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How to Remove Video Background in 3 Easy Ways | Change Video Background [2021]

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Nov 16, 2021• Proven solutions

Have you ever wondered how the Bollywood studios create all kinds of incredible special effect movies or the YouTube channel you follow always comes up with the perfect background and surrounding the coolest place for a video shoot? All is possible because you can remove the video background using an advanced video editing feature called green screen. The green screen backdrop allows you to change the background of a video clip and use effectively any background you want. But which editing software offers the most powerful engine and easy-to-use interface for you to change video background efficiently without having to learn all the complex details of the videography world. To make it easier for you, I’ve listed the best three options for you to remove or change the video background without affecting the video quality.

Method 1: Remove Video Background Using Filmora AI Portrait

In the V10.5 batch, Filmora updates a feature called AI portrait. Using this, you can remove video background in one step. 

  • import your video

ai portrait function to remove background video

  • Click on Effects>>click on AI portrait>>drag Human Segmentation onto your footage, and that's it

ai portrait feature to remove video background

    Method 2: Remove Video Background Using Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

    Wondershare Filmora is stoked with highly advanced video graphing, and photo editing features, making it stand out as the top choice of professionals around the globe. Its green screen feature allows videographers to remove video background easily and play with their creative minds.

    Green Screen is an advanced effect that creates an overlay over the original picture. It’s used to make a color range in the top layer clip transparent, thus making the background of the video clip or, for that matter, an image transparent, allowing the second layer to show through the transparent area. Videographers actively use this feature to superimpose subjects onto different virtual backgrounds that enable them to produce cool shots without even setting a foot out in the open like creating a superhero flying through the sky.

    • Download and install Wondershare Filmora on your computer.

    Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

    • Drop down the Import menu, select Import Media Files to import both your original video and green screen video to the media library.

    import green screen video

    • Insert the background-clip to the video track on the timeline and the green screen to another video track. You can also drag and drop the videos and paste them into separate timeline tracks.

    add green screen video to timeline

    • Double click the green screen video on the timeline, and you will get the Chroma Key settings. Or you can right-click the video and select the Green Screen option directly to get the Chroma Key option.

    green screen option

    • Tick the Chroma Key options to enable it. Now either click on the color picker drop-down menu or preferably the color picker icon, and it will automatically change the video background and apply the transparency effect.

    enable chroma key settings

    • Now play the video in the preview window and you can see the frames of the green screen clip are shown on the background video clip.

    change video background

    Wondershare Filmora comes loaded with a massive number of advanced editing tools and features that you can employ on your overlay video clips to make them look professional. A few of these are stabilize video, pan & zoom, play videos in reverse, advanced color tuning, split-screen, scene detection, power tool, and much more.  

    Method 3: Remove Video Background Using Online Tool

    Unscreen is an AI-based web application that aims to provide the background removal tool to meme-makers and social media users that have pretty limited needs in terms of professional outcomes. The only thing that appeals are that the whole activity to remove the video background is automatic, and the user has no input to make. The online video background removal tool is limited by its capacity to only process 5-second long video clips and also its internet-based, so often the upload and download process is interrupted and lagging.

    • Head over to the Unscreen website to begin the process to remove video background using an online tool.

    open unscreen

    • You’ll see two buttons on the webpage, Upload video, and Upload GIF. Select either of them to get started. I chose to upload a video to make its background transparent.

    upload unscreen video

    • You have to select a clip of 5-seconds length as the platform can only process that. Upload your video clip to the platform. The upload takes a long time, even if the file is in kilobytes.

    start to remove background from video

    • The AI will extract the main character from the video by shadowing the background. The user has no input and can’t edit or select the areas to remove from the video.
    • Once the upload and processing are done, you’ll be presented with video playback with no background.

    remove video background

    • You can apply some background screens, color, image as the background, or download the video without the background. But you won’t get a video clip in the download file as the file will be in GIF (stills), animated PNG, or single frames.

    download the transparent video

    Method 4: Remove Video Background Using Microsoft PowerPoint

    We can use Microsoft PowerPoint’s background removal tool to remove the background of our video following a thorough process. The steps involved in removing the background are.

    • Open the video you want to remove the background from and take a screenshot.
    • Open the Microsoft PowerPoint and add the screenshot to the slide. Remove the background around the object you want to change background for i.e., yourself or the character in the image. This might require some professional skills to meticulously mark the areas around the main character.

    background removoal option

    • Crop the image to include only the area that you want to go into the video and not the extra paddings. Now insert the background you want to add as the video background. I’ve chosen a world image from the space.
    • Right-click the lightened world image and select the option Send to Back. This will layer the image as a background layer, and in the front layer, you get your character’s body.

    send to back option

    • Take a screenshot of this outcome and save it on your computer.
    • Clear the PowerPoint presentation and start off with a new one by adding the last screenshot as an image. This time you’ll have to remove the character from the screenshot and not the background.

    remove the characters

    • Once you’ve removed the character by using the same method, we used to remove the background of the first picture, add the original video into the PowerPoint slide.

    add the original video

    • Perform the same step Send to Back on the video as well.

    send to back option again

    • You can see my editing skills aren’t so shiny, but the original character can be seen with another background in the video. The step-by-step method to remove video background using the Microsoft PowerPoint suit, although it’s a bit more time-consuming than other options.

    finish removing background from video


    There’s always a need for creating visual and aural effects in a video to attract the watcher’s attention. A videographer doesn’t always have the luxury of the perfect location and surrounding to make a video stand out in the massive online market. An easy way out can be by using the software-based simulation, meaning removing the video background with the one that is needed instead of the actual one. From all the three options for you to remove background from video, you can choose the way you like!

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    Benjamin Arango
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