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A Guide To Creating Vlog Intros: Step-By-Step Instructions

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published May 11, 24, updated May 11, 24

Vlogs have gained significant popularity over some years, where people share their life experiences, daily routines, educational stuff, and many more. The audience enjoys watching the life experiences of other people, which are captured across the camera. While vlogging is grabbing the headlines, it is important to grab viewers' attention from the start and stick them around your videos.

The main thing that can help to engage the viewers is the vlog intros, which are the gateway of any video. It shows glimpses of the video and sets the tone for the rest of the videos. Therefore, we will review the step-by-step guide to create an effective, attention-grabbing intro video for your content.

In this article
  1. Part 1. The Effective Step-By-Step Guidelines
  2. Part 2. Using Filmstock as a Source of Video Intro Resource Pack
  3. Part 3. How To Create Captivating Intros for Video Using Wondershare Filmora
  4. Conclusion

Part 1. The Effective Step-By-Step Guidelines

A well-made intro is like a handshake at the beginning of your video. However, creating a masterpiece for an editor with limited resources is challenging. For this reason, we will guide you through a comprehensive guide from scratch that you can follow while creating a video intro:

Step 1. Identify the Purpose of Intro

Before jumping into the main aspects of creating a vlog introduction, you should first identify the purpose of your video intro. For instance, you want to introduce yourself or your channel at the beginning of your content. It is the perfect approach to make a relevant intro focusing on the main purpose of your video content. With this, you can give a quick hint to your viewers to begin watching your video.

defining purpose of intro

Step 2. Target Your Audience With Storytelling Intro

If you have a travel vlog channel, you might need to understand which type of vlog intros strike the viewer’s attention at first sight. Instead of presenting your vlog with simple effects, tell your viewers about your channel with transition effects that include travel clips and or recapping your travel vlog. With this, you can build a story and target the right audience for your video content.

Step 3. Write a Script for the Video Intro

Once you’ve brainstormed the idea of your intro for the vlog, start writing a script that includes who you are and what your content is about. Additionally, search your competitors and look through how they are working on their intros to enhance the overall content. For this reason, it will be easy for you to describe your words in a visually appealing intro clip.

Step 4. Create Branding Elements With Powerful Editing Software

For high-quality video content, it is vital to add brand elements that include your brand logo, color scheme, or background music. For this, you will need software to create the exceptional elements you can use in your video intro to make it more professional.

Apart from this, people always seek branded content because it is human psychology that professional content will always provide the right information. You might need to understand the power of branding and add them in your video intros.

using proper branding elements

Step 5. Keep Your Video Intro Concise

To make an engaging video, see your content with the perception of viewers, which will help you discover where your content is lacking. Some editors use long clips with additional texts and visuals, which lead them to deliver their content. For this reason, you should make your introduction for the vlog concise and look like a trailer of your content.

Step 6. Add Motion Graphics and Effects

It is time to make you aware of the power of motion graphics and effects. The high-quality content is mostly a collection of motion graphics and eye-catching effects. For this reason, you also need to cater to adding cool animations, moving shapes, or text. However, making these animations and graphics is quite difficult, so you may choose pre-made templates that have appealing motion graphics and effects.

using motion graphics in intros

Step 7. Create Smooth Transition and Sync With Music

Once you've added eye-catching effects to your vlog intro, you might need to fix the gaps between video clips and effects. For this purpose, you need to add transition effects such as fades, wipes, and zoom in/out to make sure everything flows smoothly from one part to the next.

Furthermore, if you are adding background music, try to match the video cuts and animation to the beat of the music. This will enhance the overall quality of the content and deliver it in a polished and professional way, like a movie.

Step 8. Preview and Optimize It for Different Platforms

Once you are done with editing the intro video, optimize your content from the perspective of where people will watch your videos, like YouTube or TikTok. For instance, if people are likely watching your videos on YouTube, you can go a little longer on intros. However, if your viewers are watching it on social media, you may go with a shorter length of your video intro.

publishing videos with intros

Part 2. Using Filmstock as a Source of Video Intro Resource Pack

Filmstock is a media library containing a wide range of resources such as audio, video, effects, transitions, templates, and elements. These resources effectively make our intro for vlogging more compelling and attention-grabbing. You can download these resource packs from the official Filmstock website and use them in your videos within Wondershare Filmora.

If you want to use pre-build templates, Filmstock offers you a wide range of media files and templates for various videos. You can use different royalty-free soundtracks to make your content audio catchy and attention-grabbing.

filmstock by wondershare

Part 3. How To Create Captivating Intros for Video Using Wondershare Filmora

The intro for the vlog initiates the idea for the entire video, which needs to be enhanced to influence uniqueness. For this purpose, you will need assistance with a tool to help you edit the video intros perfectly. Wondershare Filmora is a renowned video editor offering basic and AI-influenced features. With the ability to deal with the video and audio editing functionalities, it is one of the best.

The variety of AI-enhanced features makes Filmora a commendable option. With the ability to create videos from basic scripts and manage specific objects within the video, much is available in the editor. To improve the editing process, it is assisted with the dedicated resource library, Filmstock. Using its diverse editing resources, you can create the best video intro for your personalized content.

Steps To Create Captivating Intros for Video Using Wondershare Filmora

Since you have learned about Wondershare Filmora and Filmstock for enhancing vlog intros, we have discussed a complete process as a guide to understand their utility:

Step 1. Search For Vlog Intros Templates

To initiate the process, open your browser and access Filmstock from its official website. Then, sign in with your credentials and type a query of “vlog intros” on the “Search" bar to find out various material packs that best satisfy your requirements.

access the right template on filmstock

Step 2. Select a Perfect Template and Download

Preview the selected template from the next screen and continue by clicking the "Download Now" button to download and add the selected vlog intro template into Wondershare Filmora.

download filmstock resource pack

Step 3. Open Filmora and Import Media Files To Start Editing

With that, you have successfully downloaded and added the resource pack to Wondershare Filmora. Now, select the “New Project” button from the main interface of the tool to open a new project on the editing interface. Afterward, import the media files by pressing the "Import” button for further editing.

import video to filmora

Step 4. Edit the Content With Transition Effects

After importing the videos, drag and drop the content onto the Filmora’s timeline to start the editing. Now, you can add multiple enhancements to your intro clip by accessing the “Material Pack” from the “Transitions” tab on the above toolbar. To do so, navigate to the "Mine" section from the top left side and press the "Material Pack" category to utilize the added resources.

add transitions to video filmora

Step 5. Preview the Final Project and Export

Once you have made the adjustments, preview the content to finalize the vlog introduction. Later, navigate and press the "Export" button from the above screen. From the next screen, fulfill the export parameters and select the "Export" option on the bottom to save the final project to the defined destination.

preview and export final video


In this article, we have reviewed the steps involved in creating an effective vlog intro. You can use Filmstock pre-made templates and other resource packs to make your videos look more professional and visually compelling. To create such vibing content, we have recognized Wondershare Filmora for creating captivating video intros.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown May 11, 24
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