Shorts Video Ideas

Your wait gets over here. Yes, you heard it right. If you are eager to explore the world of YouTube Shorts Channel and some funny ideas, take a big leap towards your journey.

Then the right platform with a plethora of pictures is covered hereunder the following points. That will spark your mind with the right way that you must be looking around to get a base under the YouTube user world. And gain popularity among them by trending your videos.

Idea 1: Talk the Dream

Yeah! The first idea looks so catchy. Everyone holds some dreams. And if you have such beautiful dreams that you would like to share with your loved ones. Then YouTube Shorts ideas are the right platform full of views, likes, and lovers from around the world. Just give a thrust to it.


Also, you can discuss different sorts of dreams that the human genre has been dreaming of for years. You can even add a flavor of future dreams that will open up the space of excellent speculation one can think of.

Idea 2: Story Timeline Series

Who doesn’t love the stories? Everyone is somewhat fond of listening to different kinds of stories. And, if you can trim those long stories into small ones or can create some short stories. Then, you can make the best YouTube Shorts stories ideas that will go a long way, not only kids but unique and exciting stories loved by all.


So, pen down some compelling stories that do not need long writing work. But, like a comic strip, you need to create and join such a series under YouTube Shorts ideas.

Idea 3: Picture Story

Pictures are a unique way to express feelings, especially when those funny pictures come with background voices, music, etc., it will create a different audio/visual effect.


Using different online software, you can enhance the pictures or modify the background voice. Such a combination under YouTube Shorts Video ideas brings a different aura to your channel.

Idea 4: Daily Experiences

Life is indeed full of surprises, events, and glory. Then, why not tailor some of its moments under best YouTube Shorts ideas. These experiences vary from your home, neighbor, society, college, office, or anywhere.


You need to keep your judging eyes open to catch all the moments, and you can also note it down to make a series so as not to miss any exciting experience.

Living every moment creates a wonder. Let others also make a part of this journey and inspire them to build your YouTube shorts ideas.

Idea 5: Experimentation

If experimenting with chemicals or anything that surrounds you makes you out of the world, then there is the chance that you can come out as YouTube Shorts ideas Star. By just showing how one chemical, when mixed with another, creates something new and marvelous to see, look or feel.


Just review all your collection of experiments you did and combine them under YouTube Shorts Channel ideas. And make a big bust with such chemical/physical experiments.

Idea 6: Funny Competition

Competition creates a zeal to lead, and if you add some flavor to it. Then, people will love to take part in it. So, waiting for what? Just come out with YouTube Shorts funny Video Competition ideas to grab the audience to watch the videos and become active participants.


Funny competition can vary from a weird hairstyle, odd season festival celebration, or anything that you think of interesting, different, and eye-catching.

Idea 7: Quirky Music

The dripping sound of water, raindrops, flowing trees, and blowing air make some distinct sound. So, look around to find your inspiration to make some quirky sound, whether the musical instrument or can create your kind of instrument such as tumbler, glass, bowl, etc. And see the natural flow of music that resides all around us.


Just give it a try and dance with the music you create with all the worldwide listeners of YouTube Shorts Channel with this idea.

Idea 8: Mimic Cartoon character

Kids love cartoons, but the hidden fact is that everyone enjoys watching cartoon or cartoon characters to a certain extent. Then why not try mimicking some cartoon characters. If you are a fun-loving person, and in your life, you mimic any person’s character, then try mimicking cartoon characters under YouTube Short Video ideas.


Mixing some comedy flavor to life will add more fun and enjoyment to all those seeking funny moments to reflect their days. Come on; show up your humor with this unique style.

Idea 9: Funny act with pets

Pets are the favorite of those who own them. They are excellent; they play, dance, and do different kinds of fun activities. Have you ever noticed that, if not, they must take notice now?


You will be surprised to see how much fun-loving these cute pets are—so, geared up to capture the funny acts of pets through YouTube Shorts ideas. It will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Idea 10: Talent showcase

Everybody holds some unique talent. You just need to identify it. If you have some talent, then showcasing talent ideas for YouTube Shorts will apt you. The whole world is waiting to see something unique that only you can do. So, shred your shyness and let the world see how talented you are.


Here, you got to know about the top 10 funny ideas for YouTube Shorts videos. Choose the one that fits you and start creating YouTube Shorts Channel with these ideas.

Wait, there is much more than these best YouTube Shorts ideas. Yes, you heard that right! The following paragraph will lead you to get some important tips, with the help of which you can raise YouTube Short Videos views. So, without waiting anymore, move on to the next paragraph to get a glimpse of it.

Part 2: Tips to Get More Views for Your YouTube Shorts Videos

Creating ideas for YouTube Shorts videos alone is not sufficient to grab more views. Some specific golden rules or tips will leap while catching more views to the YouTube Short Videos while applying the above ideas. Let’s understand them.

1. Correct hashtag - #shorts

Using the right Hashtag for the YouTube Shorts videos is a must, reflecting that the video posted is specifically for YouTube Shorts, not the routine videos. And the right one is #shorts.

2. Keeping user choices in mind/Follow what’s trending

One of the vital rules for any work is user choices. So, if you are planning for the best YouTube Shorts ideas and their implementation effectively, you must take care of user choices and post videos accordingly. That will give a pace to the YouTube Shorts videos views.

3. Edit videos

Before posting YouTube Shorts videos, utilize some video editor present online to edit, trim, modify the video to provide an excellent visual experience. Check the voice quality; remove any distractions as much as possible.

4. Detailed description

To get the correct user base and good views, you must provide detailed information under the description section. It helps the platform and the viewers understand your YouTube Shorts Channel and get attached to it accordingly.

5. Create playlist

If your YouTube Shorts Video Channel contains a series of videos, you can create a playlist to get all the video series under the same playlist. That will help to ease out the searching videos under the same playlist.

6. Be regular

Regularity is a must to gain more and more views with each day passing. So, make sure that you keep posting your YouTube Shorts Video ideas constantly and gain more perspectives with time.

7. Unique content

Do not copy others’ content. Try to create something new, something that belongs to you so that it will instantly catch the viewers' eyes.

8. Other social media for promotion

You can also take the help of other social media platforms to promote your YouTube Shorts Channel ideas among your friends and known ones. This is something called a World of mouth marketing strategy.


With its already acknowledged global presence, YouTube came up with the new exciting add-on with YouTube Shorts Channel ideas this time. That is indeed trending and will spread soon among the user in the coming future. And, if you also want to be a part of this hot startup of this best YouTube Shorts ideas.

Then, indeed, this guide is the pathway. You will get different funny YouTube Shorts Video ideas and tips to get more views on your videos.

Thus, start utilizing these powerful ideas and tips and head towards your YouTube Shorts journey.

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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