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The Ultimate Guide to Anamorphic Lens-Wondershare FilmoraPro

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Mar 09, 2022• Proven solutions

Cinematography is evolving with the latest technologies and improvisations. There is always a hit and trial with different experiments to check the output but getting a good quality in any condition is preferred. While taking wide pictures people use lenses and still, they are disappointed with the decentered quality of a picture, now comes anamorphic lens into play to get the best anamorphic look. People use anamorphic lenses to enhance the quality and area of a frame where they get the centralized quality with a dreamy fall off towards all the edges of a frame.

In this article, we are going to talk about anamorphic lenses and their use to get a wider and high-quality picture without tilting or editing the picture.

What's Anamorphic Lens?

An anamorphic lens is a special tool that changes the way a picture is projected to the camera sensor. Anamorphic lenses generally squeeze a wider frame into a standard frame capacity with enhanced quality.

anamorphic lens

How does anamorphic lens work?

The work process of anamorphic lenses is quite fascinating as an anamorphic lens would squeeze the image aspect ratio horizontally and leave the vertical ratio unaffected. These lenses will create a distinctive vertical oval bokeh over the out of focus elements that are in the image background.

What's the aspect ratio in anamorphic widescreen?

The aspect ratio of anamorphic widescreen is 2.39:1 and this is the standard ratio with the normal widescreen ratio that is 1.85:1. However, the television aspect ratio was 4:3, and that, later on, became 16:9 with standard definition.

Anamorphic Lens vs Spherical Lens

The difference between an anamorphic and spherical lens comes from the fact that how are they projecting the image on the camera sensor. The idea to get an anamorphic lens was to crunch a wider frame into the standard aspect ratio so that the frame quality is not compromised. The anamorphic lens projects the image in a center focused frame where the entire image is focused in the center of that image without any free corners that are usually cropped in the spherical lens image. So, if we talk about anamorphic and spherical lenses in detail, the reason why anamorphic lenses would win is quite simple and precise.

What does an anamorphic lens do?

In general, anamorphic lenses are being used by cinematographers and professional photographers who are inclined toward quality and image density on all the corners. An image taken from a long distance would show the focused frame clearly, but the corner parts of that image are not captured or even focused. Anamorphic lenses then do the magic by capturing the entire frame with a tweak in the aspect ratio of that image. There are certain reasons why people today are going for anamorphic lenses.

Anamorphic lenses give you a wider view of the field.

The idea has been to capture the entire scene in one frame and anamorphic does that precisely.

It converts the normal frame into a cinematic one.

Anamorphic lenses can magnify the center of the frame by 1.33x.

Create anamorphic lenses with Wondershare FilmoraPro

Wondershare FilmoraPro is a professional video editor that is available for Windows and Mac OS. FilmoraPro has some of the best features like a built-in screen recorder, video stabilization, transitions, and much more that could help you put some life in the videos. There is a huge library of audios and templates that you can use once you download FilmoraPro on your computer. In this guide, you will learn about creating an anamorphic lens with Wondershare FilmoraPro without purchasing the lens.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

1. Download and install FilmoraPro on your computer.

2. Now, drag the file or video that you want to look like a shot from an anamorphic lens.

3. To get started you need to type Action Cam Lens Distort in the effects search box and set the FOV to 15.0.

4. Now, set the vignetted exposure to -18.0 to get the best effects.

5. Set the vertical stretch to 0.70 and horizontal to 1.30 and set the radial blur effect down to 0.3.

6. Now, comes to the anamorphic lens flare effect where the threshold will be set to 0.90, and an intensity of 14.00 will be the best. This is just a random approach, simply tweak or adjust these numbers until you get the best flare effect.

7. Now, after doing this the streak will be adjusted, select the number in whatever quantity you need, and set the orientation to horizontal and alignment to center.

8. Soon after all the settings, it’s time to add some colors and that could be easily done by colorizing in the effects panel. You can select any color and make changes to the flares.

9. Finally, apply the letterbox effect to the clip to give it a final touch.


In this guide, you have learned about the best way to create an anamorphic lens without using one in the camera. No doubt FilmoraPro is an ace when it comes to video editing and creating effects. It’s amazing, try it once and let us know in the comments section about your favorite part while creating an anamorphic lens with FilmoraPro.

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