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Best Action Cameras with A Front Facing Screen

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

In order to create stunning, crystal-clear videos that capture people or objects in motion, you need a camera capable of catching every detail with no blur. Some of the latest special action cameras are perfect in this role and are widely used by influencers and vloggers, professional filmmakers, and private enthusiasts.

To allow for more precise control of the shot, these cameras must have a front-facing screen and an array of advanced software options. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to some of the best action cameras with a front-facing screen, and all their unique and high-quality features.

Best Action Cameras with Front Facing Screen in 2021

No.1 Sony RX0 Mark II 

For the action camera Sony RX0 Mark II designers say that it’s ‘’tiny, but though’’, and it’s true. The device is suitable for transport, fits well in the pocket, and its special rugged texture helps to maintain the grip when you are filming in the rain or underwater. Also, it is crush-proof and drop-proof from 6.5 feet.

That makes it a great choice for demanding shoots, when you are not quite sure that the device is firmly in your hands. It’s also possible to take it to the beach, since its compact design provides protection from water and dust. You can safely dive up to 10 m with this camera. The LCD screen can tilt upward around 180 degrees and 90 degrees downward when you need a different angle.

The new generation Sony RXO Mark II has a powerful 1.0 type sensor, low distortion lens, and photo-processing capacities, with dynamic sweep, remarkable level of details in photos and videos, and reduction of noise. This is significant if you are recording on a windy day, or you are in a crowd. If you want more professional quality of sound, you can attach an external microphone, and catch the ambient rhythms of the environment.

More experienced photographers will appreciate the level of control afforded by this action camera’s settings, but the interface is a little bit complicated for beginners. That shouldn't stop you to research all the features of this camera in the process of making yourself an expert motion video creator.

No.2. GoPro Hero 9 Black

Hero 9 Black, the latest version of the GoPro camera, offers many upgraded features and doesn't require special technical skills. The user-friendly and simple interface allows beginners to make great professional-looking content. Pre-loaded video styles, like Standard, Activity, Cinematic, and Slo-Mo, allow you to jump right into the action without having to deal with complex settings.

This GoPro model is improved with a front-facing screen, new Hindsight, and Scheduled capture, and can film 5K videos that look simply amazing. The great upgrade option of this model is a function that captures 30 seconds of the action before you press the shoot button and ensure that you don't miss anything important.

It's really helpful when you filming underwater, or stalking animals in the nature. Also, you can command the camera with voice control, which certainly makes the job easier and more fun. The camera can be rotated for 360 degrees, and you will be able to show the viewers your surroundings or special objects that are outside of the main shot. If you choose to share content on social media platforms directly, just link the device via Bluetooth to the GoPro app.

For professional users battery is essential, and this model brings another upgrade in this department. That provides longer battery life for 30%, allowing more time for recording videos and images in high resolution. This comes at a cost, as the device is a little heavier than the previous versions. This can become uncomfortable if you need to put the camera on a helmet, shoot skydive or bungee jump videos, or carry equipment over inhospitable terrain.

No.3 DJI Osmo Action

DJI brand is known as a producer of powerful drones, but is increasingly present in the action camera market. If you are searching for a camera with front facing screen DJI Osmo Action is a powerful solution for you. The frontal full-color screen is 2.25 inches, a bit larger than on comparable cameras, so you can always conveniently change the settings, even when you are wearing gloves.

With such a screen you can excel at framing and have full control over details through the recording process. You can play with diverse functions, combine them, and make great interactive content. HDR video shooting mode can help you to smoothen the transitions between light and dark areas, and achieve greater dynamic range.

Thanks to RockSteady features, your videos will be stable and without shake effects, no matter how complex your action may be. If you are not familiar with rapidly changing all parameters to match the surroundings in which you are shoot, the Custom mode gives you the option to store a list of your frequently used exposure and recording set-ups. This will certainly be helpful, especially when you recording in a dynamic situation.

DJI Osmo Action camera is designed to capture every moment, even on unusual occasions. It perfectly works under the water, up to 11 meters deep, or in extremely cold weather. Batteries perform quite well at low temperatures, which is important for everyone who loves winter sports.

No.4 Akaso Brave 7 LE Dual Screen Action Camera

Action cameras with dual front-facing screens provide some unique opportunities for dynamic filmmaking, vlogging, or live streaming. The improved features of the Akaso Brave 7 LE empower you to create technically excellent content, including 4k videos at 30fps.

You can manually choose between several resolutions and frame rates, and make appropriate combinations depending on your need. Likewise, for complementary recording, there is an option to select different zoom settings, combine fast and slow-motion within the same shot, or shoot looping and time-lapse videos.

For users who prefer to record their sports activities on the water, or maybe a romantic day in the rainy season, it’s significant to know that this device is waterproof. When it’s not in use, the camera can be additionally protected by storing it in the waterproof case that comes with a part of the Akaso Brave 7 LE package.

Akaso Brave 7 LE gives you more freedom in every aspect of recording your adventures. You can use Remote Control, which is supported by Wi-Fi, and easily take control of the scene from a distance. Through the official app, you can steam your videos on Instagram and other social networks without having to download it to your computer first.

No.5 Insta360 One R

The creative process can be exciting, unless you have to deal with limitations of your equipment. With Insta360 One R action camera you will feel totally in control in every stage, from recording of raw footage to editing and post-production, as recording in 360 gives you many possibilities. This camera comes with several integrated options that allow very precise handling of light and color.

For instance, when you activate Starlapse mode the exposure automatically adjusts to capture all the changing colors of the sky at night, while in AquaVision you get various shades of underwater objects. It’s very simple to overlay videos with data, and speed, route, direction, and other interesting details relevant for understanding the action sequence. Without any effort, every photo or video will look as if it comes out of a Hollywood studio.

One of the most representative features is the invisible selfie stick, which allows you to film from third-person perspectives while you using the Dual-Lens 360 mode. This basically allows the camera to act as a drone, so you can capture some really interesting angles.

Insta360 One R is waterproof and designed for filming in any weather. It can perfectly work underwater, up to depths of 5 meters. If you use the additional Dive Case, you will keep the camera even better protected, and be able to document your underwater adventures with stunning resolution and crystal-clear action scenes.


The latest generation of action cameras with front-facing screen brings some previously unseen capacities to the table. Even people who are not professional videographers can create some truly amazing works with any of the cameras described in this article.

Each of them has specific strengths and weaknesses, so you should carefully analyze their specifications and user reviews before you decide which of those beautiful machines to get. As soon as you try filming with your new toy, you’ll understand why having a top-tier action camera is so important.

Spec. Sony RXO Mark II GoPro Hero 9 Black DJI Osmo Action Akaso Brave 7 Insta360 One R
Weight 110g 158g 124g 61g 121g
Waterproof 10m 10m 11m 1m 5m
5K Video No 30fps No No No
4K Video 30fps 60fps 60fps 30fps 60fps
1080p Video 960fps/1000fps 240fps 240fps 60/30fps 200fps
Still Resolution 15.3MP 20MP 12MP 20MP 12MP
Battery Life 35minutes-1 hour 1-3 hours 1-2.25 hours 1.5 hours 70 minutes
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